The Lion's Roar (猛威!獅子咆哮弾 Moi! shishi hokodan?) is the 202nd chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Shishi Hokodan vs Moko Takabisha Arc.

Ryoga arrives ten days late for a match with Ranma. He tells Ranma that he has learned a new technique, and hopes to try it out. Ryoga unleashes the power of the Shishi Hōkōdan on Ranma and beats him easily.

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Ryoga the InvincibleEdit

Ranma blasted - Lion's Roar

Ranma is hit by Ryoga's new technique.

After receiving a challenge letter from Ryoga telling him to meet in the usual vacant lot, Ranma proceeds to wait for ten days he hears something rumbling underground. Curious, Ranma puts his ear to the ground when suddenly a large eruption of earth fires out from underneath him. Ranma swiftly gets jumps away from the explosion as he sees Ryoga emerge from the cloud of dust; yet again wondering where he is this time.

Once Ranma hits Ryoga for making his unusual entrance, he moves on to ask him if that was a new technique he used. Ryoga confirms that it is indeed a new technique, but adds that he doesn't have much confidence in it.

Not wanting to waste anymore time Ranma rushes at his rival, but is almost immediately sent flying by Ryoga's new technique, the Shishi Hōkōdan, which launches Ranma into a nearby wall with ease. As Ryoga comments on how much more successful his attack was than he expected, Ranma dusts himself off before deciding to launch attack at Ryoga to see just how long he can maintain that power...

Returning to the TendosEdit

Ryoga overjoyed - Lion's Roar

Ryoga is overjoyed at finally defeating Ranma.

That evening, Ryoga arrives at the Tendo Dojo with the now-unconscious Ranma. When he arrives, Akane and Kasumi appear to ask just what has happened to Ranma. To satisfy Akane's curiosity, Ryoga explains that he was sparring against Ranma with his new technique before adding that he might've gone a bit overboard with it, but does finish by reassuring Akane that Ranma should be fine.

A few minutes pass and Ryoga talks with Genma and Soun who both admit that they've never heard of the Shishi Hōkōdan before. Hearing the surprise from the pair that Ranma was unable to counter the technique, Ryoga assures them that Ranma was probably holding back given how he didn't know about the power of the Shishi Hōkōdan. Ryoga then proceeds to calmly excuse himself before releasing his inner-joy at defeating his rival. He continues by dancing down the hallway, all the while laughing manically, straight past a very confused Nabiki who reports the scene to Soun and Genma.

Elsewhere, Akane finds Ranma looking rather depressed on the Dojo balcony. She then proceeds to question Ranma about Ryoga's claims. Ranma explains that he didn't lose since they were only practicing, but does reveal that he wasn't holding anything back, much to Akane's surprise.

Ranma InvestigatesEdit

Challenge set - Lion's Roar

Ryoga declares he'll have perfected the Shishi Hōkōdan in one week's time.

Without another moment's hesitation Ranma jumps down from the balcony and heads to the training hall in the hope of learning just how Ryoga created the ball of energy for the Shishi Hōkōdan.

Once he arrives at the training hall, Ranma finds Ryoga reading a scroll, but is quickly elbowed in the face by Ryoga before he gets the chance for a clear look at it. Undeterred, Ranma asks Ryoga how he got the scroll. Ryoga explains that, about a week ago, he was lost and took shelter in a cave which subsequently blocked off by an avalanche. With his Bakusai tenketsu being useless due to how soft the rocks were, a Civil Engineer offered to teach him the Shishi Hōkōdan so that he may leave the cave.

With his story finished, Ryoga begins to compare the Shishi Hōkōdan to the Bakusai tenketsu before noting that, unlike the latter, the Shishi Hōkōdan can be used on humans! Hearing this Ranma challenges Ryoga to a rematch in a week's time. Ryoga accepts the challenge but also reveals that he has yet to prefect the technique and bring out it's true potential. Finally, Ryoga declares that by the time one week has past he will perfect the Shishi Hōkōdan so that Ranma may at last taste the bitter sting of defeat!...

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