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The Fire-Burst of Terror! (炸裂!!八宝大華輪 Sakuretsu!! happo-dai-karin?) is the 108th chapter of the manga it is also the third and final chapter of the Happosai's Ultimate Technique Arc.


Ranma and Akane wear skimpy tennis outfits in hopes of luring Happosai out. Once he comes to feel Ranma up, Soun and Genma tackle him and force him to read his scroll. Akane points out that if he reads it, he'll learn the technique. As it turns out, Happosai's handwriting is so bad even he can not read it.

Plot Overview

How Ranma imagines Happosai will view them in skimpy tennis outfits.

While all the other girls huddle up in warm clothing, Ranma (in his female form) and Akane go out onto the freezing Tennis courts in skimpy Summer tennis outfits. When Akane asks why they're dressed like this, Ranma explains that Happosai's bound to come peeping on them, but as everyone else is wearing warm clothing he'll be almost guaranteed to come to them. Akane, however, has her doubts that Happosai would fall for such an obvious trap. But no sooner does Akane finish voicing her concern then Happosai appears and gropes Ranma's buttocks, much to Ranma's disgust.

At that moment, Soun and Genma emerge from their hiding places and tie up Happosai so he can't escape. The pair then demand he reads the scroll he wrote the Happo-Fire Burst technique on and tell them the secret. Just then, Akane points out that if they do that Happosai would be able to use the technique on them first. Terrified, Soun and Genma take their children and run away to a safe distance, as do several others who were playing Tennis (although they don't know what they're running from).

After retreating to a safe distance, the group observe Happosai being seemingly puzzled by the scroll. Ranma walks over and asks the old freak what's up, to which Happosai tearfully declares that he can't read the scroll! Ranma then notes that it was Happosai who wrote it, whilst Genma asks him if he wrote it in code as Soun adds he doesn't know if they can even call the writing on the scroll "writing. Happosai continues to struggle to decipher the scroll and comes out with "cocka doodle", making Ranma angrily ask him if he's a chicken as Soun demands Happosai read the scroll.

After being hit by Ranma, Happosai remembers how to perform the Happo-Fire Burst.

In a fit of rage, Happosai tears up the scroll whilst declaring that if he can't read it, he can't read it. Having realised what he's done, Happosai looks down at the pieces of the scroll as tears appear in his eyes. Soun and Genma, however, realise that this means Happosai can never use his Happo-Fire Burst again and take this opportunity to fearlessly begin attacking Happosai. After being kicked repeatedly by his students, Ranma pokes Happosai and notices he's not moving, but Soun still prepares to deal the final blow by dropping a grass flattener onto the old lecher.

Akane then comes to Happosai's defence, telling her father that he's going a bit overboard, but Happosai tells Akane not to worry as without the Happo-Fire Burst he's lost the strength to go on living. This prompts Ranma, who's chest Happosai is tightly clinging onto, to then just get rid of what little life he has left. Ranma then punches Happosai into the air and as Happosai recovers, Ranma throws the grass flattener at him as well. Unfortunately, the impact cause Happosai to suddenly remember how to perform the Happo-Fire Burst!

Later that afternoon, Soun and Genma discuss the Happo-Fire Burst and how they'll now never know what sort of technique it was. At that moment, Happosai's voice rings out and tells his pupils that he'll gladly show them the technique. Back at the tennis courts, Ranma and Akane hear a large explosion and head over to where the sound came from, but when they arrive they're met with Soun and Genma who are lying a burned pile with Happosai stood atop them.

Ranma is unimpressed that the Happo-Fire Burst is just fireworks.

Happosai tells Ranma that now she's her, he'll make her feel the wrath of the Happo-Fire Burst. He then proceeds to throw a bomb-like object at Ranma, but Ranma swiftly hits the bomb back at Happosai with her tennis racket and she and Akane observe that the "gweat and tewibble" technique was just some fireworks. Happosai decides to try his attack again, but once again Ranma just bats it back to Happosai. This angers Happosai even more, so he decides to use a giant bomb and begins rolling it towards Ranma.

As Ranma flees desperately from Happosai, Soun and Genma can't believe that for all these years they've been scared of some fireworks. Soun then notices Ranma's situation and throws a Bra in Happosai's path. Unsurprisingly, Happosai jumps off the bomb and straight to the Bra. Soun and Genma then hope for the bomb to crush the old lecher, but are shocked (and slightly impressed) when Happosai stops the giant bomb with a single finger. Ranma also notes how impressive the feat was, and soon follows by kicking Happosai and the bomb off the edge of a cliff just before the bomb explodes.

The group prematurely bid farewell to Happosai.

The group observe as Happosai is engulfed by the explosion and bid him farewell as well as noting how glad they are to finally be able to get some peace. This ideology is short lived, however, as when they return to Furinkan, Ranma, Soun and Genma watch a news report on an underwear thief targeting the local resorts. As the Saotomes are left speechless, Soun notes that there appears to be a bit of life left in the old man yet.

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