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For the antidote to the Full Body Cat's Tongue, see Phoenix Pill.

The Phoenix Pill (秘薬THE不死鳥丸 Hiyaku THE fushicho-gan?) is the 46th chapter of the manga and the fifth chapter of the Full Body Cat's Tongue Arc.


Days pass and Ranma is still stuck as a girl. Some of his classmates start to wonder what's going on, when Shampoo arrives with good news, a new pill has just been released that can cure the Full Body Cat's Tongue.

Plot Overview

Akane is questioned about Ranma's form, while Ranma is horrified at the sight of Shampoo's cat form.

Ranma is still in locked in his female form, and so is now taking swimming lessons in female swimsuits. The other students begin to ask Akane about when Ranma will turn back into a boy, to which Akane replies that she's not the one to ask. Back in the pool, and Ranma is thinking about how to get the Old Ghoul out of his plans when she feels something tap her shoulder.

Of course Ranma turns to see who it was, but is horrified to find Shampoo in her cat form was responsible. Ranma's Ailurophobia quickly sets in and she swims as fast as possible away from Shampoo, until she ends up hitting the edge of the pool and ends up unconscious.

Shampoo explains about the the Phoenix Pill.

A little time passes and, after Ranma and Akane have changed, they take Shampoo into the P.E. equipment closet and pour some hot water over her so she returns to her human form. Akane then proceeds to ask Shampoo what she wants, to which Shampoo explains that she has good news; there's a new product which cure the Full-Body Cat's Tongue! This news obvious excites Ranma, who asks Shampoo if it's true, Shampoo just asks Ranma if her eyes are lying.

Shampoo goes on the explain the product is called the "Phoenix Pill", named after the famous mythical bird which is the champion of heat resistance. Ranma enquires to where the pill is, to which Shampoo replies that her Great-Grandmother has it.

With this knowledge in hand, Ranma heads off the get the pill. Akane, however, is still skeptical and asks Shampoo why she's telling them this (grabbing and stopping Ranma in the process), Shampoo simply asks Akane if she wants Ranma to stay a girl forever and then calls Akane a "pervert girl". This comment angers Akane, who demands to know who Shampoo is calling a pervert.

Ranma is send flying out of the Cat Café while trying the get the Phoenix Pill.

The trio head out to where the Ghoul is, at the new restaurant, the Cat Café. Ranma storms in and goes straight to the counter where the old ghoul is and sees the Phoenix Pill hanging around her neck. Seizing the opportunity, Ranma tries to grab the pill, but the ghoul is too fast and dodges Ranma, before using her walking stick to send him flying out of the restaurant.

Undeterred, Ranma quickly dusts herself off before going back in and trying again, but once is soon thrown out for a second time. Shampoo tells Ranma there's no way she can beat her Great-Grandmother, but Ranma just tells her to wait. At that moment Ranma notices a sign on the Café asking for a waitress, Ranma grabs it and uses this as a way for her to get the pill.

Hiroshi and Daisuke, along with some other male Furinkan High students, hear of the new "cute" waitress at the Cat Café so decide and get something to eat there. When they enter, however, they discover the waitress is actually Ranma (who's now sporting some bandaids from the injuries she suffered by the hands of the ghoul earlier).

Ranma tries yet again to get the pill, but instead puts on a good display for the customers.

Ranma, meanwhile, is told by the ghoul to take some Ramen to the customers. Ranma gladly agrees and tries to take the pill then and there, but the ghoul is still too quick and the pair end up making it appear as if the bowl is floating in midair (much to excitement of the customers). Things soon don't go in Ranma's favour, as Shampoo's Father adds five more Ramen bowls to be served and Ranma quickly ends up carrying all six bowls (again to the enjoyment of the customers).

A week passes and Akane enters the Café, where she's greeted with the sight of Ranma balancing several Ramen bowls on long rods. Akane enquires to Ranma why she doesn't just quit since she's learnt how to balance bowls at the very least. Ranma just laughs and tells Akane she hasn't seen anything yet.

The ghoul uses the "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" technique.

At that moment, the ghoul calls Ranma out to the back of the shop. Once there the ghoul has made a small fire, to the slight confusion of Ranma, the ghoul then gets Shampoo to hand her a back of sweet Chestnuts and, after putting the Chestnuts on the fire, tells Ranma to looks carefully.

The ghoul then gets underway with moving her hands extremely quickly, until she ends up holding all of the Chestnuts in her hands. Once she finishes, the ghoul asks if anyone would like to try it, and Shampoo immediately recognises the technique as "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire". Akane, meanwhile, just comments on how she couldn't see the ghouls' hands when she performed the technique. The ghoul then hops off saying that if Ranma can master that technique then taking the pill will be child's play. This comment spurs Ranma into deciding to master the technique. Akane and Shampoo notice the fire forming on Ranma's leg, which Shampoo puts out (noting that it's dangerous to stand in fire), while Akane says she thinks Ranma shouldn't start practicing today.

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  • This chapter confirms, that at this point in the manga continuity, the students of Furinkan High School are now aware of Ranma's curse.


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