The Love of the Black Rose (黒バラの恋 Kuro bara no koi?) is the 18th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Arc.

Ranma loses his patience with Ryoga after he changes into P-chan to sneak up to Akane's room after training her. While Akane lies on her bed waiting to fall asleep she sees Kodachi the Black Rose hanging from he ceiling ready to attack

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Continuing from the Previous ChapterEdit

Akane is tired out from the special training she's gotten from Ryoga in Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics, so Ryoga decides that they've done enough for today. Ryoga continues by telling Akane she did handled the ribbon very well and is making quick progress. Akane looks up at Ryoga (Akane had earlier fallen to the floor from exhaustion) and asks if he really means that. However, before Ryoga can reply, Ranma interrupts asking Akane if she really believes all of what Ryoga just said. This causes Akane to stomp about in anger at Ranma (revealing Akane had the ribbon actually wrapped around herself) whilst Ryoga just stands and looks away in embarrassment.

Some time passes and Akane goes to the bathroom to wash. When she enters the bath she begins to think to herself about the whole situation she's in. This continues until Akane decides that if she isn't improving and the competition is only in a week, then she wishes she'd never had agreed to help.

In the Dojo GardenEdit

Akane sees Kodachi on Ceiling

Akane sees Kodachi on the ceiling of her room.

Ranma tells Ryoga that it was painful watching Akane training, and that he (Ryoga) should be ashamed of himself for getting Akane's confidence up by flattering her. Ryoga simply replies by telling Ranma he's the one who should be ashamed, of his jealousy. This causes Ranma to quickly, and slightly angrily, ask who's jealous. However, by now Ryoga has gone into the Dojo's Koi/fish-pond and walk out again as P-chan, whilst whistling to himself. Ranma wonders what Ryoga's going to do next, but quickly decides that Ryoga's going off to sleep in Akane's bed again. So Ranma throws the ball he'd been holding at Ryoga and proceeds to chase him when he runs off.

Akane Goes to BedEdit

Akane, now in her pyjamas, goes into her room and collapses onto her bed, while commenting on how exhausted she is. She then rolls onto her back and looks up at the ceiling. However, when she does, Akane sees Kodachi hanging onto the ceiling in her Gymnastics outfit with a large mallet. Kodachi then grabs the mallet and falls towards Akane's bed while telling Akane to prepare herself. Just as Kodachi is about to hit Akane, she jumps out of the way and asks Kodachi who she is (as Akane hasn't actually met Kodachi in person before).

Kodachi slammed by door

Ranma slams the door into Kodachi.

Kodachi then introduces herself as the Black Rose of St. Hebereke's School for Girls and explains that she'll be Akane's opponent next week. Kodachi continues by saying she hopes they both fight they're best and in all fairness. Kodachi then tries to hit Akane with the mallet again, only to miss again. Kodachi's claims in comparison to her actions angers Akaen so she tries to kick Kodachi, but Kodachi manages to avoid Akane. Akane then demands that Kodachi tell her if she's the one who ambushed the Gymnastics team, however, Kodachi simply replies that "ambushed" is a nasty way to put it and that she believes in fighting in all fairness before the match.

Akane says that that's the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. Just then Ranma comes in chasing after Ryoga (who's still in his P-chan form), while doing so he throws the door open and slams Kodachi into the wall (she'd moved in front of the door after Akane tried to kick her). Ranma then jumps around the room after Ryoga and leaves just as quickly as he entered. After Ranma leaves, Akane shouts at him saying not to pick on P-chan. Just then Akane kicks Kodachi's mallet out of her hand, just before Kodachi was about to hit her with it.

Akane's room after petal storm

Akane's room after Kodachi leaves.

Seeing this display from Akane, Kodachi says that the rumours about her are true and Akane's as good as people say she is. Kodachi then takes out the ribbon and spins it round, creating a tornado of Rose petals, and tells Akane she'll return. After the Rose petals have settled, Akane looks out of the window which Kodachi left from. She then angrily asks who's going to have to clean up all these Rose petals in her room and that she'll repay Kodachi for this in their match.

On the Roof of the DojoEdit

Kodachi tells herself that she shouldn't dismiss Akane easily and that she should crush her before the match. Just then Ryoga (still in his P-chan form) runs past Kodachi while she wonders what's going on. Ranma then appears after Ryoga carrying a Tetsubin. There is then a loud bang and Ranma looks back saying he thinks something hit the Tetsubin. He then looks down and sees Kodachi falling off the roof. Ranma then proceeds to give up chasing Ryoga and goes to save Kodachi.

When Ranma catches Kodachi and brings her back up onto the roof he asks her if she's okay. Ranma then realises that he actually saved Kodachi from falling, while Kodachi finds her saviour (as she hasn't met the male Ranma before) very attractive. Kodachi then plushes and grabs Ranma tightly talking about how frightened she was. Whilst Ranma panics at what's going on, Kodachi begins to think to herself about how she'd given up hope of finding love as she goes to a Girls' School. Kodachi then asks Ranma who he is, and Ranma reluctantly does.

Kodachi tries to kiss Ranma

Kodachi tries to kiss Ranma.

Kodachi then gives Ranma a bouquet, which turns out to be full of paralysis gas. Kodachi then pushes Ranma onto the floor and jumps on top of him. She then tells Ranma to kiss her, while Ranma continues to lie on his back terrified. Just then Akane appears and kicks Kodachi off Ranma while telling her not to do it above her bedroom. Kodachi says that was just tragic timing and then leaves by jumping over several rooftops.

Akane then looks at Ranma and throws her overcoat onto him. She then leaves while telling Ranma she's sorry she got in the way of his true love. After Akane leaves a wind comes by and blows the overcoat off of Ranma, leaving him on the freezing roof, unable to move. While Akane's in her bed thinking to herself about how she's not going to lose to Kodachi now.

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  • This chapter marks the start of Kodachi having romantic feelings for Ranma.
  • This chapter marks the first time Akane sees/meets Kodachi in person.


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