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The Destroyer Strikes (恐怖、看板男 Kyofu, kanban otoko?) is the 72nd chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Dojo Destroyer Arc.


Ranma once again tries to steal the Instant Nannīchuan Powder without kissing Shampoo, but she tricks him. He soon realizes that he can not leave Akane to deal with the Dojo Destroyer and concentrate on his date at the same time.

Plot Overview

Akane tries to hit the Destroyer, but gets trapped between his sign whips.

Akane looks on as Soun notes that the Dojo Destroyer is using all of his Dojo signs like a whip. Akane is undeterred and charges towards the Destroyer. She then avoids the Destroyers attempts at hitting her and attempts to launch a kick at him, but the Destroyer splits his "whip" and uses both halves to trap Akane in the middle, much to the worry of Kasumi.

The Destroyer then recoils his signs, while Akane jumps back and away from him. Akane then thinks to herself that the Destroyer is actually a good fighter. The Destroyer then throws several signs at Akane, all which she avoids as they get stuck into the training hall's wall. Akane then proceeds to jump off on of the signs so she can hit the Destroyer, but he blocks with a sign, causing Akane great pain as she hit it with her bandaged hand.

Soun the pulls out a microphone and declares that Akane has reinsured her hand. Kasumi then asks where Ranma is at a time like this, to which Soun dramatically adds that he's on a date. Akane then tells herself that she doesn't need anyone and that she won't lose.

Back in Sakura Park and Ranma is still yet to give Shampoo a goodbye kiss. After Shampoo reminds Ranma that he kisses her he can have the Instant Nannīchuan Powder, Ranma thinks that there must be some way to get the powder other than kissing Shampoo. Ranma then notes that the powder packet is close by in Shampoo's handbag and her eyes are closed.

Ranma then quickly puts two-and-two together and just steals Shampoo's handbag and starts running away. Shampoo, however opens her eyes and sees Ranma running away, so chases after him on her bicycle. As Shampoo chases after Ranma, she tells him that he never kissed her so the date isn't over. Ranma tells Shampoo that now he's got the Instant Nannīchuan Powder then the date's over. Shampoo then calmly cycles the other way and tells Ranma that that's fine and she'll just use the real one for Pig food (at this moment Ranma sees some flowers appear from his powder packet).

Some time later, Ranma is back on his date with Shampoo. Shampoo tells Ranma that he made a big mistake in thinking he can run away that easily. Ranma just laughs at the comment and then tells Shampoo that wherever they go, they'll go together, much to Shampoo's enjoyment.

Genma finds Ranma and throws some cold water over him to see if he's used the Instant Nannīchuan Powder yet.

As Ranma cycles Shampoo's bike, Shampoo notices that they appear to be heading towards the Tendo Dojo, to which Ranma tells Shampoo that she must be imagining thinks. Shampoo then suddenly begins trying to stop Ranma, as he's going to try and help Akane, which Ranma protests that he isn't. Genma then appears, running along the fence of the Dojo parallel to Ranma and Shampoo. As he runs next to them, Genma thanks the heavens that Ranma's back and says to Ranma that by now Shampoo must've given him the Instant Nannīchuan Powder and so splashes both Ranma and Shampoo with the cold water in the bucket he's carrying. However, both Ranma and Shampoo turn into their cursed forms and Ranma cycles away terrified as Shampoo clings to her. Genma looks on and guesses he must've been wrong.

Back in the Tendo training hall, Akane is struggling against the Dojo Destroyer. The Destroyer launches multiple signs towards Akane, who manages to defend herself from them. Akane the tries to land a kick into the Destroyer, who puts up a sign to protect himself. Initially, Akane tells the Destroyer that she'll smash anything he puts in her way, but then realises that the sign she's about to hit is theirs so stops herself from destroying it.

The Destroyer takes advantage of this and hits Akane with the sign, which she seems to easily recover from. However, just as Akane asks the Destroyer what sort of blow he calls that, the Destroyer throws several more signs which manage to pin Akane against the wall. The Destroyer then proceeds to spin another sign towards Akane, causing her to brace herself for the impact. Soun then stands up and says he can't sit back and watch any longer and stares at his daughters distressed face.

Ranma prepares to fight the Destroyer herself.

However, before Soun can do anything, Ranma appears on Shampoo's bicycle and (after running over Soun) accidentally intercepts the sign just before it hits Akane. Ranma and Akane then stare at each other. Ranma then flicks away the sign and tells Akane that she knew she couldn't defeat the Destroyer with two hands. Akane protests Ranma thinking she needs help from her and attempts to insult Ranma, but Ranma just says that it isn't like she wants to help.

Ranma then removes her overcoat and says that she couldn't concentrate on taking the Instant Nannīchuan Powder until she's dealt with the Dojo Destroyer. Just then Shampoo reappears (back in her human form) and places several Instant Nannīchuan Powder packets over the Dojo Destroyer and asks Ranma which one is real. Ranma soon realises that if he defeats the Dojo Destroyer than he can get the powder, so in order to kill two-birds-with-one-stone Ranma agrees. Shampoo tells Ranma to hurry and then thinks to herself about how she'll make Ranma regret choosing Akane over her.

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