The Inflammable Man (燃えない男 Moenai otoko?) is the 130th chapter of the manga and the sixth chapter of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc.

Ryoga tries to fight Ranma, but is unable to bring himself to use his full strength against someone so weak. Ryoga runs away, feeling sorry for Ranma and everyone else believes that Ranma is now hopeless and beyond cure. Akane decides to set a pair of armlets on fire and try to fight Ranma to make up for the intense heat of a strong battle aura Ryoga was supposed to provide.

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Ryoga prepares - Inflammable Man

Ryoga prepares to fight Ranma.

Cologne takes Ranma and Ryoga Hibiki to a small outcrop surrounded by water, with a spiral marked on the floor, and explains that they will now practice the "body of ice" required for mastering the Hiryū Shōten Ha. As Ukyo comments that the water surrounding the outcrop is actually a hot spring, Ranma asks about the contraption which he's been strapped to. Cologne informs him that it's made of memory-metal and will react to even the slightest bit of heat.

After demonstrating what will happen to Ranma when he the metal heats up, Cologne warns him that even if the smallest spark of his Battle Aura escapes the metal will contract. With Ranma informed, Cologne tells the pair that they can start, before still reminds Ryoga that he can't hold anything back, to which Ryoga tells her he doesn't need reminding and plans to kill Ranma.

As Ranma dodges Ryoga's punches, he moves perfectly in the spiral pattern whilst maintaining an ice-cold composure. Ranma continues dodging until Cologne intervenes by hitting Ryoga and reminding him that she instructed him not to hold back.

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Ryoga breaks outcrop - Inflammable Man

Ryoga apologises for being too kind-hearted to not hold anything back.

Ryoga is adamant that he didn't hold back, but Cologne tells them that the Hiryū Shōten Ha Dragon uses the opponent's battle aura to climb into the sky, hence, if Ryoga doesn't fight for real and release his battle aura their training is nothing more than a spiral dance lesson! Ryoga continues to be sure he wasn't holding back, prompting Ranma to punch Ryoga over the head.

Ranma continues hitting Ryoga, whilst also insulting him until he asks Ryoga if he feels like fighting for real now. Unfortunately, Ryoga is shocked how he can hardly feel the weakened Ranma's punches before comparing Ranma's insults to nothing more than a frightened dog barking behind a fence. When Ranma demands Ryoga fight him for real, Ryoga drops to his knees and begs Ranma to forgive him. As Ranma struggles in the hot water (due to Ryoga falling to his knees destroying most of the outcrop), Ryoga notes that he never knew how kind and sweet he must really be.

After Ryoga announces that he's too much of a nice guy to attack the poor weakened Ranma, he walks off crying, whilst telling the others to laugh at him if they want. Ukyo looks on and comments on much of an idiot Ryoga is, while Akane and Ranma try to get Ryoga to come back.

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Akane's plan - Inflammable Man

Akane plans on using fire gauntlets to replace the heat of battle aura.

That evening, Cologne talks about her disappointment about Ryoga as she thought he'd be the perfect opponent... This prompts Ukyo to ask what this means for Ranma's chances of getting his strength back, Cologne sadly explains that there is no chance as in order for the training to be effective, a tremendous heat of battle is required. Hearing this, Akane quietly thinks to herself that if heat's the only thing they need, there is something she can do about that.

Some time later, Ranma curses Ryoga for what he said earlier. After hurting his hand from punching a rock, Ranma sees that Akane's appeared, however, she's wearing two gauntlets engulfed in fire. Akane throws a punch at Ranma, which he avoids, before explaining that the heat from the gauntlets will replace battle aura for the Hiryū Shōten Ha. Ranma comments on how stupid the idea is, but Akane refuses to listen and throws another punch at Ranma. Unfortunately, Akane's Keikogi catches fire and she has to jump into the nearby lake to put out the fire.

Once Akane gets out, Ranma puts his shirt over her before demanding that Akane just go home already. Akane reminds him that she came here to help, but Ranma retorts that she came to butt in, like she always does, and he never wanted her here in the first place. Akane is devastated at this remark and calmly asks Ranma if it's because she can't cook like Ukyo, or strong like Ryoga?

Ryoga angered - Inflammable Man

Ryoga prepares to kill Ranma for what he's done to Akane.

With tears running down her face, Akane says that she knows Ranma's going through a hard time right now, but guesses that she's no use and so if Ranma doesn't want her she'll just leave. Akane then runs off in floods of tears, however, seeing how upset she is, Ranma grabs onto her in order to stop her, but given his lack of strength is unable to do so. Eventually Ranma exclaims that out of all the people he knows, she's the one he doesn't to see him so weak and pathetic.

At that moment Akane stops and dries her eyes before sarcastically if this means that when Ranma is strong he isn't weak and pathetic. Irritated, Ranma reminds Akane he's trying to apologise, but Akane retorts that she can't hear any. Suddenly Ryoga comes tearing through the forest and notes Akane's ripped clothing and tears before telling Ranma that even a fool can see what's gone on here. With his battle aura ablaze, Ryoga tells Ranma to prepare to die, although Ranma, unimpressed, asks Ryoga what he's babbling about this time...

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