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The Evil Ogre! Hell Hath No Fury Like Kasumi Scorned (邪悪の鬼 Jāku no Oni?), also listed by Viz Media as Faster Kasumi! Kill! Kill!, is the eleventh Ranma ½ OVA.

An Oni escapes it's sealed box and begins to possess people in the neighborhood. Fortunately, the demon can be expelled from its host with a punch. The Oni hops from Genma to Kuno to Ryoga and then the priest before finding its way to Kasumi.

Plot Overview

Rampage on the Evil Oni

After heading to a local temple, Ranma, Soun and Genma learn the story of an Oni which was sealed away by a Monkey Priest in order to stop it terrorising the villagers. The Priest of the temple then informs the trio that he contacted them as the seal which trapped the Oni has faded away with age and once it's gone the Oni can be free to cause havoc once more. Just as Ranma asks if they're meant to protect the seal from being rubbed off, the Oni manages to burn away what remains of the seal.

The group are rather unimpressed with the Oni's less-than-threatening appearance.

Panicked, the Priest instructs the trio to hold the box shut while he prepares a new seal. The trio do as they are told and use all their strength to prevent the box from opening, unfortunately, just as the Priest is about to place the new seal onto the box, Happosai (with his latest collection of underwear) appears and uses the seal as a handkerchief.

Having now ruined the seal, Happosai notices the others and asks them what they're doing here, to which the group retort to Happosai that that's what they want to know before sending the old lecher flying through the temple's roof. Due to the distraction caused by Happosai, the group have forgotten about the Oni and only recall their task until it's too late and the Oni escapes!

Despite the ominous warnings from the Oni when it left it's box, everyone is rather underwhelmed by rather cute creature which they're presented with. However, the Oni wastes no time and possess Genma. After Genma knocks over a jar of water, Ranma and Soun are surprised to see that Genma's suddenly grown a pair of horns. Just as the Priest reveals that Genma has been possessed, Genma turns his attention at Soun and lunges at him, so that he can take out a pen to doodle on his friend's face whilst holding up a sign saying "Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee...".

As Ranma looks on at the childish scene, the Priest explains that those possessed by the Oni become "bad" which prompts Ranma to ask how he defeats it. The Priest reveals that a good punch will expel the Oni, prompting Ranma to swiftly punch his idiotic father through the temple roof.

Kuno lands on Ryoga, causing Ryoga to become possessed by the Oni.

Seeing that the Oni has flown off, the group give chase, but are stopped when Kuno appears; sporting a pair of the same horns which Genma had earlier. After asking why a heart like his should be consumed by evil, Kuno moves in to attack Ranma, but is easily overpowered by a single kick from Ranma which expels the Oni yet again. Ranma comments that nothing changed about him. Soun, meanwhile, notices Genma acting on an evil impulse and placing insulting drawings and messages of his friend on a wall. Seeing this Soun walks over and reminds Genma that he isn't possessed by the Oni anymore and the pair stand in an awkward silence.

Elsewhere, Ryoga stands outside the Tendo Dojo, adamant that he will finally tell Akane how he feels. Unfortunately, Kuno comes crashing and lands squarely on top of Ryoga, causing the Oni to leave Kuno and enter Ryoga. Once Ranma arrives, Ryoga informs him that he has sudden urge to do something evil. Before Ryoga can get another word in, Ranma rushes up to him in order to exorcise the Oni, this time, however, Ranma's the one who's sent flying. After commenting how nothing will come between him and his evil urges, Ryoga walks into the Tendo Dojo, where he's greeted by Kasumi who tells Ryoga to make himself at home, but may have to wait for Akane as she's having a bath at the moment.

Thanks to Nabiki, P-chan slams into a door, thus freeing him from the powers of the Oni.

Shortly after Ryoga goes inside, Ranma lands in Kasumi's wash-bucket before being told that she just missed Ryoga. With this information, Ranma soon gives chase, but only just catches up to Ryoga outside the bathroom. Ryoga, however, manages to trip Ranma up and send her hurtling into the bathroom, where Akane subsequently punches Ranma through the roof. With Ranma out of the way, Ryoga proceeds to walk slowly and silently towards Akane, but ultimately gets sprayed with cold water before the mist surrounding Akane clears. Seeing that P-chan's appeared, Akane goes to get a towel and starts talking to P-chan about Ranma leaving the bathroom door open. Seizing his chance, the Oni-possessed P-chan gets into position before jumping at Akane who's back is turned to him. Unfortunately for P-chan, Nabiki appears and opens the bathroom door in order to inform Akane about Ryoga having arrived. Nabiki then looks down and notices the dizzy P-chan on the floor, who obviously hit the door as Nabiki opened it.

Having been expelled from another host, the Oni begins floating around the Dojo for it's next victim...

The Evil of... Kasumi?!

Back outside, and the Priest has set up multiple wards around the entrance of the Dojo in order to prevent the Oni from escaping further. Curious, Kasumi asks if this will affect her shopping, to which the Priest reiterates that no-one can leave. At that moment, Ranma comes crashing back onto the Dojo's grounds. Seeing this, Genma decides to test the wards by throwing Ranma through them. After observing Ranma get shocked by the wards, Soun comments how powerful the wards must be, whilst Kasumi is still concerned about the shopping.

Ranma kicks the Priest's hat, revealing him to be the one possessed.

After gathering everyone in the house, the Priest informs them that no-one can leave as they must limit the damage the Oni can cause and since they are responsible for it's escape, they must help seal it away again. Not wanting to be stuck in the house, Nabiki asks her father to do something, but Soun just tells Nabiki that that's easier said than done as they have no idea where the Oni may be hiding. Just then Genma suggests that the Oni may have already possessed someone and everyone starts turning on each other as being possessed.

As Ranma and Genma start childishly accusing the other of being possessed, Kasumi questions the Priest about how, if someone was possessed, they would have horns on their head, although the Priest declares that the horns could protrude anywhere on the body. When the Priest starts checking the soles of Ranma's feet, Akane asks if there's any other way to check if someone is being controlled by the Oni. To satisfy Akane's question, the Priest uses Ranma as an example as he explains that you tie up the accused and throw them into a lake; if he drowns it proves he was innocent and if he floats it shows he was possessed after all.

Once the Priest throws Ranma into the Koi pond, a silence falls over everyone as they wait to see if Ranma floats back up. Ranma, however, manages to untie herself and emerges from the pond before declaring to the Priest that before he tests people he should test himself first. Ranma then proceeds to knock off the Priests hat, revealing him to have Oni horns secretly hidden underneath.

Without wasting another moment, Ranma knocks the Priest into the pond, thus exorcising the Oni. Swiftly, Ranma grabs the box which originally held the Oni and traps it inside once more.

The group are shocked to see that Kasumi has now become possessed.

As the sun begins to set, everyone congratulates each other about having sealed away the Oni once more. Just then Kasumi walks in with food for everyone, which they each happily bite into, but they all soon realise the food has been laced with "knockout powder" after taking only one bite. Whilst everyone else sits in paralysed agony, Kasumi apologises as she just had a sudden evil urge.

With this strange comment, the group notice that Kasumi now has horns. This then brings up the question of how this could happen when they sealed the box, but on inspection the Priest reveals the put a ward for safe childbirth on the box instead.

Soun discusses the idea of removing the Oni in order to protect Kasumi.

That evening, the Dojo residents are left powerless as Kasumi continuously does "evil" things to them; such as stitching "cross-dresser" into Ranma's shirt; ironing Genma's fur and lacing Soun's bedding with Drawing pins. Not wanting to have to suffer through anymore evil, the group start discussing how to get rid of the Oni, however, nobody can bring themselves to hit Kasumi (whilst Soun also declares that anyone who hits her will feel his wrath). Eventually Soun decides that they must show Kasumi how much they love her by removing the Oni in order to protect her. At that moment, Kasumi reappears and offers her father a back rub... with her exceptionally long, sharp, nails.

Later on, as the clock ticks towards 2:25am, Soun wakes up and silently makes his way downstairs. However, once he gets there he's met by the terrifying sight of Kasumi holding a just sharpened knife. Scared senseless, Soun retreats back to his room as quickly as possible whilst Kasumi feels herself getting another evil urge, which she quickly acts on by making paper children from a portion of the tablecloth.

Exorcising the Oni

Kasumi thanks to delivery men for getting her the expensive food she ordered.

By the next morning, as a still weary Soun brushes his teeth, a deliver of "Deluxe Sushi for Ten" arrives. As the delivery man chats with Kasumi, the others rush downstairs just as an order of first-class Tempura shrimp and noodle soup for seven arrives. After yet another delivery arrives, Soun rushes onto the scene and demands to know what's going on. This prompts Kasumi to simply reply that she had this evil urge. Whilst the delivery men begin to leave, Ranma talks to Priest about how they got through his wards, to which the Priest retorts that the wards only prevent people from leaving. No sooner does the Priest say this than the three delivery men get shocked by the wards.

Some time later and the Dojo residents gather as the Priest reminds them that he cannot remove the wards until the Oni is sealed away. As Akane becomes frustrated at not knowing this earlier, the Priest instructs her to calm down as, when left alone, the Oni will exit it's host of it's own accord. Hearing this, Soun is overjoyed, until the Priest adds that this will only happen once the Oni has ruined the person's life.

After the group hits the Priest for not mentioning this either, Soun decides that they haven't a moment to lose and so only have their final resort left. He continues by turning to Kasumi and telling her that he's really a shy man and knows he hasn't thanked her enough for all that she's done. After walking over to his daughter, Soun warns the Oni that he will not allow it to torture Kasumi anymore and adds that if it agrees to leave her then he consents to being possessed instead!

The group look on as Soun continues to pretend to be being possessed by the Oni.

Despite protests from everyone else, Soun reminds them that this is his decision. After an uneasy silence falls, Soun suddenly feels himself being possessed and demands Ranma exorcise both him and the Oni. Everyone's attention continues to focus on Soun, apart from Nabiki who observes that Kasumi still has the Oni horns, so is therefore still the one possessed, not Soun. With the others now realising that Soun isn't being taken over by the Oni they can only watch as he continues to act until suddenly deciding himself that he mustn't be being possessed either.

As Genma tells Soun that a man like him should be praised, Akane and Ranma remind the pair that they still need to have the Oni exorcised from Kasumi as they can't have things continuing the way they are. Seeing himself as the professional in these matters, the Priest takes out a new-and-improved ward which he explains will force the Oni to leave it's victim once placed on said victim's forehead. After getting chastised by the others for not doing this earlier, the Priest puts the ward on Kasumi's forehead and, sure enough, the Oni leaves her.

Happosai's Possession

Having absorbed a lot of evil urges, the Oni emerges at nearly full strength.

With the Oni gone, Kasumi returns to her senses and can't believe all the evil things she did whilst possessed. Just then, however, the Oni starts returning to how it was before being sealed; having absorbed enough evil desires. After noting it's disappointment at being exorcised just before returning to full power, the Oni proceeds to let out a screech which destroys all the wards the Priest set up to stop it from leaving.

Resuming their roles as Martial Artists, Ranma, Soun and Genma vow to seal away the Oni again which prompts P-chan to run off to the bathroom so he can turn back into his human form. Once Ryoga returns, Ranma attempts to defeat the Oni with a flurry of wards, but this proves ineffective and, as the Oni charges at Ranma, Ryoga uses his Bakusai Tenketsu to send a storm of roof-tiles at the Oni.

Ranma, however, is still curious as to why the wards didn't work, but soon gets his answer as he and the others notice that the wards he just used weren't finished as they were missing the final brush stroke. At that moment Happosai returns with a new collection of underwear (seemingly oblivious to the giant Oni stood behind him). Sensing the evil spirit which resides inside the old lecher, the Oni wastes no time in attempting to possess him.

The group watch as Happosai and the Oni terrorise California.

Unfortunately for the Oni, despite being initially successful in possessing Happosai, he soon struggles against the old lecher's own inner evil. With Happosai and the Oni's evils making it difficult for either of them, Ranma uses this opportunity to use the box and sealing away the both of them.

Later that day, the box (which now sports a new, completed, seal) is placed into a river so that it can float away somewhere it hopefully won't cause any more harm. As Ranma comments on how strong an enemy the Oni was, Akane asks about the chances of the ink on the ward dissolving in the water which prompts Nabiki to also note how old the box was already. With neither observation being overly positive, Ranma is left in a worried bowled-over silence as Soun and Genma talk about how they got rid of Happosai as well.

Once everyone returns to the Tendo Dojo they start watching the news over some shaved ice when they learn of two monsters attacking a beach in California. The group are left silenced when they see the monsters are actually the Oni and Happosai as the news reporter comments that the US army, navy and air force has been mobilised...

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Oni (debut) Kōzō Shioya Paul Dobson
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Oni Priest (debut) Bin Shimada Michael Dobson
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Sarah Strange
Genma Saotome (human, panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Happosai Ichirō Nagai Paul Dobson
Tatewaki Kuno Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Cole
Ryoga Hibiki (human, P-chan) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain




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