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The Missing Matriarch of Martial Arts Tea! (格闘茶道! さらわれた家元 Kakutō Sadō! Sarawareta Iemoto?) is the 112th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

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Plot Overview

Sentaro's Plea

After fantasising about eloping with Akane, Sentaro is told by his grandmother that she can't allow someone who's so flighty to take over the Daimonji school of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony. Seeing that Sentaro is far too absent minded at the moment to get any sense into or from, Sentaro's grandmother declares that from tomorrow they'll reassume rigorous training. As she leaves, Sentaro tries to get her to stop, but gets crushed under a nearby monument in the garden.

Sentaro tries to stop the kidnappers taking his Grandmother.

That evening three shadowy figures enter the school and Sentaro only becomes aware of their presence as a loud bang runs through the school. Wondering what's going on, Sentaro wanders outside, only to find his grandmother being taken hostage by the three figures. After getting no answer as to who the figures are, Sentaro attempts to stop them, but is quickly outwitted and looks on helplessly as his grandmother is taken over the wall to the school.

The next day, whilst they walk home from school, Ranma and Akane discuss going somewhere to eat when a voice rings out telling Akane she shouldn't have to put up with Ranma's brutish behaviour. The pair look around to see where the voice is coming from, but are shocked at the sight of Sentaro as he emerges from Akane's coat. Once Akane is punished by Akane for what he just did, the pair decide to ignore Sentaro and head off to Fukusuke Ramen.

As they enjoy there Ramen, Akane wonders what Sentaro wanted, but Ranma is adamant not to help him as they always get the short end of the stick whenever they do. Akane quickly agrees with Ranma's opinion when Sentaro's voice calls out again and tells them that it's different this time. After a quick check of her coat, Akane and Ranma see Sentaro hiding on the floor between them. Whilst Akane shows concern for Sentaro's claim that someone's trying to kill him, Ranma couldn't care less and finishes off his Ramen before telling Akane that he'll leave Sentaro to her. Akane goes after Ranma, with Sentaro trying to follow her, only to get stopped by the chef who demands Sentaro pays 1,000¥ for the two Ramen.

Sentaro asks Ranma and Akane to help him.

Some time passes and Sentaro continues to follow Ranma in worry that his (Sentaro's) life is in danger. Ranma soon loses his patience with Sentaro and demands he stops following them. After Ranma gets hit in the face with a passing Baseball (which Sentaro is adamant was meant for him), Sentaro continues to follow the pair in fear and watches in terror as multiple misfortunes fall on Ranma. The misfortunes culminate with a truck nearly running over Ranma and Akane, which Ranma narrowly avoids by jumping onto a nearby fence, only for the fence to break under his weight shortly afterwards and cause the pair to land in the cold water behind the fence.

Despite still not wanting to get involved with Sentaro again, Ranma gives in to Sentaro's continuous pleas and decides to hear him out at least.

A little while later at the Tendo Dojo, Sentaro explains about his grandmother's kidnapping before adding that he's sure to be the next target. Akane begins to wonder who would do such a thing, which prompts Sentaro to determinedly declare that it must be someone wanting to take over the Daimonji School of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony. Ranma questions Sentaro who would do this, but, after a few moments of dramatic silence, Sentaro simply comments on the beauty of the Tendo garden.

Angered, Ranma grabs Sentaro by the scruff of his shirt, terrifying Sentaro into admitting he has an idea who it might be. Akane questions Sentaro who he suspects, but again, after spending another extended time in dramatic silence, Sentaro declares he's too scared to tell them. Giving up on getting any more information, Ranma decides he'll help since if these people took Sentaro's grandmother they must be strong. Sentaro is overjoyed by this and declares he'll arrange his marriage to Akane right away, an idea neither Ranma or Akane agree to and promptly send Sentaro flying through the Dojo's roof.

The Culprits Revealed

When the trio arrive at the room of Sentaro's grandmother, Sentaro is shocked to see that the other elders of the Daimonji School have gathered. The elders begin telling Sentaro that they hope he hasn't told anyone about the kidnapping, but Sentaro admits that he has, prompting Akane to note that they thought they could help. The elders retort that help won't be necessary as this is a problem for the Daimonji School and not anyone else. Ranma ignores the request and reminds the elders that the kidnappers was strong enough to take Sentaro's grandmother, so must be too strong for Sentaro to deal with alone.

Sentaro looks at the three Hanafuda cards that were left behind.

The elders still aren't convinced, however, and question Sentaro about how he plans to take over the Daimonji School when he can't act at a time of crisis. The conversation then turns to a set of 10 point Hanafuda cards which were left behind. After being told that Sentaro's grandmother never gambled, the elders reveal that these cards represent a challenge from a rival school of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony.

As even Sentaro hasn't hear about this rival school, the elders inform the trio that there were two schools of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony which fought each other, the Daimonji school and the Miyakoji school. The elders explain that the two schools used to train constantly in order to out-do the other and the feud only stopped when the Miyakoji school exhausted all their funds and lost their power, but this just made the school go underground and so still exists today. The elders continue by noting that if the rival school took their Matriarch then they must be planning to bring down the Daimonji school.

Sentaro then proceeds to ask what significance the Hanafuda cards mean, which the Daimonji elders reveal that they stand for each of the Miyakoji elders, Ino, Shika and Cho. Sentaro is then pressured that there's no time to waste, but Sentaro declares that he isn't going.

Sentaro explains that he believes this whole situation is a scheme by his grandmother.

Outside, Sentaro explains to Ranma and Akane that he believes that this is all a rouse by the Daimonji elders to get him to inherit the school. Akane questions what made Sentaro come to this decision, to which Sentaro comments that he saw the kidnappers with his own eyes and is convinced that they were the Daimonji school elders. Ranma then asks why they would go through all this trouble, to which Sentaro comments that this is probably a test of his character from his grandmother, meaning that the rival school story is just a fabrication. Sentaro then declares the best thing to do is nothing at all as that way he can show the elders he's too smart to be tricked by them.

Later that afternoon, as Ranma and Akane walk home with some shopping they see the Daimonji elders fight and get swiftly defeated by another group of old woman of a similar height and appearance. When Ranma questions the old women who they are, the trio quickly depart, leaving behind the same Hanafuda cards as those found at the Daimonji school.

Saving the Matriarch

Having learnt of the incident, Sentaro decides that his grandmother must've been kidnapped after all. After much internal contemplation, Sentaro prepares his Tea Ceremony equipment so that he can go and save his grandmother.

Sentaro prepares to rescue his grandmother from the Miyakoji school.

As Sentaro walks through the streets of Furinkan, Ranma and Akane find him and agree to help him out. The trio soon arrive at the address which the Daimonji elders told them was the home of the Miyakoji school. Sentaro wastes no time in declaring his presence to the Miyakoji school and demands they open there gates, which they promptly do, revealing a large and complex maze which the group must navigate in order to reach the school itself. Almost immediately upon entering, the trio are attacked by the Miyakoji elders, causing Ranma to tell Sentaro and Akane to go on ahead while he holds the elders off.

With the Miyakoji elders blocking their path, Sentaro and Akane have to take the long way through the labyrinth in order to reach the school. While Ranma struggles against the unorthodox style of the Miyakoji school, Sentaro quickly convinced that they're lost before noting that he forgot who he came to save when Akane wonders if Sentaro's grandmother really is here. With Sentaro continually trying to advance on her, Akane soon loses patience with Sentaro and punches him high in the air, before he lands in the room which his grandmother is located and happily talking with the Miyakoji Matriarch. Ranma, meanwhile, manages to trick the Miyakoji into falling into the cold water underneath the ice surrounding the maze, freezing them solid.

Sentaro's picture of him on honeymoon with Satsuki.

While the moon floats high in the sky, Sentaro's grandmother reveals that she could've left at any time, but chose to wait until Sentaro came to rescue her. This prompts Sentaro to suggest that they leave now, but his grandmother informs him that isn't possible as the Miyakoji school as issued a challenge between the representatives of each school. Sentaro asks why he must do such a thing, to which his grandmother explains that it's his duty as the heir to the Daimonji school.

Sentaro is then introduced to his opponent, Satsuki Miyakoji, and once Satsuki removes her hood, the pair fall instantly in love and spend the rest of the night staring longingly into each other's eyes.

Eventually, as the Sun rises, Sentaro asks Satsuki to marry him so that he may protect her school, a request which Satsuki gladly agrees to. Some time later Ranma and Akane get a letter from Sentaro explaining that he's now on his honeymoon with Satsuki and they'll probably never see each other again. However, no sooner does Ranma read this than Sentaro and Satsuki appear on Tsukikage. Sentaro notes his surprise at their meeting, although Ranma is less enthusiastic and demands Sentaro leaves them alone...

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Sentaro Daimonji Bin Shimada Brad Swaile
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Sentaro's grandmother Hisako Kyōda Pauline Newstone
Miyakoji School elders (debut) Terue Nunami (Ino)
Haru Endô (Shika)
Yoshiko Ohta (Cho)
Pauline Newstone (Ino) Daphne Goldrick (Shika) Cathy Weseluck (Cho)
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Daimoji School elders Chie Kitagawa (Matsu)
Natsumi Sakuma (Take)
Natsuko Fuji (Ume)
Daphne Goldrick (Matsu) Cathy Weseluck (Take) Cathy Weseluck (Ume)
Satsuki's grandmother (debut) Terue Nunami Elan Ross Gibson
Satsuki Miyakoji (debut) Momoko Ishii Jocelyn Loewen
Tsukikage N/A N/A




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