The Hot Water Fortress (お湯の砦 O-yu no toride?) is the 237th chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Pantyhose Returns Arc.

Ranma flashes her breasts and Happosai escapes so he can fondle them, barely missing the Jusenkyo water. Akane tosses a kettle of hot water on Pantyhose Taro and he escapes to retrieve his spring water. Soun has an idea to keep Happosai in a bathhouse so that no matter how Pantyhose Taro strikes he will have to turn back into a boy to retrieve Happosai.

Plot Overview

Continuing from the Previous Chapter

Akane helps - Hot Water Fortress

Akane throws hot water at Pantyhose.

As the Jusenkyo water gets closer to Happosai, Ranma finds herself with no other choice but to flash her breasts at Happosai. Instantaneously, the old pervert escapes Pantyhose's grasp and jumps straight into Ranma's exposed chest.

With Pantyhose moving in to punch both Ranma and Happosai, Akane proceeds to throw a Tetsubin full of hot water at the demon in order to return Pantyhose back to his weaker human form. Both Ranma and Pantyhose then notice the jar of Jusenkyo water falling to ground and rush towards it, however, Happosai's continual groping leaves Ranma incapacitated as Pantyhose retrieves the water unhindered. As the naked Pantyhose flees, Soun and the others meet up with Ranma, but it's too late as Pantyhose is too far away for them to have a chance to catch.

Soun's Plan

Having the returned to the Tendo Dojo, Soun, curious as to how Pantyhose got the tentacles on his back, phones the Jusenkyo Guide who informs him that there's a spring of drowned Octopus.

Knowing that Pantyhose still believes the water he possess is that from the spring of drowned Pious Man and not the spring of drowned twins, the group decide they must get the water from no matter the cost. At that moment Soun gets an idea of just how they could do this...

That evening, Genma uses a bag of lingerie to trap Happosai so that he can be taken to the male baths at the local Sentō. As Happosai wonders just what's going on, Soun and Genma go over their plan of keeping Happosai here as, given the large volume of hot water available, they can easily turn Pantyhose back to his human form. The trio then proceed to don their janitor disguises and wait for Pantyhose to appear, although Ranma still has a nagging feeling that they forgot something.

The Demon Returns

Ranma jumps over - Hot Water Fortress

Ranma retrieves Happosai from the female baths.

Suddenly another bath patron comes in; Pantyhose Taro! Having foiled Soun's plan, Pantyhose takes a shower head and douses himself in cold water so that he can change into his demon form.

Seeing that he has no chance, Soun doesn't waste another second in ratting out where Happosai is hiding, only to see that he's disappeared. At that moment a wave of screams comes from the women's side of the baths, which the group decide must be due to Happosai sneaking over. As Genma swiftly turns his son into his cursed form, Soun tells Ranma to keep Happosai surrounded by hot water; even if it means sacrificing himself.

Once Ranma jumps over she finds the old pervert terrorising the female patrons, so decides to flash her breasts at Happosai again in order to get his attention. But before Happosai gets to grope Ranma, she grabs him before proceeding to throw him into one of the baths so that he can cool down. Unfortunately, Ranma throws Happosai into a hot water bath which turns her back to her male form, resulting in the female patrons in attacking him as well.

Ranma vs Pantyhose - Hot Water Fortress

Ranma prepares to defat Pantyhose.

When Ranma returns to the male half of the baths he finds that Soun and his father have been overpower by Pantyhose. At that moment Ranma is attacked by Pantyhose himself, but swiftly dodges before using a shower head to prevent Pantyhose's ink from reaching him. In response Pantyhose takes several shower heads to spray Ranma with cold water and use Ranma's lowered guard to launch another attack.

As she continues to run from Pantyhose, Ranma desperately tries to think of a way to get around Pantyhose's tentacles when she suddenly sees Soun and Genma enjoying a sauna whilst she does all the work. Infuriated, Ranma stomps on her father when she comes up with a plan to finally defeat Pantyhose...

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