The Hunter (乱馬を追って来た男 Ranma o otte kita otoko?) is tenth chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Ryoga Hibiki Intro Arc.

A face from Ranma's past begins seeking him out. Ryoga Hibiki, is searching for Furinkan High School so he can finish the duel Ranma ran out on. After getting lost many times along the way, Ryoga finally manages to locate Ranma who has trouble even remembering who he is.

Plot Overview

In a Village

Ryoga sends the Boar flying

The traveller sends the boar flying.

A wild boar is seen running through a village, causing lots of damage and panic for the citizens. The boar continues to run and some of the villagers notice a traveller who's in the path of the boar and tell him to get out of the way. However, instead of taking the villagers advice the traveller simply takes the Umbrella from his backpack and uses it to stop the boar in it's tracks, much to shock and surprise of the villagers. The traveller then uses the Umbrella to send the boar flying and then fall behind him.

The villagers are very grateful for the traveller defeating the boar and ask him if he does Martial Arts as well as asking him if he's been training in the mountains. At first the traveller doesn't answer, but eventually asks where Furinkan High School is. After looking at the map the traveller has with him one of the villagers says it's 500 miles north of here. The traveller then says "I see" and walks off, while another villager wonders if the traveller's lost. The traveller then thinks to himself that Ranma Saotome better prepare to meet him and that he can't hide from their man-to-man fight anymore.

Meanwhile, at the Tendo Dojo

Kasumi and Nabiki force Ranma

Kasumi and Nabiki corner Ranma.

Kasumi and Nabiki are chasing Ranma (who's in his female form; wearing only Boxer shorts and a towel around her neck), the two of them then manage to corner Ranma. Ranma says he's not wearing girls' clothes, which makes Kasumi reply that all his own clothes are in the wash and let her fill up a bath. Nabiki continues saying to Ranma that she can't just run around naked, Ranma tries to protest but Kasumi and Nabiki both angrily tell Ranma's he's a guest (implying that as such he should do what they say).

Ranma, along with Nabiki, go into Akane's room to try and find some clothes. After some questioning from Akane as to why Ranma has to borrow her clothes, Nabiki finds an outfit which seems to fit perfectly. However, Ranma disagrees saying that the chest is too tight and the waste is too big. These comments anger Akane and she picks up a sword or Waster like weapon and says she's going to kill Ranma. Nabiki says this isn't the way girls are meant to behave which causes Ranma to reply that he's a boy. Meanwhile, The traveller is seen again talking to a farmer who says that Furinkan High School is 500 miles south of here.

One Week Later

Ryoga arrives at Furinkan High

The traveller arrives at Furinkan High School.

The traveller finally arrives at Furinkan High School, looking very tired and slightly injured. Some students then see the traveller and wonder who he is. The traveller then grabs a student and asks where Furinkan High School, after a moment of silent confusion the student points at the School Sign saying "Furinkan High School". The traveller then continues by asking the student where Ranma Saotome is, just then Ranma appears being chased by Akane.

Ranma jumps up into the air and tells Akane to come and get him. Ranma then senses danger, looks up, and sees the traveller above him holding his Umbrella upside-down telling Ranma to prepare to die. The traveller then falls towards Ranma, but Ranma manages to avoid the traveller and his Umbrella. Ranma then jumps away from the traveller (revealing the crater that resulted from the impact of the Umbrella). The traveller then says to Ranma that he hasn't changed and is still good at running away, Ranma simply looks in surprise at the sight of the traveller.

Akane asks Ranma if the traveller's a friend of his. Ranma tries to remember but can't put his finger of the name of the traveller, seeing this causes Akane to sarcastically tell Ranma not strain his brain. The traveller then asks Ranma to tell him why he ran out on their fight. This causes Ranma to remember that the traveller was in his old High School and that his name is Ryoga Hibiki.

Ranma Remembers Ryoga

Ranma and Ryoga's old neighborhood map

The map of the neighborhood.

Ryoga continues to insist Ranma answer the question, to which Ranma replies that he waited three days at the place they agreed upon (which surprises Akane that Ranma would wait that long for someone). Ryoga then says that by the time he'd got their on the fourth day Ranma had already run away. This confuses Ranma and asks why it took Ryoga four days to get their since his house was only 500 yards away from the designated spot. Ryoga says that he wasn't on a casual stroll for those four days and that he's suffered to get to the appointed location. This causes other students to say that Ryoga must have a very bad sense of direction.

The Umbrella hits some students

Ryoga's Umbrella hits some other students.

Ryoga has had enough and tells Ranma that breaking a vow between men and running off to China with his father is unforgivable, he then swings his Umbrella at Ranma, however, Ranma dodges it easily. Ranma then says to Ryoga does this mean he wants to finish the fight, which Ryoga responds by saying this isn't finishing off the fight... this is revenge! Ryoga then throws his Umbrella, only for Ranma to avoid it again but it does hit the back of some other students and rip the backs of their shirts. Ryoga then says that no matter what it takes he'll destroy Ranma's happiness. This confuses Ranma and so he asks Akane if he's happy, to which she replies to Ranma not to ask her.

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  • I'm NOT wearing girls' clothes! - Ranma's response to Kasumi and Nabiki telling Ranma she has to wear girls clothes while her own are in the wash.
  • I understand, but... why do you have to loan him my clothes? - Akane asking why Ranma has to borrow her clothes.
  • I'll kill you! Stop it! Girls shouldn't fight! I'm a BOY!! - Akane after Ranma comments about her clothes along with Nabiki's and Ranma's responses.
  • Am I happy? Don't ask me! - Ranma talking to Akane about Ryoga's comment and Akane's response.


  • This chapter is the first to show the duck signs on the doors of the Tendo sister's rooms.
  • In the original Japanese version of this chapter the villagers says that the village they're in is Shikoku, while in the English translation they say they are 500 miles away from Tokyo.
  • Interestingly in one panel of the original Japanese version of this chapter a woman says "Help me!" in English.


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