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The Pill of Obedience (秘薬 主従丸 Hiyaku shuju-gan?) is the 201st chapter of the manga it is also the first and only chapter of the Pill of Obedience Arc.


Ranma breaks up another one of Happosai's panty raids, and Happy takes his revenge by slipping Ranma a Shujyugan Obidience Pill. The pill has a strong magnetic attraction and causes Happosai and Ranma to get stuck together.

Plot Overview

Happosai is out on one of this usual panty raids, when Ranma suddenly appears and stops him, allowing the women chasing Happosai to beat up the old lecher. As Happosai gets beaten, he shouts to Ranma regarding how poorly he treats his master, but Ranma just tells Happosai that if he doesn't reform himself the next time Pantyhose Taro or some other monster carries him away they won't take him back. After the women have finished with Happosai, he lies on the ground declaring how Ranma treats him is unforgivable.

After consuming the Obedience Pills, Happosai finds himself unable to leave Ranma.

That night, as Ranma sleeps, Happosai sneaks into his room and takes out the special Shujyugan Obidience Pill. Happosai remembers that these pills past down from ancient China will make the ungrateful student learn their place. He then places the white pill in Ranma's mouth while he takes the red pill. With the dead complete, Happosai laughs at the thought of Ranma becoming his faithful servant and attempts to leave, but suddenly finds himself stuck to Ranma's chest and unable to get off.

The next morning, Ranma is busily brushing his teeth. He then looks down and sees Happosai attached to his chest and tells him to get off as it's too early to start this stuff with him. As Ranma attempts to forcibly remove Happosai, the old lecher sprays Ranma with cold water from the tap and begins to grope Ranma's breasts, noting it'll be better for him to have a female body so long as they're stuck together. Ranma then angrily begins hit Happosai for his antics.

After turning back to his male form and heading downstairs, Happosai explains the situation to Soun and Genma. Initially the pair have no idea about the Pills, but Happosai hands them a pamphlet which shows that the student is meant to help the master walk long distances as well as help feed him. Happosai then says that the mystery is why their bodies won't separate, but Soun tells him that the pamphlet quite clearly says the powerful magnetic force created by the pills will force the master and student to be permanently stuck together.

Ranma then angrily asks Happosai why he didn't bother reading the whole thing before he made them swallow the pills. In response, Happosai notes that although it didn't go exactly as planned it isn't all that bad. Happosai continues by asking for food from Ranma, which he offers but quickly moves out of Happosai's reach to have for himself. Angered by Ranma's disobedience, Happosai pulls out a Happo Daikarin bomb which subsequently explodes.

Having learnt how to move while attached to Ranma, Happosai takes the pair of them to the girls' locker room.

Later that day at Furinkan High School, Akane tells Ranma that Soun and Genma are busily working on a way to separate them and asks the pair to behave until then. Happosai then begins to crawl all over Ranma's body until he gets so annoyed he attempts to punch the old lecher, only for him to move causing Ranma to punch himself. Happosai then notes to himself that he's learned how to move while attached to Ranma and then declares to Ranma that it's time they got moving.

Happosai manages to pull Ranma all the way to the girls' locker room, where he attempts to get up to his usual antics. However, Ranma desperately grabs onto the frame of the window so Happosai can't get close to the girls. Unfortunately, the girls aren't very grateful so beat up the pair for their perverted actions.

A little while later, out of the way of everyone else, Happosai begins to hit Ranma repeatably on the back on the head for what he did, causing the agitated Ranma to attempt to slam Happosai into a tree, but the old lecher moves out of the way again. Ranma then grabs ahold of Happosai's head and goes to find Kuno so he can anger him. The plan works and Kuno begins to launch a flurry of attacks on Ranma, who uses Happosai as a shield in order to get back at him. Happosai soon becomes more angered at Ranma, so takes out another Happo Daikarin bomb which hits all three of them. Happosai then turns his attention to Ranma and tells him he's behaving very badly, to which Ranma remind Happosai that he's the one who started all this.

Elsewhere, Akane learns from Soun and Genma that if Happosai and Ranma aren't separated today then they'll be stuck together permanently. The trio then head off the find Happosai and Ranma, who are busily trying to forcibly separate each other. When Akane rushes over, Happosai flips her skirt, causing her to angrily kick the pair of them before telling Ranma this isn't the time to do such stupid things. Ranma angrily reminds Akane that it wasn't him who did anything.

Soun explains that for the two of them to separate, Ranma must defeat Happosai.

Some time passes and Soun explains that the solution is quite simple, Ranma must defeat Happosai, thus breaking the master-student relationship which binds them. Happosai sighs and decides that there's no other choice and he must sacrifice his body for the greater good. He then tells Ranma to do what he has to, which prompts Ranma to launch a punch at Happosai. However, Happosai moves out the way, causing Ranma to punch himself, Ranma continues to try and punch Happosai, but he continues to move out of the way.

In order to help Ranma, Akane, Soun and Genma begin attempting to attack Happosai as well, but all they manage to achieve is beating up Ranma instead. As Soun curses their misfortune, Happosai says that he guesses there's no other option but to live the rest of life getting to know his favourite pupil. Ranma then turns his head to Happosai and says that if they're now one body... it's high time they head the girls locker room!

Happosai is finally defeated after he sees the men changing in their locker room.

Ranma quickly jumps into the locker room (disguised in his female form so as not to be attacked) and lands on the floor, so as to prevent Happosai from seeing the other girls. As Happosai desperately tries to break Ranma's grasp, Ranma tells him that he'll never get to look again and should he try she'll kill them both. With his desperation growing, Happosai begins to uncontrollably jump around the room, while Ranma continues to stop him from seeing the girls changing. Happosai ends up lunging into a wall, which he ends up breaking a hole into and the pair end up looking into the male locker room. The sight of men changing literally causes Happosai to crumble up and the pair separate, while Ranma tells him that it serves him right.

Once they return to the Tendo Dojo, Akane is sat next to the tend to the injured Happosai. Happosai looks at Ranma, who's paying no attention whatsoever, and asks if he's not the least bit concerned for his master. He continues to insult Ranma for his behaviour, but Ranma calmly asks the old lecher how he can call him that when he has such a magnetic personality.

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  • Ranma's comment about not taking Happosai back should he be taken by Pantyhose Taro or another monster kidnap him is a reference to the events that occurred in Nightmare on Hot Springs Street.


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