The Doll of Vengeance (怪談・仕返し人形 Kaidan * shikaeshi ningyo?) is the 331st chapter of the manga it is also the first chapter of the Doll of Vengeance Arc.

At a hot spring inn, a doll spirit trades bodies with Akane to take revenge on Ranma for knocking it over.

Plot Overview

At the Inn

The Tendos and Saotomes visit the Doll Inn where Nabiki tells the sisters about the Vengeful Spirit Doll. The doll resides in the inn's hallway and is rumored to have a spirit inside. When you hurt or insult the doll it will come get you. Akane becomes frightened and asks how it does this, but Nabiki doesn't know.


Ranma's fix.

Meanwhile, Ranma is once again chasing Genma around the inn for stealing his food, this time a bottle of milk. When they approach the hall where the doll resides, Ranma does a flying kick towards Genma but his foot is quickly wrapped by Genma's towel and slammed into the floor. Genma taunts Ranma as he makes his escape and Ranma realizes that he broke the doll when he fell. He haphazardly repairs it and leaves, agitating the spirit that lives within.

When Akane passes by the hall alone and frightened at the doll story, she realizes that the doll is missing. The doll, which was attached to the ceiling, falls on top of Akane with the intention of using her body.


Rest of the family is waiting for Akane to start eating, and Ranma goes to look for her. While he's gone, doll-possessed Akane emerge wearing a yukata. She ignores the family's questions about her whereabouts and asks where the rude one is, i.e. Ranma. After learning of his name, she leaves.

Ranma, meanwhile, is looking around the inn for her and finds the unconscious doll (with Akane trapped inside) in the bathroom. Just then, possessed Akane attempts to strike at Ranma using a giant mallet but misses. She tries again and hits the doll out of his hand, flinging it across the room. When the doll-Akane hits the wall, she wakes up to see Ranma talking to her possessed self and realize that she's trapped inside the doll. Ranma is unaware of this and puts the doll back where it was.

Possessed Akane then tries to push Ranma when he's standing on a balcony, but he turns just in time and she falls down instead. He brings her back into the inn and asks if she's hurt anywhere. She distracts him by showing her hand so she can have another mallet strike at Ranma. He manages to dodge the strike again and possessed Akane hits her hand instead. Witnessing this, Nabiki and Kasumi begin to suspect that something is wrong with Akane.


Possessed Akane holds Ranma.

Doll-Akane manages to start moving, to the shock of nearby guests. She warms up before heading back, but ends up going the wrong way and falls to the ground. Possessed Akane, meanwhile, realizes Ranma is too fast for her and the only way for her to strike Ranma is to seduce him. Akane's doll form is picked up by her possessed form, who puts her under a pedestal so she can't interfere. Ranma calls for Akane and the possessed form latches on to his arm in order to seduce him, much to the doll-Akane's disapproval...

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  • In the anime counterpart, Shampoo and Ukyo also come along.


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