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The Immortal Phoenix Sword (不滅の鳳凰剣 Fumetsu no hoo-ken?) is the 302nd chapter of the manga it is also the second and final chapter of the Phoenix Sword Arc.


Akane is surprised to find Kuno alone without Ranma the next morning. As it turned out Ranma snuck away after dark to practice a new (and totally ineffective) technique to beat the Phoenix. After it fails, the antique shop owner arrives and is beside himself to see that Kuno did the one thing he was warned never to do.

Plot Overview

On a slightly frosty morning, Akane finds Kuno practising in the garden of the Tendo Dojo after she returns from her earlier morning run. Akane wonders why Kuno hasn't been able to get the Phoenix to leave. Kuno, however, notes what a beautiful day it is and asks Akane to kiss him, but Akane tells Kuno that when he's asked something he should answer the question and then proceeds to punch Kuno away from her.

Ranma returns with a new technique to defeat the Phoenix.

At that moment Ranma appears, seemingly very tired, and tells Kuno that if he won't get rid of the Phoenix then he'll just have to do it himself. Kuno asks Ranma if he has a plan to achieve this, to which Ranma explains that the enemy of birds are snakes he goes on to explain he's perfected the "Snake Fist" technique and attempts to use on it the Phoenix. This prompts Kuno to use his Phoenix Sword technique and the two fight it out as Akane watches.

Once the smoke clears, Akane crotches next to Ranma and looks on as the Phoenix pecks Ranma repeatedly. When Akane sarcastically comments on Ranma claiming to have "perfected" the technique, Ranma (teary-eyed and still being pecked) limply tells Akane to shut up.

The Antique shop owner happens to be passing and sees the Phoenix on Kuno's head before running away when Kuno identifies him. However, Ranma throws Bird table at the owner to stop him. Ranma then asks the owner how they get rid of the Phoenix, the owner reiterates the fact that the Phoenix has no weaknesses but does reveal that when the Phoenix leaves the nest it will no longer attack. This is good news to Ranma, but Akane asks how long they have to wait 100 years.

After Ranma hits the owner for this revelation, the owner takes out a bag of Phoenix-Gro which will speed up the growth of the Phoenix. Ranma asks the owner how much it'll cost the buy, initially the owner prices the food at ¥100,000 but soon reduces it to ¥100 when Ranma attacks him again.

Kuno destroys all the food pills Ranma flicks at the Phoenix with his Bokken.

With the newly purchased food in hand, Ranma prepares to fight Kuno in order get rid of the Phoenix. Ranma starts by flocking one of the food pills to the Phoenix's mouth, but Kuno destroys it with this Bokken. This doesn't deter Ranma who begins flicking more food pills at the Phoenix, but all are destroyed by Kuno's Bokken.

Kuno then tells Ranma that he'll never defeat him, this prompts Ranma to pour a bucket of cold water over himself to turn into his female form. The sight of the pigtailed-girl overjoys Kuno and angers the Phoenix so both go straight towards her. This gives Ranma the opportunity to stuff and large amount of food pills into the Phoenix's mouth. The pills seem to work, however the Phoenix grows to about 10 times the size it just was.

After Ranma feeds the Phoenix a large number of food pills it attacks her with even more force than before.

The Phoenix then stares angrily at Ranma and then to angrily attempt to peck her, but Ranma narrowly avoids the attack causing the Phoenix to cause serve damage to ground instead. Akane then tells Ranma not to feed it as the hurts more as it grows and also tells her to run away, which she does as Kuno and the Phoenix follow in pursuit.

Akane then throws a Tetsubin of hot water at Ranma, which hits him so he turns back into his male form. Kuno, confused, asks Ranma where he came from, but doesn't wait for an answer as he slices Ranma's bag of Phoenix growth pills. Ranma then watches as the pills fall into a park where a group of men in leotards are exercising.

Suddenly the Phoenix attacks Ranma again, but he manages to dodge. Ranma then quickly gets the fallen food pills and flicks them into the Phoenix's open mouth. The Phoenix happily eats the pills and gets to a size where Kuno can barely stand up with it on top of him. Despite this Kuno still manages to attack Ranma with his Bokken again. Ranma continues to feed the Phoenix food pills until early evening.

The Phoenix glows brightly just before it flies away.

By this point the Phoenix is so large that only Kuno's lower body is visible, Ranma asks Kuno if his head doesn't hurt to which Kuno declares that it doesn't while the Phoenix squawks loudly. Akane asks the Antique shop owner how big the Phoenix gets, to which he simply says it gets very big. The owner then suddenly exclaims that the Phoenix of Kuno's head looks like a statue, to which Akane angrily asks who asked him that.

A bright light then appears behind the pair so they look and see that the Phoenix has begun to glow extremely brightly and squawk while flapping it's wings. The light intensifies and Akane wonders if this means the Phoenix is leaving. The Phoenix does just that and the Antique shop owner bids it farewell.

A disappointed Kuno, who's head has been pressed into his body by the weight of the Phoenix, notes how bad a these circumstances are as he'd just mastered the Phoenix Sword. Ranma just tells Kuno that it squished his head too hard. Akane and the Antique shop owner then notice that the Phoenix laid another egg when it left. The owner declares that he wouldn't sell it if someone slapped his face with a wad of bills, which Kuno promptly does yet again while saying he'll take it. The Antique shop owner agrees the sale while Ranma and Akane look on unimpressed.

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  • The antique shop owner compares the large Phoenix perched on Kuno's head to a Dogū statue, which are ancient sculptures found in Japan that date back to the late Jōmon period.
    • More specifically the owner compares Kuno with the Phoenix to a Shakōki-dogū, although Viz Media mistranslate it as "Shakōko-dogū".


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