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The Evil Wakes (“邪悪”の復活 "Jaaku" no fukkatsu?) is the 63rd chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Happosai Intro Arc.


One dark and stormy night in the Hido Mountains a cave sealed by a boulder is opened and a small shadowy figure emerges. Days later in Nerima a group of girls are being groped, fondled and harrassed by a strange, perverted, old man. The man says he is looking for Akane Tendo and after trying to grope her and female Ranma he follows them back home.

Plot Overview

The creature climbs out of the Hida Mountains.

Deep in the Hida Mountains on a dark stormy night, a boulder bearing a Shimenawa suddenly breaks. A small, black creature then crawls out and begins to laugh menacingly. The creature is then struck by lightning, but soon recovers and stands on it's hind legs.

Some time later the Kamidana alter at the Tendo Dojo breaks, which Soun remarks as being a dark omen. Genma jokingly adds that maybe a demon is awakening. At first Soun laughs with Genma at this comment, before grabbing Genma by the scruff of the shirt and starting to sweat furiously. A slightly scared Genma reaffirms to Soun that he meant it as a joke.

Elsewhere, a group of girls are jogging when they hear an odd noise. Suddenly the black creature from earlier leaps out and screams Akane's. It turns out the creature is a very old man, who begins to grope the girls, much to their disgust. Akane herself happens to come across this scene and one of the girls calls Akane by name while trying to get the perverted old man from her waist.

The old man then points at Akane and laughs heartily, before jumping towards her. Akane blocks the old man from groping her by using her satchel as a shield. The girls then ask Akane if she knows the old man, but Akane just ends up asking the old man if she knows him herself. This upsets the old man who begins crying at Akane not remembering him. Akane, in an attempt to cheer the old man up, tells him she'll try to see if she can remember who he is. The old man tells her not to trouble herself, but then suddenly uses this opening to try and grope Akane.

Luckily before the old man can get to Akane, Ranma shows up in his female form and stands on the old man. The old man soon recovers and stares at Ranma before leaping at her, this time successfully groping Ranma's breasts (much to Ranma's obvious disgust). After the old man is hit several times by Ranma for this, he finally notes that it's not a surprise that Akane (who he currently believes is Ranma) doesn't remember him as they've never met. Ranma, shaking, prepares to fend off the old man should he try to grope her again.

This reaction from Ranma causes the old man to decide that she must be Soun Tendo's daughter is she's this high spirited. Akane is surprised the old man knows her father and questions the old man about it. The old man responds in slight shock that Akane is Soun's daughter. Akane angrily stares at the old man and says that he's got some explaining to do.

Soun and Genma are shocked to see the old man.

Akane and Ranma take the old man back to the Dojo, where he greets Soun and Genma (who's now in his panda form) and notes how long it's been since they last met. The pair are obviously shocked at the appearance of the old man. Soun quickly takes the initiative to run up to the old man (calling him "master" as he does so) and hug him while crying that he's safe. The scene soon changes, however, when Soun tries to punch the old man only to be thrown across the room by the old man using only his index finger.

Genma, meanwhile, is pretending to be an ordinary panda (eating bamboo and playing with a large tyre). The old man then walks in and greets him as Genma Saotome, to keep up his rouse Genma holds up a sign reiterating that he's just an ordinary panda. Seemingly oblivious to this, the old man pats Genma's shoulder while saying that he hasn't changed a bit. This comment angers Genma, with only Soun seeming to be the only thing holding him back. Soun then angrily asks Genma if he thinks he can just run off and leave him to face this alone.

Meanwhile, Akane and Ranma look on at this and both wonder what in the world is going on.

Soun and Genma explain about their training with master Happosai.

In the training hall, Soun and Genma explain that little over ten years ago they trained under master Happosai (the old man), who trained them rigorously day-in-and-day-out (the truth actually being that they were made to steal for Happosai while also being forced to work for whoever Happosai happened to freeload off, as well as being tortured by being chained up while Happosai ate in front of them). The pair continue that one day the master got drunk from Sake and fell asleep. While he slept they tied in inside one of the Sake barrels and threw him into a hole with some dynamite before sealing the cave with a large boulder (decorated with Shimenawa). After they'd preformed this act, Soun and Genma are overjoyed to finally be free of Happosai and hope he rests in peace.

Happosai then tells the pair that they made one mistake, that they didn't finish him off. The pair agree with Happosai's comment, but add that it isn't too late and try to finish him off there-and-then. Unfortunately for the pair, Happosai easily defeats them in no time at all, causing them to panic and say that it was a joke.

Happosai sends Ranma flying through the roof.

Happosai explains that he didn't come for revenge, but he's getting old and needs to train the true heir of his school of Anything Goes Martial Arts, which means it'll be either Soun or Genma. Not wanting to go through any more of Happosai's "training" Soun declares he's leaving for China while Genma says he has to do some training.

Ranma then pipes up by commenting on how pathetic it is for Soun and Genma to be quivering and shaking to such an old man like Happosai. Genma then quickly tells Happosai that Ranma is the true heir to his school, but Happosai objects by saying that he can't train a girl while he gropes Ranma again.

In order to convince Happosai, Genma pours some hot water over Ranma and turning back to his male form, while telling Happosai that as he can see, Ranma is quite manly. Ranma then hits Happosai for groping him and grabs him by the scruff. As Ranma prepares to continue shouting at Happosai, he (Happosai) uses his pipe to snatch Ranma's wrist and throw him through the roof. Happosai notes that if he's a man then he doesn't have to be gentle and guesses that Ranma will have to do for an heir. Ranma, meanwhile, is lying on the roof saying that the old freak isn't so tough since he didn't hurt him one bit. Akane, however, isn't so sure as Ranma's been stuck on the roof for the last half-hour and asks Ranma if he's sure he didn't throw his back out.

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