The Final Wish (みっつめの願い Mittsu me no negai?) is the 149th chapter of the manga it is also the third and final chapter of the Wishing Sword Arc.

Ranma and Kuno take their date to the woods and Ranma has a few close calls with Kuno almost wasting the final wish on stupid things. Ranma asks Kuno to use the sword to fix a problem with her body, and Kuno almost uses the sword to give the Pigtailed Girl bigger breasts.

Plot Overview

Continuing from the Previous Chapter

Akane watches Ranma - The Final Wish

Akane wonders how Ranma plans to get Kuno to grant her wish.

As Ranma continues to frolic in some fields in the mountains with Kuno, Genma and Akane watch on. After commenting on how Kuno appears to be the "outdoorsy" type, Akane thinks to herself about how Ranma plans to make Kuno grant her wish for her. This prompts Akane to imagine Ranma asking Kuno to fix a "feminine problem" for her, with Kuno gladly accepting to help, but Akane quickly decides that it won't be that easy...

Ranma, meanwhile, decides that she'll use her feminine wiles in order to have Kuno begging to use his wish on her. She then proceeds to playfully avoid Kuno's attempts to catch her until Kuno suddenly takes out the Wishbringer and nearly uses the final wish to allow him to catch his pigtailed girl. Moments before Kuno completes his wish, Ranma kicks him in the face before changing back into her "cutesy" persona.

Continuing, Ranma reminds Kuno that he only has one wish left so should save it for something important. Kuno immediately agrees with the pigtailed girl's statement, but still nearly wishes for a café so they can recover from all the running they just did.

The Date Continues

Some time later and as Kuno sits with her atop a nearby hill, Ranma tells him that she has a problem... Kuno reassures her that he will do whatever he can to assist, seemingly giving Ranma the confidence to shyly say that she has a problem with her body. This statement surprises Kuno, but agrees to use his final wish. Unfortunately, Kuno nearly wishes to give the pigtailed girl "bigger b--" until Ranma narrowly succeeds in stopping him yet again.

Kuno shocked - The Final Wish

Ranma tells Kuno she'll do "anything" if he uses the last wish on her.

With her initial plan having failed, Ranma continues her date with Kuno whilst Akane and Genma observe from a distance. After finding a Bed and breakfast to have their lunch in, Ranma begins to tire of the date and starts thinking how she won't be able to hold out much longer without getting some sort of result. At that moment Ranma decides that, although she didn't want, she sees no other alternative than to use her "last resort".

Ranma then proceeds to gets close to Kuno and tells him that if he uses his last wish on her, she'll do anything he wants her to. Unfortunately, as Kuno's mind fills with perverted ideas, Akane bursts through the connecting door and asks Ranma if she has no shame.

The Wish is Granted

Once Akane deals with the love-struck Kuno she begins arguing with Ranma over her plans, until Ranma tells Akane that she doesn't know the half of it and proceeds to run off with Kuno in tow.

Kuno sees male Ranma - The Final Wish

Kuno is unimpressed at the sudden appearance of the male Ranma.

After running to the garden, Ranma notices a waterfall and decides to hide behind it with Kuno which succeeds in making Akane lose their trail. Unfortunately for Ranma, the water from the waterfall was heated, thus turning him back into his male form. When Kuno sees Ranma he immediately becomes infuriated and demands to know where Ranma has hidden the pigtailed girl. After throwing a few strikes at Ranma, Kuno realises he can just use the Wishbringer to bring the pigtailed girl to him, but Ranma fortunately manages to change back into his female form and find Kuno before the wish is completed.

Overjoyed at the return of his pigtailed girl, Kuno embraces Ranma before returning to what she said earlier about doing anything for him. Kuno then instructs Ranma to close her eyes but quickly comes to tears at having their first kiss on their first date.

Just then Genma reappears and sorrowfully tells Ranma that he gives her his blessing to kiss Kuno, although Ranma reminds him that she distinctly doesn't remembering asking him for it. Continuing, Akane adds that she won't stop them either. Hearing this Kuno tells her to not worry as he'll happily kiss her once he's finished, but the disgusted Akane tells Kuno not to bother.

Kuno's first date statue - The Final Wish

Kuno uses the last wish to make a statue in memory of his and the pigtailed girl's first date.

With all present parties agreed, Kuno moves in kiss Ranma. Unfortunately, despite her best attempts to convince herself, Ranma declares that she can't do it and so punches Kuno into a nearby statue in order to stop him. As Ranma attempts to flee, however, Kuno grabs her arm and tells her that he truly enjoyed their date. Kuno then proceeds to unsheathe the Wishbringer and explains that he intended to Ranma that he planned to give her the final wish as a gift from the very beginning. As tears of joy roll down Ranma's face, Kuno makes the final wish...

Unfortunately for Ranma, Kuno uses the final wish to make a statue in commemoration of their first date. Upon returning to the Tendo Dojo, Kasumi comments on how lovely the statue is whilst Akane adds that Kuno did say he knew what the pigtailed girl wanted most. Nabiki, meanwhile, asks the distraught Ranma if this if what he wanted as Genma remarks that the statue is better that what he got...

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  • When Kuno nearly kisses Ranma, Ranma sends Kuno flying into a Kokeshi doll statue.


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