The Doll's Trap (人形の罠 Ningyo no wana?) is the 332nd chapter of the manga it is also the second and last chapter of the Doll of Vengeance Arc.


Ranma goes off alone with Akane, who is possessed by the spirit of the vengeful doll. Meanwhile, Akane is trapped inside the doll, and manages to catch up to the pair right when Ranma is in mortal peril. 

Plot Overview

Now in a secluded area away from the inn, possessed Akane asks Ranma to close his eyes. He's taken aback , but agrees. Meanwhile, doll Akane can't move because of the pedestal that was placed on her. As she struggles to free herself, a couple comes to her assistance. She thanks (and scares) them, then leaves to find Ranma.

Possessed Akane is hit by her own trap.

As Ranma is waiting for Akane, she prepares a heavy statue to swing and hit him. As the trap is released, Ranma sneezes and dodges the statue, which swings back and knocks her down. When he comes to her aid, doll Akane arrives and lands on his head. She tries to tell Ranma that the Akane he's with is an impostor but is unable to speak.

Possessed Akane gets up and hugs Ranma to lower his guard once again, then grabs a stick on the ground. But before she can strike Ranma he grabs the stick. She thinks she's been exposed, but Ranma takes the stick and beats a nearby bush.

Out of the bush comes Genma, Soun and Nabiki, apparently spying on Ranma and Akane. Fearing her plan will be revealed, possessed Akane drags Ranma to someplace quieter with the cheer of Soun behind them.

Possessed Akane's final attempt to distract Ranma.

They sit on a bench and Ranma comments on how she's cuter, sexier and not as violent as usual, much to doll Akane's annoyance. She gets a rock and hits Ranma's foot with it, and get noticed by her possessed body. She tries to get away but is picked up by Ranma who wonders how the doll can move. Possessed Akane then calls Ranma. As he turns to look at her, she strips her yukata and doll Akane covers his eyes so he can't see her naked body. While they are distracted by this, Akane's possessed body ties a large block to the yukata and attacks Ranma directly. Doll Akane tries to counter but is easily swiped away. Ranma grabs the doll and runs from his block swinging fiancé.

Ranma takes the doll and hides in a tree next to a cliff. He realizes that the doll has similarities with Akane and even notice tears coming out of the doll. As he begins to piece things together possessed Akane, who had been hiding higher up the tree, drops down on Ranma and they both fall off the cliff. While falling she finally admits that she's only using this body for vengeance. Not wanting Akane to get hurt, Ranma switches place with her so he takes the fall.

Fortunately, there was a hot spring below the cliff. By protecting both the doll and Akane, their souls reverted back to normal. Akane regained consciousness and saw that she regained her body. She then cries in Ranma's embrace, telling him how scared she was as rest of the family looks on from a distance.

Akane regains her body.

Back at the inn, Akane is still unable to figure out why the doll became angry to begin with. She then sees Ranma putting the doll in the same awkward position he left her in, and realizes that he was the one responsible for the trouble she went through and punches him through the roof. As the family returns home commenting about the events, Ranma says he liked the other Akane better while she's still hitting him.

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  • In the anime counterpart, Ryoga also makes an appearance.


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