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Temari Kaminarimon (雷門 手鞠 Kaminarimon Temari?), commonly referred to simply as Temari, is an anime-only character who challenged Akane for the sign of the Tendo Dojo. She is also the 12th generation of the Good Old Days Martial Arts fighting style.


Temari arrived at the Tendo Dojo in order to challenge the Dojo for it's sign (this being in accordance of an out-of-date practice called Dojo Yaburi). However, when Temari arrives only Genma in his panda form is present, so while Temari waits for a representative to arrive she plays Hopscotch with Genma watching. When Akane arrives Temari tells Akane she's here to challenge her.

Despite at first being against the idea of fighting a little girl, Akane is eventually convinced to go along with it by Genma who believe this to be just one of Temari's games. Akane is still hesitant, however, until Temari says that she'll go easy on Akane. Temari then asks Akane is she's scared, this causes Akane to finally accept the challenge. Temari then formerly introduces herself and says she's the 12th generation of the Good Old Days Martial Arts school. Hearing this shocks Genma but before he can warn Akane properly Temari has already caught Akane in her "Cat's Cradle Web of Hell" which makes Akane unable to move.

Temari hypnotising Akane.

While Akane is immobilised, Temari begins to juggle beanbags whilst singing. The combination of the speed of Temari's hands, coupled with Akane's own memories of her mother sining the same song as Temari, hypnotises Akane so that she doesn't even try to avoid Temari's next attack the "Beanbag Hell! Flower Blizzard, Rain and Hail!". Temari then throws a seemingly endless number of beanbags at Akane. This means that Akane has lost the fight and Temari takes the Dojo's sign. While Temari leaves with the sign she runs past Ranma who, as he doesn't know the events that just happened at the Dojo, allows her to keep running.

That evening, Temari is with some of the previous generations of practitioners of the Good Old Days Martial Arts (who had been seen defeating Ranma and Ryoga during the time Temari was challenging Akane). The Leader is having a bath in an oil drum and Temari is about to use the Tendo Dojo sign as firewood when Ranma and Ryoga arrive. The two of them attempt to organise a rematch with Temari but instead of Ranma fighting Temari in the place of Akane, Temari agrees to only fight with Akane again. The Leader then says that this is final and that they'll meet at the Downtown Shrine at noon tomorrow.

Temari with the other Martial Artists.

As arranged the next day at noon, Akane goes to the Downtown Shrine to have her rematch with Temari. After the leader reminds them of the conditions of the fight (those being that if Akane wins the Tendo Dojo gets it's sign back, but if she loses it hangs over their (the Good Old Days Martial Arts) Dojo instead). The fight begins and Akane runs towards Temari. Temari throws the ball she had previously been playing with at Akane, but Akane simply deflects it. Temari then uses her "Cat Cradle of Hell" technique again, but Akane gets some large scissors she'd been hiding in her Dogi and cuts the strings stopping the technique from working.

Akane then goes in to kick Temari, but Temari throws some smaller balls at Akane which explode just in front of her. Temari continues using her "Razor Tops of Hades" technique, where she throws three Spinning Tops at Akane. However, Akane just manages to avoid the Spinning Tops but when they hit Genma's drum (which he brought to cheer on Akane with) the tops explode. Temari tries the technique again but Akane uses a Magnet to attack the metal tops and this time the tops don't explode on impact.

This annoys Temari and so she goes in to attack Akane at close range with a Cup-and-ball-like weapon. Despite Temari's best efforts the best she manages with this is to make Akane jump backwards and away from her. Using this opportunity Temari uses her "Beanbag Hell" technique, however, unlike the last time she used it, Akane manages to see through the illusion of there being countless beanbags coming towards her. This allows Akane to hit the actual four beanbags heading towards her and send them skyward.

Akane protects Temari from the beanbag.

Three of the beanbags then land and explode harmlessly in-between Akane and Temari. However, the fourth beanbag is going to hit Temari, but Akane deflects it again so it too harmlessly hits the ground and explode. Temari then hugs Akane and thanks her for what she just did. Temari continues by apologising to her grandfather for her loss. He grandfather turns out to be the Leader of the group which Ranma and Ryoga had met the day before. After Soun helps to convince Temari's grandfather to keep the Good Old Days Martial Arts style going, Akane tells Temari that she can come to the Tendo Dojo to train there with her. Temari then says that they should train hard for the Tokyo Olympics, hearing this confuses Ranma who says that the next Olympics are in Barcelona (changed to the Australia in the dub). Temari's grandfather then remembers about when the Olympics where held in Tokyo, causing him and Genma to argue about how old things aren't always good.


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As a practitioner of Good Old Days Martial Arts, Temari knows several techniques of this fighting style. She is also able to turn seemingly mundane toys into fierce weapons, as shown when she used a Ball-and-Cup-like toy against Akane and was able to wield almost like somebody would with a pair of Nunchaku. Temari is also shown to use small explosives in the projectiles she uses, most likely to be able to do more physical damage with them. She also a few special techniques as well, these include:

  • Beanbag Hell! Flower Blizzard, Rain and Hail!: A Good Old Days Martial Arts special technique. This technique uses a combination of singing, juggling and quick hand movements to hypnotise the opponent until they feel (as described by Akane) that the beanbags are "inside them" and are distracted by the movement of the users hands to not realise which beanbags are real and which are illusions. The beanbags then explode on impact of the intended target. This technique is used by Temari as her final attack, especially when combined with the "Cat's Cradle of Hell" technique.

Despite at first losing to this technique, Akane (with some indirect help from Kasumi) is able to defeat Temari and this technique by managing to see through the illusion and deflect the real beanbags so that they hit the ground and explode harmlessly.

Temari using the Cat's Cradle Web of Hell.

  • Cat's Cradle Web of Hell: Temari uses the strings of a Cat's cradle to surround and trap her opponents, making them unable to move. This technique was used in combination with her "Beanbag Hell" technique to ensure that her opponent won't be able to avoid the projectile beanbags that she throws at them. During Temari's rematch with Akane, this technique was defeated by Akane using two large pairs of scissors to cut the strings before they could trap her.
  • Razor Tops of Hades: A technique Temari uses only in her rematch with Akane. This technique makes use of three small Spinning Tops which she throws at her opponent and they explode on impact (in a similar style to the way her beanbags do). This technique seems to be used by Temari as way for her bide for time while she prepares to use the "Beanbag Hell" technique. Despite seemingly exploding on impact, Akane was able to defeat this technique by using a large magnet to attract the spinning tops in mid-air.


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  • Are you scared of losing to me? - Temari talking to Akane, which finally makes Akane agree to the fight between them.