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Target: Soun! (狙われた早雲 Nerawareta Soun?) is the 280th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Hinako's Home Visit Arc.


Hinako attempts to gain Soun's affection as Tendo sisters try to figure out a way to get rid of her.

Plot Overview

Hinako prepares breakfast.

Kasumi walks into the kitchen to find Hinako preparing breakfast. She is told that it's the mother's duty to make breakfast, which disturbs even Kasumi. The breakfast, composed of charred eggs with shells and burnt toast, is bad enough for Ranma to think that it was made by Akane.

Before they head to school, Hinako takes out her coin so she can say goodbye to Soun in her proper form. She starts chasing Ranma for his energy while Soun is in another room thinking about his late wife. When Ranma runs into the room, Hinako accidentally ends up draining Soun instead. Her delicate treatment of weakened Soun is observed by Ranma and the Tendo sisters, who were becoming weary of her presence.

At school, Ranma is told by Akane that Hinako intends to marry Soun, but Ranma doesn't believe that she could pull it off. Just then Hinako appears and, having eavesdropped on their conversation, tells Akane that she will propose to her father in one week. They are surprised by this rush, but Ranma is still doubtful that someone of her height could propose to Mr. Tendo.

After that incident, Hinako begins regularly showing up to the Tendo dojo, playing with the panda and watching anime normally and turning into a mature adult whenever Soun is around. She spends the entire week like this and when the week is over, Hinako is confronted by the Tendo sisters. After being chastised by all the girls, particularly Nabiki and Akane, Hinako runs off.

She is later found by Soun who, having never learned of her double identity, assumes that it's Akane's friend. He brings Hinako back to the dojo for the night and she decides that the proposal must happen tonight.

Ranma tries to stop Hinako as Soun opens the door.

Hinako heads to Ranma's room and drains his energy so she could propose to Soun in her adult form. Ranma wakes up in the process and they start fighting, but the noise is enough to wake up rest of the household, who rush to the room to investigate. Soun opens the door just as Ranma gets on top of Hinako. Ranma sees this as the perfect opportunity to expose the teacher's plan but Soun assumes that Ranma was attempting to make advances towards his teacher and becomes furious. He becomes deeply apologetic and takes the blame for what he thought Ranma was trying to do. Hinako sees this as the best chance to lay her proposal. The Tendo sisters are disturbed at what could happen next.

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  • Hinako is revealed as a bad cook, similar to Akane.
  • This is the only time Soun's ki is drained by Hinako.


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