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The Immortal Man (不死身の男 Fujimi no otoko?) is the 54th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Breaking Point Arc.


Ryoga and Ranma begin their face off, and Ranma is able to land some early power hits that leaves him unimpressed with Ryoga's training. He quickly learns though that his shots seem to have no effect on Ryoga.

Plot Overview

Ranma comments on Ryoga leaving a lot of openings as he kicks Ryoga into the air.

Akane looks on from the tree, as Ryoga launches the first punch. However, Ranma quickly dodges, which causes Ranma to say that despite being trained by the old ghoul, Ryoga leaves a lot of openings. Ranma then proceeds to attack Ryoga with an upward kick.

Ryoga then declares to Ranma that he'll see to it that his mouth will remain closed forever. He then uses the Bakusai Tenketsu to destroy the ground beneath him and create a large cloud of dust. Inside the dust, Ranma has a flurry of small stones launch towards him, however, Ranma uses the Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken in order to catch every stone before it hits. Suddenly Ryoga launches another Bakusai Tenketsu attack. Ranma, luckily, manages to dodge at the last minute. Despite this, Ryoga continues his attack and destroys the rock behind Ranma instead.

As Akane watches she notes that Ryoga is actually at a disadvantage with this new technique since he's always at the point of the blast (and so is constantly hammered by the shrapnel), while Ranma gets off almost unharmed. This leads Akane to wonder why the old ghoul would teach Ryoga this technique since she wants him to defeat Ranma. Back on the ground, the ghoul snorts and adds says that soon Ranma will learn the terrifying power of the Bakusai Tenketsu.

Ranma slams into a Mountain side and thinks he's won.

Back with the fight, Ryoga is again unsuccessfully trying to hit Ranma with the Bakusai Tenketsu. Ranma tells Ryoga that if he takes many more hits he won't make it, but Ryoga just tells Ranma to shut up. This causes Ranma to decide to finish the fight now, so hits Ryoga with a powerful kick. The kick causes Ryoga to be slammed into a mountain side, where he's buried under some boulders which fall from the impact. Ranma looks at the pile of boulder burying Ryoga, and says that the fight was easier than he thought it would be.

Ryoga quickly remerges from the rubble, seemingly unharmed.

Suddenly a large crack appears in the ground, followed by an explosion of the ground beneath Ranma's feet. In order to avoid this, Ranma quickly jumps up to where Akane is hanging from the tree. Ryoga then emerges from the rubble and tells Ranma he's gotten weak, as that kick just felt like the baby's foot! As Ranma disputes Ryoga's comments, Akane realises that Ryoga's training has made him tougher against impacts.

The old ghoul then appears in the tree above Ranma and Akane, where she asks Ranma if he thinks he can defeat Ryoga now. Ranma replies that of course he can since he's been training as well. Akane, however, quickly puts a damper on Ranma by saying that he probably just practiced dodging. This comment causes Ranma to realises that that's all he did do with his Bee training.

Akane, unimpressed, then asks Ranma if he still thinks he can win. Ranma asks her what's with the attitude, to which Akane reminds Ranma that she's the prize in this fight. In response, Ranma pulls the side of his mouth while sticking out his tongue and tells Akane that it's not like he's fighting for her. Just then the ghoul cuts the rope holding Akane to the tree, causing Ranma and Akane to fall from the tree. As she does this, the ghoul reminds Ranma that Ryoga is down there waiting for him.

Angered, Ranma shouts to the ghoul asking what that was for. Akane, however, is angered that Ranma grabbed her as they fell so kicks him towards Ryoga. As Ranma flies towards Ryoga, he (Ryoga) points at Ranma with his index finger (which he performs the Bakusai Tenketsu with). However, Ranma blocks using his "Bakusai Tenketsu block" which is just using his index and middle finger to trap Ryoga's index finger before making contact with it.

Ranma declares he's about to use a Saotome Secret Technique.

Ryoga tries to use his other hand, but Ranma blocks it again. Ranma then proceeds to kick Ryoga furiously at close range, but Ryoga quickly bounces back and tells Ranma his kicks feel like those of a baby. While he does this, Ryoga head-butts Ranma and sends him flying.

Seizing his chance, Ryoga runs over to Ranma to use his Bakusai Tenketsu, but Ranma manages to dodge at the last second. As Ranma is pelted with stones, he tells Ryoga he didn't want to use this against him but he has no choice. Ranma continues by declaring he's going to use a "Saotome Secret Technique", to which Genma holds up a sign saying "Will he really use it?" while Akane looks on confused.

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