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The Battle for Miss Beachside (決定! ミス·ビーチサイド Kettei! Misu Bīchisaido?) is the 138th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

When tempers flare at the beach over which of Ranma's would-be lady-loves should get to feed him, they decide to use a beachside beauty contest to determine the winner.

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Plot Overview

Fun at the Beach

Having arrived at the beach for their summer vacation, Ranma doesn't waste much time before complaining about hot it is. Hearing this Genma (currently in his panda form) stomps his son into the ground before telling him through several signs that summer is supposed to be hot and adds that he'll get used to it soon enough. Ranma, however, decides not to read what his father's saying and instead sends him skyward.

Kasumi joins Ranma and Akane as she mentions all the attention she's been getting.

As Soun and Genma cool off in the ocean, Ranma watches as Akane comes out of the dressing room in her new swimsuit. She’s embarrassed and worried if her swimsuit is to revealing. Unfortunately for Akane, Kasumi's appearance in a bikini turns all attention away from her and towards her older sister. Slightly disheartened Akane sits next to Ranma before commenting on how much attention Kasumi's gotten since leaving the dressing room. Hearing this Ranma retorts that it's only natural men would prefer mature women to those with zero sex appeal. She agrees but then angrily asks who he meant by that. Just then Kasumi walks over and mentions all the strangers who've talked her, this prompts Akane to inform her sister that they just what to pick her up; which leads to Kasumi to remind Akane that "pick me up" isn't a very ladylike expression.

After apologising to Kasumi the group's attention turns to just where Nabiki's disappeared to.

It doesn't take long for Ranma and Akane to notice a large crowd on the beach and head over to see what's going on. Once they arrive the pair see Nabiki having Kuno split watermelons for her which she then sells to the crowd at 150 yen a slice.

Ranma and Akane look on as Tsubasa delivers okonomiyaki for Ukyo.

Not a second after wondering why Kuno's at the beach as well, Ranma notices what appears to be a mailbox moving towards him. Initially believing he's suffering from heat stroke, Ranma, and Akane, watch as the mailbox hops past them before Tsubasa Kurenai bursts out in order to deliver some Okonomiyaki to some other beach patrons. Despite their best attempt to sneak away, Tsubasa spots the pair before proceeding to ask Ranma why he isn't in a bikini today.

Whilst Ranma chastises Tsubasa for his comment, Akane asks what he's doing at the beach, which leads Tsubasa to explain that he's working part time for Ukyo who's opened a stand for the summer.

With this information in hand, Ranma, Akane, Soun and Genma head off to find Ukyo's okonomiyaki cart. Once there Ranma begins questioning Ukyo why she hired Tsubasa, to which Ukyo replies that it's because of how little she has to pay him. At that moment, Shampoo appears and is immediately overjoyed at the sight of Ranma. As an irritated Ukyo attempts to ask Shampoo what she's doing on the beach as well, Shampoo moves to Ranma and requests he tries some of her sweet pork noodles. Hearing this Ukyo and Shampoo soon begin arguing over who's food Ranma should have. Ranma, meanwhile, looks over at the beach when he notices Maomolin passing by, much to Ranma's discomfort.

A Cat's Love

Maomolin, meanwhile, busily delivers some food to the hungry beach-goers, all the while trying to hold back the urge to ask them to be his bride.

Having finished Maomolin returns to the Cat Café stand, where Mousse informs him that he has another delivery waiting, to Maomolin's slight frustration. But as he prepares to set out once more, Maomolin notices Tsubasa jumping across the beach and is immediately captivated. With his heart fluttering for his new bride, Maomolin leaves Mousse to do his delivery whilst he chases after Tsubasa.

Mousse laughs at Ryoga's misfortune moments before being turned into his cursed form as well.

Back with the others and Ukyo and Shampoo's argument over who's food Ranma's eaten continues, whilst the rest of the group enjoy their meals. Having learnt that Ranma ate okonomiyaki at 10 o'clock for a snack, Shampoo suggests he eat at the Cat Café for lunch, much to Ukyo's protest. Wanting to stop the fighting, Ranma tries to get Akane to say something, but she's too busy wanting to know who's food he's planning to eat as well...

Meanwhile, a helplessly lost Ryoga finds himself at the beach as well. Not a moment after being turned into his cursed form thanks to a passing wave, Ryoga encounters Mousse on his latest delivery. But, just as Mousse comments on what a sorry state Ryoga's in, he too is hit by a wave; thus turning him into his duck form. The pair then angrily squeak and quack at each other, whilst some beach patrons look on at the confusing sight.

The Gauntlet is Thrown

At that same time, Ukyo and Shampoo's argument has led to a standoff between the pair. Suddenly Nabiki appears and offers an alternative solution to the pair that doesn't involve them having to fight each other.

Akane notices the leaflet about "Miss Beachside" attached to P-chan's tail.

Elsewhere Ranma and Akane sit under a parasol on the beach as Akane continues to interrogate Ranma over who's food he plans to eat for lunch. Before Akane gets a straight answer, she notices that P-chan has appeared and so happily picks him up before noticing that he has an odd leaflet attached to his tail. Curious, Akane reads the leaflet and learns of a "Miss Beachside Contest" that's taking place; just before Nabiki appears with Ukyo and Shampoo and explains that they've agreed that whoever wins will make Ranma's lunch. Akane, however, still isn't convinced about entering which leads to Nabiki to explain that the more entrants the better business they'll get as she's the one selling the tickets.

Not a moment later Kasumi returns and is immediately asked by Nabiki to enter the contest as well, but Kasumi refuses and suggests Akane enters instead. Still hesitant to enter, Akane finally makes up her mind when Shampoo provokes her by commenting that, even if Akane did enter, it wouldn't affect the outcome and agrees to participate. However, just as Nabiki goes off to start selling tickets, Tsubasa storms in and declares his desire to enter too. With the entrants settled on, Nabiki heads off to prepare the venue.

Some time later, Kuno and Kodachi come across the crowd gathering for the contest and so decide to see it for themselves. Kodachi, however, has other ideas and runs off to enter in the contest herself.

Ranma decides to enter the contest in order to foil Ukyo and Shampoo's plans.

Once everything's ready, Soun begins the contest with Kasumi and Genma as co-hosts (whilst Mousse and P-chan pose as the "grand prizes"). Soun then proceeds to introduce the contestants one-by-one until Tsubasa walks on the stage, where Maomolin throws a ribbon at his bride-to-be. This causes an instinctive reaction in Kodachi who grabs the ribbon; before using it to tie up a number of spectators who she subsequently throws on her brother.

With Kodachi's fiasco quickly but aside, Soun introduces the sixth and final contestant, Ranma! Deeply confused, Akane wonders just why Ranma (who's currently in his female form) would enter; as Ranma thinks how much he has to win to avoid a conflict with either Ukyo or Shampoo later on.

Swiftly moving on Soun announces that they are beginning with a swimsuit competition and asks the audience to vote on their favourite. Kuno, however, finds himself unable to choose between Akane or the pigtailed girl until he's ultimately silenced by Ranma throwing an object at him.

And the Winner Is...

Kasumi Tendo

Ranma and Genma stop Tsubasa trying to sing again.

Unfortunately, by the time the votes are collected, Kodachi is declared out of the contest which sends her into a rage; demanding to know why this is, forcing Soun to explain her earlier stunt cost her points. Devastated, Kodachi runs off the stage. Concerned Ranma nearly goes after her, but is stopped by Akane who tells her to look on the floor prompting Ranma to notice the numerous Drawing pins lying there.

Once Genma sweeps away all the pins, Soun moves the contest onto the singing round, but is almost immediately interrupted by Tsubasa demanding to perform first. Soun agrees and allows Tsubasa to perform. He soon regrets this decision, however, as Tsubasa's male singing voice sends the audience (with the exception of the smitten Maomolin) into shrieking pain, leaving Genma no choice but to sound the finishing gong on Tsubasa's performance prematurely. This just angers Tsubasa further and demands to be allowed to continue, but Ranma and Genma interject. At that moment Maomolin storms the stage, declaring his intentions to make Tsubasa his bride, which leads to Tsubasa and the cat-phobic Ranma to run for their lives with the ghost cat in hot pursuit.

Soun sees that all the votes are for Kasumi.

Seeing the other two entrants run off into the distance, Soun announces the winner will be chosen out of Shampoo, Ukyo and Akane.

Elsewhere, Ranma (having turned back into his male form) believes he's finally lost Maomolin, only to find Kodachi moments before Tsubasa and ghost cat come hurtling overhead. Terrified, Ranma runs off once more, with Kodachi and others yet again in pursuit.

Returning to the Miss Beachside contest; Nabiki hands the winner's envelope over to her father. As Genma provides a drum roll Soun opens the envelope to see who the winner is, but, as Ukyo and Shampoo prematurely fight amongst themselves, Soun declares that the winner is none other than Tendo.... (Akane is surprised at this point) Kasumi! Whilst Soun is shocked at his daughter's clean-sweep victory, Nabiki hears the coming storm from Ranma and co so quickly makes herself scarce seconds before the whole arena is destroyed.

Ranma and co. run away from Akane's cooking.

As the dust settles Shampoo sees her Cat Café being destroyed by the still-racing Tsubasa and Maomolin. This leads Ukyo to declare that Ranma will have to eat her okonomiyaki after all; moments before her cart is destroyed also. Seeing this, Ranma comments that it looks like he won't be eating anyone's cooking, only for Akane to reveal she made enough rice balls for everyone.

Tsubasa, meanwhile, finally tires of Maomolin's advances and tells him that he's a guy. This still doesn't discourage Maomolin, however, who simply responds that "nobody's perfect". Whilst Tsubasa finds himself not knowing what else to do, Ranma and others appear, demanding the pair fix everything that they ruined.

With the others now running rampant all over the beach, Nabiki, Kasumi, P-chan and Mousse look on as Nabiki comments how all her work was for naught...

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Genma Saotome (panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Tatewaki Kuno Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Cole
Tsubasa Kurenai Eiko Yamada Saffron Henderson
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru Kelly Sheridan
Shampoo (human) Rei Sakuma Cathy Weseluck
Maomolin Masahiro Anzai Samuel Vincent
Ryoga Hibiki (human, P-chan) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Mousse (human, duck) Toshihiko Seki Brad Swaile
Kodachi Kuno Saeko Shimazu Sylvia Zaradic
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo



  • As Tsubasa begins singing, one of the audience members is shown making a face identical to The Scream by Edvard Munch
  • The song Tsubasa tries to sing is Red Poppy.
  • Maomolin's statement "Nobody's perfect" is likely a nod to the last line of the 1959 movie "Some Like It Hot" where Jerry reveals he's a man and Osgood responds "Well, nobody's perfect."


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