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The Scent of a Woman (効きます 女嫌香 Kikimasu nyokenko?) is the 68th chapter of the manga and the sixth chapter of the Happosai Intro Arc.


Ranma gets Akane to sew some Woman Repellant into Happosai's clothes. When Happosai goes on his daily girl hunt, the women all run away before he can bother him. Ranma is able to quickly defeat him, and Genma and Soun point out that Happosai seems to be going into withdrawal.

Plot Overview

Akane remembers back to Ranma telling her to sow the Woman Repellent into Happosai's clothes, shortly before she does so.

Akane is in the Tendo Dojo with Happosai sat on her lap as she does some stitching to his clothes. Happosai is happy with Akane paying this sort of attention to him, but still wastes no time in questioning Akane about her meeting Ranma the night before and asks if she can tell him what Ranma has in store for him. Akane doesn't answer Happosai, but does think back to her talking with Ranma that night before where he explained that he bought a powder called Woman Repellant which creates a disgusting smell which only women can smell when warmed by human flesh. Akane's flashback also reveals that Ranma asked her to sow some into Happosai's clothes, hence the current situation.

Back in the present and Akane just finishes her stitching and informs Happosai of this. Happosai inspects Akane's work and is very happy with the cute pig that Akane has sowed into the back, as Happosai jumps around in joy Akane says that it was meant to be a dog which he sowed into his clothes.

Happosai then sets out into the Furinkan high street, where he encounters three young girls who he attempts to perform his usual perverted antics on. However, as soon as Happosai gets close to the girls, they begin to choke from the smell of the Woman Repellent and quickly run away from Happosai. Undeterred, Happosai continues trying to get close to several women, but all of them run away. This continuous sight of women running from him, confuses and panics Happosai while several males look on and wonder if Happosai did something to them.

At that moment Ranma appears (carrying a fan) and jumps on Happosai's head before asking him how the Woman Repellent is working for him. Happosai is slightly confused by this question, causing Ranma to explain that it's a tear gas that only works on women. This revelation greatly angers Happosai who chases after Ranma.

Ranma uses Happosai's own technique against him, so he can launch Happosai into the air.

Ranma then suddenly stops and turns around with Happosai still following in hot pursuit. Ranma then proceeds to close his fan and use it to launch Happosai into the air, but he doesn't have long to celebrate as Genma appears and kicks Ranma while telling him that was useless. After Ranma slams Genma to the floor, Soun also appears and explains that the move he just performed was nothing more than Happosai's favourite trick.

Soun goes on the explain to Ranma that he made his opponent angry and used their momentum to launch them into the air. Genma then adds that he just played into Happosai's hands as whenever a martial artist develops a technique they also develop a way to defeat that technique. Genma goes on to say that even now the master has seen through Ranma's trick and is... However, just then Happosai lands on top of Ranma and appears to be completely unconscious.

Not wasting this valuable opportunity, Soun and Genma begin to beat up Happosai. However, as they do so Happosai suddenly appears behind them telling them to continue beating up Ranma who's ended up taking Happosai's place. Soun and Genma then quickly stop their beating and grovel to Happosai about his being safe.

Happosai is reduced to crawling due to his withdrawal symptoms.

Happosai then turns to Ranma himself and hits him over the head with a small mallet. This angers Ranma who launches a punch at Happosai, but misses and he ends up chasing after the old lecher across several rooftops. As they run, Ranma tries to hit Happosai with a kick and at first Happosai looks like he's going to dodge, but suddenly feels strange allowing Ranma to make contact, much to the shock of Soun and Genma. The old lecher then falls onto a rooftop, with Soun and Genma quickly rushing towards him. The pair then attempt to hit Happosai with mallets themselves, but Happosai quickly makes a dash away from the others, launching Soun and Genma into the air in the process.

Back on the Furinkan high street and two girls are happily enjoying themselves until they smell the Woman Repellent from Happosai and run away. Happosai then desperately tries to crawl along the floor while asking for him to just touch one pretty girl. Soun and Genma appear and deduce that the master's current state is from withdrawal symptoms from the Woman Repellent. Ranma doesn't agree with the theory and reminds Happosai that they're meant to be fighting. Genma quickly takes Happosai away from Ranma's grasp and tells him that Happosai's more than just a pervert, he's an addict so not being able to touch woman to him is like not being able to breath!

Happosai finally gets close enough to a woman to reinvigorate himself.

Genma weeps a little for his master, but then he and Soun place him in a box which they claim to be express mailing to the North Pole. Ranma then takes it upon himself to take the box holding Happosai from the pair and carries Happosai to a vacant lot. Once there Ranma tells Happosai that it isn't like he rescued him, just that he can't stand to watch people beat up others who can't even defend themselves. This statement really touches Happosai who begins to cry on Ranma's chest and tells him that he's sorry for being mean to him.

Just then a freak rain storm occurs and ends up turning Ranma into his female form while Happosai was still crying on him. This gives Happosai the opportunity to grope Ranma while she chokes at the smell of the Woman Repellent. With Happosai back to normal he notes that it's payback time, while Ranma shakes in anger at Happosai...

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