The King of Debt vs. the Queen of Debt (借金王VS借金女王 Shakkin o VS. shakkin joo?) is the 310th chapter of the manga it is also the second chapter of the Kinnosuke Kashao Arc.

Nabiki and Kinnosuke go on a date with Ranma and Akane following close behind, each trying to incur more debt on each other.

Plot Overview

Second Date

Morning sun glazes over Kinnosuke Kashao as he is awoken by his puppet assistant April. They are ready to greet the day and prepare for the date ahead. As he goes through his morning routine, his home is actually revealed to be nothing more than a cardboard box with pillow and newspaper serving as his bed. He does not seem to mind that everybody is staring at the seemingly homeless fellow brushing his teeth at the park. He vows that he will use her money on the date.

At the dojo, the everything has been repossessed. Soun can do nothing but sit with solemn eyes while Akane and Kasumi prepare for the date by making paper roses. Ranma begins to hear noise outside and sees flyers coming down. As he begins reading them, Kinnosuke makes his grand appearance by descending from a rental helicopter. They then realize that the flyers are actually bills for the helicopter as well as his entire attire. Nabiki then makes her entrance, dressed in a splendid dress and fur scarf. She tells her father that she bought it all for the date and had the bill sent to the dojo. Upon hearing this, Soun is hit with metaphorical arrows representing the burdens of paying off the bills.

¥10 challenge is set

Nabiki issues the challenge

In addition to the date, Nabiki issues a special challenge to Kinnosuke: whoever spends 10 yen on the date will be responsible for paying all the bills, including all the ones that have been sent to the dojo previously. Kinnosuke is surprised that Nabiki discovered his true motive and accepts the challenge, but Ranma and Soun jump on his head for putting them through this mess. Arrows again strike Soun as he falls to the ground in tears. Kinnosuke sees this to be an easy task and takes his date in the helicopter.

10 Yen Battle Begins

Nabiki makes money

Nabiki makes money from kids

In the helicopter, a group of cute young girls are crowding around Nabiki asking for small donations. Kinnosuke thinks he has her trapped with no way out, believing that there is no way she could reject the cute girls asking for donations. Just then they notice Ranma and Akane were also on board, sent by her father to watch her. Nabiki thanks Soun for looking out for his daughter and gets out a box labeled BANK and a small basket on top. She asks one of the girls to put in a 10 yen coin on the basket. When she does, a small chicken pops up, grabs the coin, and hides again in the box. The trick fascinates the young kids who begin lining up to try the trick too, with Nabiki making 10 yen per kid. Nervous, Kinnosuke moves on to next phase of his plan. He suggests that they go eat something and Ranma immediately suggests something cheap, like ramen. They love the idea, but instead of eating cheap ramen, decide to take the helicopter to Hong Kong to eat a gourmet shark fin ramen at an expensive restaurant. Ranma and Akane can do nothing but drink water. Next, they go to a casino, where Ranma wears a playboy bunny outfit to work as a waitress while her companions make larger and larger bets. In the background, someone can be heard screaming for help in English. They end up losing everything and Ranma is dragged away (implying she had been sold to relieve the debt) and Akane gets the bill that reads 100 million yen.
Ranma bunny

Ranma waitresses as Nabiki and Kinnosuke gamble away.

Back on the helicopter, Ranma somehow managed to make it back and transformed himself back to normal. He and Akane are paralyzed with worry as the bill keeps getting higher and higher. Just then, Nabiki suggests one more place for them to go: karaoke. Ranma is on board with this plan as karaoke shouldn't be too expensive compared to their previous activities. Unfortunately for him, Nabiki's idea of karaoke was to rent out the entire Tokyo Dome stadium.

They then decide to take a break by renting out a penthouse suite. Ranma tells her that she should act more like a student to try to get her to ease the spending. After thinking over this, Nabiki grinds an inkstick and proceeds to splash ink everywhere including the carpet of the suite. Kinnosuke begins dropping plates just for fun. Ranma and Akane has had enough and begin rebuking Nabiki for causing so much damage. Nabiki becomes quiet as she stares into the mirror at her date who was busy knocking over a table. She tells them that he cannot be allowed to play with hearts such as hers and must be stopped. She then confesses that he is her first love which makes Akane and Ranma speechless. Meanwhile, Kinnosuke is making a graffiti on the wall with a spray can. He quietly asks his puppet how large the bill has gotten. When April responds that they each owe 500 million yen, he decides that the time has come to finish her off.

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  • In the dojo, Kasumi and Akane can be seen making paper roses, which low income Japanese sometimes do as a way to make a small extra wage.
  • Tokyo Dome is a stadium that opened on March 17, 1988. It can seat 55,000 people and has the nickname of "The Big Egg".


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