The Perfect Couple (理想のカップル Riso no kappuru?) is the 314th chapter of the manga. It is also the third and last chapter of the Akari Unryu Intro Arc.

Akari has now trained to hate pigs. Ryoga arrives in time for their date.

Plot Overview

The Date

Akari arrives at he restaurant dressed in a kimono. Her face is bandaged from having her champion pig Katsunishiki repeatedly attack her to make her hate pigs. She feels that she now hates pigs just like Ryoga, who was not aware of what she had done. From the second floor Ranma, Akane, and Katsunishiki watch to see their progress. Akane asks what he did to Ryoga and Ranma tells her, but says that things may go wrong since anyone who says "pig" can become a target.
Akari hates pigs

Akari has bandages from training to hate pigs.

As he says this, he is embraced by Ryoga who was still under the effect. He then remembers where he is when Akane tells him, but forgets that his date is down below. He takes Akane's arm before Ranma hits him with a mallet. He tells Ranma that his heart is still with Akane, but as soon as Akari comes up to them he behaves in a manner similar to when he is around Akane. When Ryoga showers Akari with gifts, she shows deep gratitude which makes Ryoga feel like he finally found the one for him.

The intimate moment is ruined when a group of boys come into the restaurant. They repeatedly use the word "pig" which prompts Ryoga to descend and embrace everyone below. Seeing this display makes Akari question if Ryoga is a pervert. Ranma knows that he is responsible for creating this mess, but opts to walk away before they find out. As he heads out, Ryoga catches up with him and confronts him. Ranma isn't saying much, but Ryoga forgets about it when Akari tells him that she still loves him.

Akari then closes her eyes and gently prepares for a kiss. He looks at her and realizes what he must do. As he looks at her, he can hear his heart beating. Suddenly, he hears crunching noise and looks down to see Ranma right between them munching on crackers. Ryoga quickly gets rid of him and continues. Ranma lands on a nearby bench and Akane tells him they should leave them alone. They then head home believing Ryoga and Akari have everything under control.

Love the Pig

Ryoga meanwhile is still next to Akari who is patiently waiting for a kiss. Tears of joy run down his cheek as he sees this as the happiest day of his life. Then he looks to see dark clouds over the area and discerns what is about to happen. While Ranma and Akane are walking home, there is a sudden downpour of rain and Ranma realizes what this means for Ryoga.

When the rain starts, Akari slowly opens her eyes and notices Ryoga below in his pig form. She yells out "pig" and Ryoga jumps to hug her. Akari panics and hits him after remembering her new hatred of pigs. After several blows, she embraces him tightly proclaiming she can never truly hate pigs. When she calms down, Akari looks depressed, thinking Ryoga left her when she had her eyes closed.

Ranma knows what she must do and grabs P-chan and gets on top of Katsunishiki with Akari. They rush to a nearby hot bath and dumps him in while Akari watched. Ryoga turns back and grabs Ranma for turning him back in her presence. Akari sees who Ryoga truly is and slumps down silently. He then exits the bath somberly when he and Ranma notices bright light from behind them.

They turn to see Akari dancing with joy with tears in her eyes. She grabs Ryoga's hands and says that she has found the perfect man. They embrace each other and Ranma and Akane look from the sideline, happy with how everything turned out. Ranma then casually mentions "pig", which unfortunately forces Ryoga to hug her in front of Akari.
Ryoga and akari

The perfect couple.

Later, Ranma is recovering from the many blows that were given to him by angry Ryoga. Akari panicked and ran away when she saw the display, but gave Ryoga a pig wresting ticket. Unfortunately, he is unable to find the location and is left to wonder once again as she waits.

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