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Take Me Out to the Bathtub (私をお風呂につれてって Watashi o ofuro ni tsurete tte?) is the 83rd chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Akane vs Kodachi - Cookie Battle Arc.


Ranma manages to prevent Akane from seeing the giant size blown up photo in Kodachi's room, but Kodachi quickly hands her a doctored image that sends Akane off the deep end.

Plot Overview

Akane demands Kodachi reveal what she's holding over Ranma, without noticing the large picture behind her.

Still at the Kuno Estate, Akane is sneaking around, looking for whatever it may be that Kodachi has over Ranma for him to be acting the way he is. Akane soon finds Kodachi's room and sneaks in to try and find a lead. However, no sooner does Akane enter the room than Kodachi appears and attacks her with a multitude of Rhythmic Gymnastics equipment. After avoiding Kodachi's initial assault, Akane demands to know what she's holding over Ranma (not realising that there's a blowup version of the picture of Ranma lying on top of Kodachi right behind her).

Kodachi decides that she's had enough of Akane's delusions and explains that her and Ranma are practically lovers now. Akane asks Kodachi what she's talking about, casing Kodachi to tell her to take a look behind her. Just as Akane turns around, however, Ranma appears and tears the portion of the picture where he's present to shreds before Akane can see.

As Kodachi rejoices in the return of her darling Ranma, Akane asks him what's in the picture, but Ranma tells her that it's nothing. Ranma then turns his attention to Kodachi and tells her that he'd like to have a copy of the picture himself. This causes some trouble for Kodachi as the negative is still in the collar which her brother is wearing.

While Kuno attempts to remove the collar, only to get shocked again, Kodachi explains that the collar is made of a "memory metal" and the only way to remove it without getting shocked is to do so in hot water. Without hearing another word, Ranma heads off to find Kuno. Once there, Ranma turns into his female form and in very "cutesy" way asks Kuno if he'd like to have a bath with her.

After a few moments of quite shock, Kuno's emotions explode and he tells his pigtailed girl that she is above such things and that she is too young and innocent. Kuno continues by noting how much he cherishes the purity of their love, however, by the time has finished saying all this he has already taken Ranma with him to the bathroom. Kuno then attempts to disrobe but can't due to the collar, Ranma then tells Kuno to bawling.

Kodachi gives Akane an altered version of the photograph.

Meanwhile, Kodachi asks Akane is she's ever kissed Ranma's lips, but she doesn't wait for an answer and declares that of course Akane hasn't. Akane, unconvinced at what Kodachi's implying, sarcastically asks her if she has. Kodachi then hands over a copy of the picture of her with Ranma and it appears that Ranma is kissing Kodachi, much to Akane's shock.

Back in the bathroom, Ranma continues playing the "cutesy" act and tells Kuno that she's waiting for him. Ranma then peeks around the corner to the door to see what's taking him to long, she then sees Kuno struggling with the idea of taking a bath clothed as it's not the proper thing to do. In order to hurry Kuno up, Ranma throws her vest over Kuno before asking where she should put her panties. This does the trick, and Kuno comes rushing into the bathroom.

However, no sooner does Kuno get through the door that he's tripped by Ranma and lands into the boiling water of the bath.

Ranma retrieves the film negative, just before Akane arrives.

The collar soon removes itself from Kuno and Ranma opens it up and grabs the film negative. Ranma doesn't have long to celebrate, however, as Akane suddenly appears and kicks Ranma into the bath as well. Ranma tries to ask why Akane kicked him, but soon notices the angered emanating from Akane. Ranma attempts to play innocent about why AKane's acting like this, but she pulls out the copy of the picture that Kodachi gave her.

Kodachi appears and says that she was going to keep it a secret, but couldn't help but share her joy. Ranma, meanwhile, takes a closer look at the picture and notices it has been altered. He then points out the original negative to Akane, but Kodachi claims that to be the moment before they kissed, angering Akane further, so she kicks Ranma yet again.

To make matters worse, Kodachi decides that she'll kiss Ranma in front of "the world" as an expression of their love. At that moment, Akane douses Ranma with cold water from the shower head and tells Kodachi to kiss as much as they want. Kodachi is horrified at the sight of the pigtailed girl, whilst Kuno is overjoyed at her return. Kodachi and Akane then begin to attack Ranma, causing her to tell Kuno to defend her.

Kuno, however, is torn between his two loves, but ends up siding with the pigtailed girl. As he runs away, carrying Ranma on his back, Kuno tells Akane that his love for her is unchanged, while Ranma tells Akane to come and get her. Akane gives chase, but soon loses sight of Kuno and Ranma. She then declares that Ranma will pay when she next sees him and punches a nearby wall. Behind the wall, Kuno and Ranma narrowly avoid Akane's punch, with Kuno begging for forgiveness from Akane while Ranma calls her an idiot.

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