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The Perfect Match (突撃!正しいデート Totsugeki! Tadashii deto?) is the 102nd chapter of the manga it is also the third and final chapter of the Tsubasa Kurenai Arc.


Male Ranma decides to go out with Tsubasa in hopes of curving her lesbian tendencies, but Tsubasa doesn't seem interested. Far from it in fact, Tsubasa doesn't even want a boy touching her.

Plot Overview

One a rainy day in Furinkan, Ranma is being chased by Tsubasa who's dressed up in another elaborate disguise. Unfortunately for Tsubasa, her visibility is limited by the disguise and ends up running into a lamppost as Ranma scurries up it. Tsubasa then begins to cry and wonder why her darling Ranma doesn't love her back, although some on-lookers think Tsubasa's disguise may have something to do with it.

Meanwhile, Ranma has managed to reach a nearby rooftop and desperately tries to think of a way to get Tsubasa to leave her alone. Just then Ukyo appears and tells Ranma that once Tsubasa falls for you, there's nobody more tenacious. She then continues by telling Ranma not to be gentle with her and a few whacks will make Tsubasa give up. Ranma then begins to think to herself that there must be a way.

Akane and Tsubasa read Ranma's letter about the date on Sunday.

Back with Tsubasa, and Akane (who saw Tsubasa in the rain earlier) takes her to a Café and suggests to Tsubasa that she give up on Ranma and find a normal boyfriend. Tsubasa immediately shoots down the idea by reiterating that she hates boys, which prompts Akane to say that she definitely give up on Ranma. This confuses Tsubasa slightly and asks why she should do this, but when Akane doesn't give a straight answer, Tsubasa believes that Akane loves Ranma as well.

Akane quickly, and angrily, states that she doesn't like Ranma, which relieves Tsubasa. Continuing, Akane tells Tsubasa that she doesn't to see her hurt. This statement touches Tsubasa who grabs hold of Akane's hand and comment of how sweet she is. After Akane unsuccessfully tries to make Tsubasa let go of her hands, a toy arrow hits Tsubasa on the back of her head. Akane reads the note attached to the arrow which tells her that Ranma will be waiting for her in the Park on Sunday, much to Tsubasa's excitement.

Ranma appears in his male to try steer Tsubasa onto the "correct path".

Sunday soon rolls around and Akane and Ukyo watch Tsubasa from a bush in the park. Akane explains about what Ranma did, although Ukyo is a bit skeptical that Ranma actually did this. Just then Ranma calls out to Tsubasa, however, Ranma has arrives in his male form. When Tsubasa asks Ranma who he is (having never seen Ranma's male form before), Ranma replies that he's her "sparring partner in love". He then continues by stating that love is nothing but a Mano-a-Mano battle between a man and a woman.

Having had enough of Ranma's corny lines, Akane kicks him in the back of the head. When Ranma asks her what she's doing, Akane tells him she thought he was going on a girl-girl date. Ranma then adds that he's just trying to lead Tsubasa onto the "correct path", to which Akane asks what he plans to do afterwards. With Tsubasa walking away, Ranma tells her to wait a minute, before telling Akane to stay out of it.

Ranma catches up to Tsubasa and suggests that they hold Pinkies while they walk, but Tsubasa doesn't know what Ranma's talking about. At that moment a group of cat's who've just stolen some fish rush towards the pair, and Ranma's Ailurophobia soon sets in and he jumps into Tsubasa's arms. Tsubasa looks at the terrified Ranma she's holding and declares that never once in her life as she ever wanted to be held by a guy, she then proceeds to beat Ranma up and throw him into a nearby water fountain.

Ranma learns of Tsubasa's true gender.

Shortly after Akane comments on how the boyfriend idea failed, Tsubasa notices that her dearest Ranma is lying in the fountain and severely beaten up. Tsubasa carries Ranma off to get help, but Ranma manages to utter to Tsubasa that before she dies she'd like one last hot bath, a request which Tsubasa is more than happy to grant.

Tsubasa makes her way to the Tendo Dojo where she makes her way to bathroom and chucks Ranma into the hot water (completely ignoring Soun who's already in the bath). When Ranma reemerges in his male form, he asks Tsubasa if she's starting to get the idea, but Tsubasa just decides that Akane's the only one for her and attempts to rush back to see her. Ranma, however, grabs onto Tsubasa and tells her to stop chasing girls and just go out with... At that moment, however, Tsubasa punches Ranma into the wall, causing her clothes to rip and reveal that she's actually male. Tsubasa then asks Ranma if he finds male bodies that interesting, but Ranma is more interested in how much of his time he spent trying to look cuter than Tsubasa.

Back downstairs, Ukyo reveals to Akane that her last school was an all-boys school. This causes Akane to think that Tsubasa's a cross-dresser, but Tsubasa soon appears (now disguised as a Washing Machine) and corrects Akane by saying that he's just an ordinary boy who likes to dress up. Ukyo then adds that since nobody asked she assumed they all knew, to which an annoyed Akane asks just how they were supposed to know that. Tsubasa, meanwhile, tells Ranma not to be mad as they both have to same hobby, but Ranma hits Tsubasa while noting that for him it's not a hobby.

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  • Tsubasa's disguise at the start at the start of this chapter is a Kasa-obake (an umbrella Yōkai).
    • Tsubasa also disguises himself as a Haniwa when he thinks Akane loves Ranma too.


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