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The Roar of Heaven (炸裂!? 飛竜昇天破 Sakuretsu!? Hiryu shoten ha?) is the 131st chapter of the manga and the seventh chapter of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc.


Ranma encourages Ryoga's belief that he tried to have his way with Akane which only makes Ryoga more angry. Ranma begins to draw him into the spiral, and Ryoga's battle aura can be seen by Akane and Cologne.

Plot Overview

Ryoga becomes infuriated at what he believes Ranma did to Akane.

Still fired up with anger, Ryoga demands Ranma explain how he can defile such innocence, but Ranma still doesn't know what Ryoga's going on about. Ryoga then turns his attention to Akane and apologises to her for allowing Ranma to live earlier, so that this whole situation could've been averted. Akane tries to explain to Ryoga that Ranma didn't really do anything to her, but Ranma intervenes by playing along and apologises to Akane for not being able to control himself at the sight of her beauty.

Ranma continues by claiming that what's done is done and adds that he won't make a big deal out of it. Akane becomes more confused at hearing this and desperately tries to calm Ryoga by stating that Ranma's just lying.

Unfortunately it's all too late and Ryoga begins attacking Ranma with all his might. Ranma immediately begins attempting to draw Ryoga into the spiral, but is quickly caught off guard and sent flying into a nearby mountainside by one of Ryoga's punches. Wasting no time, Ryoga grabs Ranma and punches him again. Akane watches helplessly as Ranma continues getting beat up and demands Ryoga stop, but Ranma insists that she stay out of this as it's all part of his training.

Ranma fails to avoid Rygoa's punch and lands in a Mountainside.

Ryoga is infatuated that Ryoga views this as training and goes in for another punch, however, this Ranma successfully dodges the attack. Just then Cologne appears next to Akane and notes how helpful Ryoga is. Akane demands Cologne stop the pair as otherwise Ranma's going to be killed, but Cologne retorts that she doesn't need to and points out the spiral of Battle Aura forming around the pair which will create the nexus for the Hiryū Shōten Ha.

As Ranma finds himself five steps away from completing the technique, Cologne informs Akane that at the centre of the spiral, Ranma will awaken the dragon of the Hiryū Shōten Ha with one final move. However, at that moment, Cologne realises that she never taught Ranma the final move required for the technique.

Ukyo and Genma find Ryoga after he gets hit by the Hiryū Shōten Ha.

Akane shouts to Ranma to run, but Ranma is preoccupied with what he's meant to do next. With nowhere left to run, Ryoga moves in to finish off Ranma. Panicking, Ranma desperately launches a punch back at Ryoga, which creates a large flash followed by a torrent of wind.

Elsewhere, Ukyo and Genma see the twister emerge and quickly subside. As soon as the twister disappears, Ryoga suddenly falls the ground in front of the pair with his clothes in tatters. Meanwhile, as Ranma sits in a crater created by the blast, Akane is awestruck by the power of the technique whilst Cologne notes that it appears Ranma has finally master the Hiryū Shōten Ha.

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