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The Demon from Jusenkyo, Part II (呪泉郷から来た悪魔 後編 Jusenkyō Kara Kita Akuma - Kōhen?) is the 104th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

Relation to the Previous Episode

Continues from where the previous episode left off.

Plot Overview

Continuing from the Previous Episode

As Ranma and co. rush towards where Akane's being held, Akane learns from the thief that his lair is secretly a fortress of water and when Ranma comes to save her, he'll fall victim to it.

The thief threatens to cover Akane's face with a pair of pantyhose.

After running all night, Ranma and co manage to get near the thief's lair just as the sun rises. When they arrive, the group see Akane being held hostage by the thief. Akane quickly tells them to stay away because the whole situation is a trap. The thief then comments on his surprise about Ranma getting help and proceeds to threaten Akane's face... with a pair of pantyhose! Seeing this an ultimate humiliation, everyone doesn't advance any further, but Ryoga soon gives in and demands the thief cover his face instead. However, as Ryoga runs towards the thief, he releases some water onto Ryoga which sweeps him away.

As the thief retreats, Ranma gives chase, but soon loses sight of him. Ranma then demands the "pantyhose creep" show himself, which angers the thief and prompts him to release more water, this time aimed at Ranma. Fortunately, Mousse uses some of his projectiles to wrap around Ranma's limps and pull him back just in time, however, the thief then covers Mousse in cold water, rendering him in his far less useful duck form. As Mousse collapses, Ranma thanks him for taking a hit.

Shampoo sets off one of the thief's water traps.

Meanwhile, Shampoo finds Akane tied up and gagged inside a cave. Seeing this as the perfect chance to execute her plan to kill Akane, Shampoo walks slowly over towards Akane, however, Shampoo doesn't notice the trip wire and sets it off, realising a flood of water over her and turning her into her cat form. The thief then appears and notes that only Ranma remains.

Ranma's Rematch

Some time later, Ranma continues scaling the cliff towards the thief's lair, all the time trying to avoid the water which sprays out whenever a rock is removed. But as soon as Ranma is about to reach the top of the cliff, the thief appears and stands on Ranma's hand whilst noting how impressed he is at Ranma making it this far without getting wet, and as a reward he decides not to throw Ranma into the water. Ranma retorts by telling the "pantyhose creep" that he may regret not doing so. Irritated at Ranma's description of him, the thief hits Ranma in the shoulder with a wooden pole as revenge for getting hit by the log earlier before removing his foot and telling Ranma to come on up.

The thief watches as Ranma accidentally turns into his cursed form.

Ranma climbs up and the pair prepare to fight each other, with Akane and Shampoo (still in her cat form) look on helplessly from the sidelines. Not wasting any more time Ranma moves in and swiftly launches a flurry of punches at the thief, who does nothing but defend and move backwards from Ranma. Ranma soon learns why the thief is doing this as when Ranma goes in launch another punch, the thief moves out of the way, causing Ranma to punch the wall behind him and release the cold water behind it.

The thief warns Ranma that even the slightest shock will release the water trapped below. Angered, Ranma starts attacking the thief again, but this time the thief kicks Ranma in the stomach whilst commenting that he won't go easy on him just because he's now a girl. After Ranma recoils from the impact of the kick, the thief continues his assault with a multitude of punches which Ranma attempts to dodge, but soon gets hit again. This time when Ranma lands she sets off more geysers of water, prompting the thief to demonstrate that even a simple kick can cause the water the erupt.

As the water rushes towards Ranma, she's left helpless as she is sent flying over the side of the cliff. Agitated, Akane reminds the thief that if he hurts Ranma then he'll have her to worry about, but the thief throws a small rock in Akane's direction and reminds her that Ranma is tougher than that and she should worry about her well-being first. Akane then notices a dead scorpion near her and wonders if the thief threw the stone to protect her from it. At that moment, Ranma returns from climbing the cliff again and is determined to have one more round against the thief.

Akane sees Mousse and Ryoga have brought hot water.

Meanwhile, P-chan and Mousse manage to find a hot spring and jump in it so that they can turn back into their human forms. The pair then realise they have no idea where they are, but this doesn't stop Ryoga claiming he remembers the roads whilst Mousse states he recalls what the precipice looks like (although he doesn't). Continuing, the pair laugh confidently that together there's no way they can lose.

Some time passes and Ranma is starting to become exhausted and is reduced to trying to avoid the thief's attacks. Akane, meanwhile, becomes frustrated that there's no hot water around. Just then Akane hears Mousse and looks down to see him hopelessly lost with Ryoga, who's carrying four Tetsubins of hot water. Akane and Shampoo try to get the pair's attention, but the others still can't find them (given Ryoga's complete lack of a sense of direction and Mousse not having his glasses). Seeing that Ranma's situation is worsening, Akane breaks free of her bindings and runs down to Ryoga to get the hot water herself.

Using the hot water, Ranma is able to protect Akane from the boulder.

Back with the fight, and Ranma manages to land a punch on the pantyhose thief, however, she accidentally sends him crashing into a wall of rock which breaks and turns the thief into his demon form. Just then Akane throws the Tetsubin at Ranma, but the demon swats it away and over the cliff. Akane desperately jumps after it, causing Ranma to jump after her whilst giving the demon the opportunity to throw a boulder at the pair. Fortunately, Ranma is able to get the hot water and change back just before the boulder strikes.

After destroying the boulder, Ranma turns to Akane and asks if she's okay. When Akane confirms that she's fine, Ranma looks back and comments that the pantyhose thief will pay for this.

The Fight Continues

Ranma Nikholo demon jusenkyo.jpg

Ranma tells Akane to wait at the bottom of the cliff as he climbs back up, but Ranma soon sets off another geyser of water, causing her to use another Tetsubin of water to change back again. Once he reaches the top, Ranma instructs Mousse to change Shampoo back, but ends up doing it himself when he notices Mousse is mistaking a small monument for Shampoo.

Everyone punches the demon, causing it to fly off course.

With everyone out of vengeance for what the pantyhose thief did to them, the group mount multiple attacks against the demon, who can't doing anything against them given their speed. Some time later and Akane is nearly at the top of the cliff when she sees the demon fly overhead with everyone on his back. The demon makes a u-turn to the cliff and appears to be attempting to ram into it. Fortunately, Happosai (with a bag full of pantyhose) appears and takes Akane out of the way, forcing the demon to abandon his plans and steeply pull up to avoid the cliff.

The demon then begins chasing Happosai. Happosai tells Ranma to leave the demon to him, but Ranma sees that Happosai's appearance it just making things worse. Ranma then tells everyone they need to make the demon change direction, this prompts everyone to punch the demon's head at the same time. Luckily, everyone punching the demon at once makes him lose conscious and hover towards a waterfall.

Learning the Truth

Once the group crash into the waterfall, only the demon emerges who, after waiting to see if anyone else appears, flies away. Akane and Happosai then arrive in order to search for the others, although Happosai believes they may have already been killed. At that moment, however, Ranma hits the old lecher and tells him not to have them killed off so easily.

Happosai's flashback to when he named the thief "Pantyhose Taro".

The group then head to a cave hidden behind the waterfall, where they change back into their human forms and restrain Happosai, demanding he explains what he did the make the pantyhose thief so mad. Happosai maintains that he should be praised for what he did, causing the aggravated Ranma to ask what Happosai did exactly. This causes Happosai to explain that shortly after he gave the thief his curse the Jusenkyo Guide told him he had to name the baby as it's customary for whoever bathed the baby to be the one who names it. Happosai continues by telling the group that after three days and nights of thought he finally came up with the prefect name, Pantyhose Taro!

After the group realise why the thief was so angered at Happosai, Pantyhose himself appears and Ranma comments that he understands why the thief reacted so badly whenever he called him a "pantyhose creep". Ranma then says that he'll call the thief by his true name, Pantyhose Taro, although Pantyhose demands that he doesn't. This causes Mousse to add that with a name like that it's no wonder Pantyhose turned evil. Happosai, meanwhile, shyly adds that it was the nicest name he could think of, although Pantyhose begs to disagree.

Ranma begins asking Pantyhose why he just doesn't go by a name he likes, but Shampoo and Mousse explain that the naming rule is unbreakable and only whoever named the child can change it. Ranma, Akane and Pantyhose then demand Happosai change his name, but Happosai takes out on of his Happo-Fire Burst bombs and uses the subsequent explosion to escape whilst declaring that "Pantyhose Taro" has to be his name.

The group then begin commenting on how "Pantyhose Taro" isn't too bad a name, as "Panty Taro" could've been far worse. Unfortunately, Pantyhose becomes infuriated with everyone taking about his name and punches the already weakened ground to release more cold water and turn him back into his demon form. After everyone is launched out of the cave, Ranma narrowly manages to get Akane out of the way before yet again riding on the back of Pantyhose's demon form.

Pantyhose uses the pantyhose to swing Ranma around.

Akane soon notices Happosai's bag of pantyhose and swiftly puts a medium sized rock in one before swinging it around and launching it at Ranma. The pantyhose manage to wrap around on of Pantyhose's horns, giving Ranma the chance to use the rest of the pantyhose to tie up Pantyhose's wings, rendering him unable to fly. Just before Pantyhose crashes, however, he flips over and uses his hand to break the fall before proceeding to use the pantyhose to swing Ranma round-and-round.

Once Pantyhose let's go, Ranma uses a combination of the momentum of the throw and her Battle Aura to jump back off a rock and kick Pantyhose on the chin, this time knocking him to the ground. With Pantyhose unable to fight anymore, Ranma declares her victory.

Pantyhose flies away with Happosai, whilst Happosai tries to think of a new name.

Some time later, Ranma uses a pair of pantyhose to attract Happosai back to Pantyhose's lair. Once Happosai's been restrained, Ranma tells Pantyhose he can beat up the old lecher as much as he wants, although Pantyhose still demands Happosai change his name. Happosai, however, still can't see what's wrong with the name "Pantyhose Taro".

By sunset, everyone has beaten up Happosai mercilessly until he gives in and agrees to change Pantyhose's name. They then hand Happosai over to Pantyhose, who notes that they'll probably never meet again. Pantyhose then proceeds to jump off the cliff into the water below and fly away with Happosai in hand, as the others tell him not to return and make sure to take care of Happosai. Akane begins to wonder what Pantyhose's new name will be, meanwhile, Happosai tries to come up with a new name, but every suggestion is underwear related, much to Pantyhose's annoyance.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Pantyhose Taro (human, demon) Shinnosuke Furumoto Matt Hill
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Mousse (human) Toshihiko Seki Brad Swaile
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Ryoga Hibiki (human, P-chan) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Shampoo (human) Rei Sakuma Cathy Weseluck
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Happosai Ichirō Nagai Paul Dobson
Jusenkyo Guide (flashback) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Pantyhose Taro's mother (flashback) N/A N/A



  • Soun Tendo appears to narrate the recap for the previous episode.
  • Pantyhose's mother appears much differently than from the previous episode's flashback. Instead of her somewhat plump face and black colored hair, now she resembles Akane of all people and has cyan colored hair.
  • It's never elaborated on what the fate of Pantyhose's mother was.
  • The last appearance of Pantyhose Taro anime wise since his two later appearances were never adapted into animation.
  • In the manga, after Pantyhose flies off with Happosai, the latter ultimately decides not to change the former's name and leaves it as is. This causes a shocked and hurt Taro to drop the old man into the sea. Here in the anime Happosai genuinely tries to decide on another name, but all of their pantyhose-esque natures causes the cursed boy to roar in anger and he doesn't drop him.
  • As a side effect of the previously mentioned change, Happosai continued to make appearances in anime exclusive stories up until Mystery of the Marauding Octopus Pot!, where he finally returned manga-wise.
  • The anime version of this story cut out a large third of the original manga version. After Happosai escaped in the manga, Ranma and the gang take Pantyhose back to Furinkan in order to trick the old man into changing his name. Ranma (in female form) tried to trick Happosai into changing the name but the unsuccessful attempt resulted in a fierce battle between the latter and Pantyhose. Ultimately Happosai is distracted long enough for him to be knocked out and Pantyhose to capture him, leading to the above mentioned manga ending. This entire act was taken out for some reason.
  • In the manga, Pantyhose says that he wants to be renamed "Awesome Taro" (much to everyone's dismay) but the anime did not include this.


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