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The Happiest Mousse (ムースのしあわせ Mousse no shiawase?) is the 99th chapter of the manga it is also the fifth and final chapter of the Mousse Returns Arc.


The fight begins, but Mousse's new weapon that Shampoo made seems to keep backfiring and injuring him instead. At this rate Ranma is sure to win, but Mousse refuses to give up.

Plot Overview

Despite how much Akane wants for Ranma to throw the fight so he can be rid of Shampoo, Ranma can't bring himself to lose on purpose and lands a kick to Mousse's head that seemingly knocks him out. As Ranma notes his victory, Akane hits him with a Tessen for what he just did when suddenly Mousse returns and declares he isn't finished yet.

Mousse continues to use the duck staff to try and defeat Ranma.

Mousse continues by telling Ranma that with the special weapon which Shampoo made especially for him there's no way he can lose. He then begins to launch a flurry of attacks at Ranma, but when Ranma avoids all of them Mousse resorts to using his usual arsenal of projectiles to limit Ranma's movements.

With Ranma ensnared, Mousse attacks with the Duck staff yet again, this time managing to make contact. As Ranma tries to stops the staff from hitting his face, some eggs suddenly fly out of the back of the duck and subsequently explode in Mousse's face. Back on the sidelines, Akane asks Shampoo what she thinks she's doing, to which Shampoo reveals she doesn't want to date Mousse so will make him lose. She then passes Mousse another duck staff.

His determination still running high, Mousse attacks Ranma with the new duck staff, but yet again as soon as he makes contact with Ranma explosive eggs fly out and hit Mousse. Shampoo then decides to stop waiting for Mousse to hit Ranma and throws him a staff with an undisguised bomb attached which explodes as soon as Mousse grabs it.

Despite seeming to have been defeated, Mousse stands back up to continue to fight Ranma.

Ranma walks over to Mousse as he lies in the crater created by the explosion and thinks to himself how he feels kinda sorry for him (Shampoo, meanwhile, smiles happily that Mousse isn't getting back up any more). Mousse then manages to stagger back to his feet and tells Ranma it's not over yet as he won't allow him to have Shampoo. After dodging one of Mousse's punches, Ranma notices that Mousse is actually trying now and decides that he won't hold anything back either.

Akane asks Ranma if he has no pity and allow Mousse to win. Ranma then grabs ahold of Mousse's arm and asks him how he'd feel if he (Ranma) lost on purpose. Despite believing Mousse would be feel horrible because of his pride, Mousse reveals he would be overjoyed and hits Ranma with a ball and chain.

As a pair of blades emerge from his coat, Mousse adds that so long as the result leads him to Shampoo, he doesn't need pride and begins to launch a flurry of attacks at Ranma. While Ranma desperately avoids Mousse's blades, Shampoo is surprised by the statement Mousse just made. Mousse then puts the two blades together and throws them at Ranma, followed swiftly by taking out more weaponry but Ranma continues to attempt to flee from Mousse.

Mousse gets back up yet again, only to pass out shortly afterwards.

When the pass over a junkyard, Mousse tells Ranma to come back and lose on purpose, but Ranma informs Mousse that if he's so energetic he should be able to defeat him without help. Ranma then grabs Mousse between his thighs and slams into the mountain of garbage in the junkyard. With Mousse finally finished, Ranma decides to place him underneath a fridge to make sure he doesn't wake up.

Just then Akane and Shampoo catch up with Ranma and tells the pair that he fought with Mousse until the bitter end. Shampoo asks if this means Ranma won after all, to which Ranma vaguely replies that Mousse hung in until the end. At that moment, Mousse emerges behind Ranma, carrying the fridge above his head, and declares that it's not over yet. However, as Mousse utters "Shampoo" he passes out standing up, this causes Shampoo to throw cold water over Mousse and hold him, but still calls him stupid.

Akane declares that Mousse's love must've touched Shampoo's heat, although Ranma is a bit more skeptical. Some time later, Akane and Ranma have a look inside the Cat Café and see Shampoo teasing Mousse (who's tied up and still in his duck form). Ranma then notes that Mousse looks a lot happier than he would've thought, to which Akane adds "to each his own".

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