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The King Is Wild (博奕王K Bakuchi o Kingu [K]?) is the 150th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Gambler King Arc.


Ukyo is outside getting ready to open her restaurant when playing cards come flying out of nowhere. She realizes an old face from her and Ranma's past has come back to haunt them. Ten years ago, when she and Ranma were little children a man was defeating all the kids at cards at the festival. Ukyo explains how she lost her father's okonomiyaki cart to the Gambling King, and begged Ranma to help her win it back. Ranma tried his best, but came up short as well.

Plot Overview

After sweeping the outside of her restaurant, Ukyo prepares for another day's hard graft when suddenly she senses something coming towards her. Ukyo immediately throws several small spatulas in that direction, but is surprised to see that the projectiles thrown at her were a simple hand of playing cards. At that moment, however, Ukyo notices a dark figure close by who tells her that she has lost. Confused, Ukyo questions the stranger to which he informs her that she only has a Pair whilst he holds a Royal Flush!

Ukyo is shocked to see the Gambling King has returned.

Unfortunately for the stranger, Ukyo couldn't care less about losing the card game and proceeds to hit the stranger over the head, demanding to know who he exactly is. However, Ukyo's attack knocks off the stranger's hat, resulting in Ukyo instantly remembering who the stranger is.

Some time later and Ukyo arrives at the Tendo Dojo in order to inform Ranma that the "Gambling King" has returned. As Akane wonders just how Ranma came to know a gambler, Ukyo warns that he's returned to pay them back for what the two of them did. Suddenly a large dice comes flying into the room, crushing Ranma as it lands on top of him, followed by a large man carrying a briefcase and wearing an overcoat with Hanafuda cards printed on it.

As the man walks into the Dojo, he informs Ranma that he should've known better than to try his luck against the Gambling King. The King then comments on how he's waited the last ten years in order to get his revenge on Ranma before telling Ranma that he should feel honoured. Whilst Ranma sarcastically declares he can't describe how he feels, Akane looks on worriedly as she tries to figure out what could've happened between the two of them when Ranma was so young...

The King recalls how he won Ukyo's family Okonomiyaki cart.

Once the group relocate to the Dojo's training hall, the King begins to explain to Akane about his history with Ranma and Ukyo. The King begins by explaining that, ten years ago, he'd set up business at the local Autumn Festival in Ukyo's home town. Things were going on as usual, until the young Ukyo arrived and challenged him to a game of Old maid in an attempt to retrieve all the money the other kids had lost. Unfortunately for Ukyo she too lost and ultimately lost her family's Okonomiyaki cart.

With the King now reminiscing about this victory, Ukyo adds that she went to Ranma in the hope that he could beat the King. This, too, proved useless however as Ranma also lost continuously until the only thing he had left to gamble was an old deed. Finally, Ranma finishes the story by revealing that out of frustration they tied up the King like Sushi and threw him into the river.

The King reveals Ranma gambled away the deed to the Tendo Dojo.

Having heard this Akane immediately sides with the victimised King for hating Ranma and Ukyo; until Ranma reveals that when they returned to the site the King had set up they found a large number of Jokers left behind, which proves the King was cheating all along. Just as Ranma hits the thieving King, Soun walks in with Genma and declares he heard the whole story. Soun then proceeds to tell Ranma to handover whatever he gambled to the King so that he can go on his way.

After shouting at Soun for his previous comment, Ukyo remembers that her Okonomiyaki cart was taken by Genma, meaning she can no longer hand it to the Gambling King. This doesn't faze the King, however, who just says he can still collect his debt from Ranma. As the King searches his briefcase for the deed, Ranma tries to recall what it exactly was he gambled away, although Soun reassures him it must be something meaningless given how young he was.

At that moment the King finds what Ranma gambled away, the deed to the Tendo Dojo! Once a moment of shock passes through the group, the King recalls Ranma explaining that the Dojo isn't his yet, but will be one day. Ranma quickly tries to deny ever saying such a thing, but it's all for nought when Ukyo blindly admits to remembering Ranma saying it.

Akane listens in as Ukyo tells Ranma he can stay with her for the night.

With everything settled on his part, the King makes his leave, but not before adding that he'll be moving in tomorrow and wishes they are ready to leave by then. Thereafter a silence falls across the training hall until Soun cheerfully notes that the deed is a legal document before continuing to send Ranma flying through the ceiling with the sole goal of getting it back.

Later that evening, Ranma sits in Okonomiyaki Ucchan's, all the time thinking about just what the Gambling King would want with a Dojo anyway. Ukyo, however, tries to put the situation out of Ranma's mind and tells him that he can stay over for the night as the infuriated Akane eavesdrops outside.

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