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The Horror of Party Beach (渚の交際鬼 Nagisa no kosai-ki?) is the 192nd chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Watermelon Island Arc.


Ranma tries to convince Kuno to try and work at getting his memory back instead of staring at women all day. Kuno's amnesia seems to make him popular with the ladies, and when the Pigtailed Girl shows up and puts a melon on his head, he remembers something.

Plot Overview

After getting Kuno to a local café, Ranma tries to show him the challenge letter he sent in an attempt of jogging Kuno's memory. Unfortunately, Kuno is far busy eying up the female beach-goers to pay little to any attention to Ranma. Ranma soon tires and asks Kuno if he has any intention in cooperating. Kuno, however, has forgotten about his amnesia until he suddenly remembers and scurries to a corner of the room out of depression.

Kuno stops Ranma from putting a watermelon on his head.

Just then Akane and Nabiki walk in, asking whether there's been any improvement condition. Kuno immediately takes Akane's hand and tells her that he is terribly sorry, but still has no memory of her. Ranma, meanwhile, has grown even more tired of the kendoist, so he angrily attempts to ram a watermelon over the guys head, only to be stopped by him. Having swiftly sliced the watermelon with his Bokken, Kuno warns Ranma not to trifle with his superiors.

As Akane and Nabiki look on and note their surprise at Kuno's increased skill, a bunch of women in swimsuits come rushing in, all impressed with Kuno's skills. Kuno wastes no time in playing up to the crowd before declaring that he has lost his memory and Sea in order to awaken in. Nabiki comments on how popular Kuno is as Akane tells Ranma that he's looking a little pale. Agitated, Ranma retorts that, no matter what state Kuno's memory is in, he has to uphold his duty as a Martial Artist and accept Kuno's challenge.

Nabiki reminds Ranma about what just happened earlier, but Ranma runs off whilst telling Nabiki to just be quiet.

Later that day, Ranma returns, but this time in his female form, wearing a watermelon themed swimsuit. Kuno happily greets his pigtailed girl, however, Ranma doesn't waste any time in kicking Kuno in the face and temporarily rendering him unconscious. Ranma takes a watermelon and rams it over Kuno's head in the hope that this will jog his memories so that they could fight each other properly.

With the watermelon in place, Kuno awakens as Ranma informs him that he has to think about what he was doing. Kuno suddenly has a revelation and can recall that he was training, but still doesn't know for what exact reason.

Ranma shows Kuno his challenge letter in an attempt to jog Kuno's memory.

After a few moments more contemplation, Kuno recalls his reason (breaking the watermelon in the process). Ranma asks what the reason was, but Kuno replies that he was training so that he could pick up beautiful girls. Infuriated, Ranma shows Kuno the challenge letter he wrote. Unfortunately, when Kuno reads the letter he interprets it as one of love. This causes Ranma to explain to Kuno that he did all this training so that he could fight her.

Suddenly Akane throws a Tetsubin of hot water at Ranma, telling her that she'll be able to convince Kuno easier while male. However, Kuno intervenes by slicing the Tetsubin in half before declaring to Ranma that he'll remember anything she wants him to. Kuno continues by attacking Ranma as per the letter, whilst also demanding that she date him, leaving Ranma with no option but to run away.

As she runs, Ranma desperately looks for some hot water when she comes across a local hot baths. Ranma rushes in, but Kuno emerges from the water, still demanding she date him. After falling to the floor, Ranma playfully agrees to date with Kuno and prepares to jump into his arms. However, Ranma deliberately misses Kuno in order to land in the water and turn back into his male form (being sure to remove his swimsuit before leaving). As Ranma gets out, Kuno desperately searches for his pigtailed girl when a sudden downpour turns Ranma back into his female form, prompting Kuno to return to his pursuit of her.

Ranma swims towards an uninhabited island to try and get rid of Kuno.

Eventually Ranma has no other choice but to jump into the ocean, only for Kuno to continue his relentless pursuit. Nabiki and Akane watch the pair swim out of sight, when some locals are horrified to see that the two of them are swimming towards Watermelon Island. Akane then overhears the locals talk about how the uninhabited island contains nothing but thousands of watermelons. While Nabiki comments that an island surrounded with watermelons could make things for difficult for Ranma, as Akane worries that as the island is uninhabited that there won't be any hot water around for Ranma to change form with.

Meanwhile on Watermelon Island, Kuno continues his search for the pigtailed girl so that they can be the Adam and Eve of this island. Ranma, however, hides behind a watermelon plant whilst thinking what a creep Kuno is.

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