The Terror of the Phoenix Sword! (恐怖の鳳凰剣 Kyofu no hoo-ken?) is the 301st chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Phoenix Sword Arc.

One day Tatewaki Kuno decides to stop by an antique store called "Phoenix" where he purchases a mystical egg said to house a baby phoenix. The store owner warns him that no matter what he must never place the egg and nest on his head. No sooner does Kuno leave the store than he runs into Ranma and Happosai who knock the egg out of his grasp.

Plot Overview

Birth of the Phoenix

Kuno has gone into an antique shop called Phoenix. Once inside the store owner tells Kuno about the item which he's spotted, the owner explains that it's a protective charm for Swordsmen and continues to reveal that the item in question is actually a Phoenix egg.

Kuno learns of Phoenix Sword

The store owner tells Kuno about the Phoenix Sword.

The owner tells Kuno that the Phoenix is a very beautiful bird and that should a mortal who's a martial artist possess it then they'll be able to learn the technique of the dreadful Phoenix Sword. This convinces Kuno to buy the egg, but the owner tells him that the egg is a burden on the weak and says that he wouldn't sell it if Kuno slapped him in the face with a wad of bills. Kuno then proceeds to do just that, causing the owner to agree to sell it to him.

While wandering the streets of Furinkan, Kuno begins to wonder what techniques the Phoenix egg teaches. He also remembers that the owner told him not to put the egg and nest on his head, this causes Kuno to ask himself what knave would place such a delicate nest on their head. At that moment, Ranma appears in pursuit of Happosai who's just been on another panty raid. Happosai runs into Kuno and manages to send him into the air and knock the egg along with the nest out of his hands.

Ranma happens to notice the egg and nest fall, so catches them. An angered Kuno than tries to attack Ranma, but is easily stopped by a quick kick from Ranma. Ranma then proceeds to place the nest and egg on Kuno's head. Kuno looks at Ranma unhappily and tells him that he's just done the forbidden.

Phoenix hatches - manga

The Phoenix hatches.

Suddenly the egg begins to crack and then a bright light emanates from the egg, causing Ranma to cover his eyes. The egg then finishes hatching and rather than a beautiful bird, a large, budgie chick is now sat on Kuno's head. The Phoenix then sees Ranma and begins pecking him repeatedly. In response, Ranma attempts to punch the Phoenix, but it releases a bright light, causing Ranma to cover his eyes again. This gives Kuno an opening to hit Ranma on the head with his Bokken. When Ranma falls to the floor this makes Kuno believe that as he's finally defeated Ranma he can now date Akane. He then declares that he's master the Phoenix sword, while Ranma gets to his knees and asks Kuno what he's talking about.

Kuno bids Ranma adieu and starts to walk away, but the Phoenix has other ideas and pulls Kuno back to Ranma so it can attack him again. Kuno repeats himself to Ranma, causing an angered Ranma to kick Kuno into the air so he will leave this time. However, the Phoenix pulls Kuno back down so it can attack Ranma yet again.

At the Tendo Dojo

That evening at the Tendo Dojo, the others learn that Kuno is unable to leave Ranma. Kuno remarks that this is very inconvenient, while Ranma tells him that he's not the one being pecked as the Phoenix does just that.

Soun explains about imprinting

Soun explains about the Phoenix imprinting on Ranma.

Soun says that he's heard rumours about the dreadful Phoenix Sword and then asks Kuno and Ranma is they've heard about imprinting. He continue by telling them that what the Phoenix is doing shouldn't be confused with ink making as he takes out a mortar and pestle. Returning to the matter at hand, Soun explains that there is a habit that is common in birds to believe that the first thing they see is their mother and this is called imprinting. Soun goes on to say that with the Phoenix, however, the first they see they will regard as the enemy and attack (in this case Ranma), therefore the technique of the Phoenix Sword is the bird's continuous attacks.

Kuno then says that as Ranma was imprinted by the Phoenix then... he can finally date Akane Tendo! Ranma tries to attack Kuno, but the Phoenix kicks him repeatedly as Kuno hits Ranma with his Bokken. Kuno then turns to Ranma and tells him that if he wishes the date Akane than he must defeat him in combat.

Ranma's Plan

Extra violent Phoenix

The Phoenix acts even more violent towards Ranma's female form.

Akane then appears behind Kuno and knocks him out with a small mallet, although the Phoenix continues to attack Ranma. Ranma then decides to pour cold water over himself to turn into his female form so as the Phoenix won't recognise him. Unfortunately the Phoenix then begins to attack Ranma twice as severely as before until Ranma lays on the ground defeated yet again. Akane is shocked that the Phoenix can see through the disguise, to which Soun adds that the Phoenix can always see the truth. Nabiki, however notes that the Phoenix is fighting harder than before so declares that the Phoenix must be female.

Ranma then gets up and melodramatically exclaims that the bird is getting between her and Kuno. This causes Kuno to tell his pigtailed-girl that he'll get rid of the unbearable bird and attempts to pull it off, but when that fails he attempts to shake it off which doesn't work either. Kuno then tearfully declares that it won't come off, as the Phoenix squawks. Still very upset, Kuno tells his pigtailed-girl to forgive him for his failure. Ranma just says ouch repeatedly as the Phoenix pecks her.

Terror of Phoenix Sword - last panel

Ranma says that he's determined to get rid of the Phoenix.

Nabiki then hits Kuno with a small mallet as well so that he's unconscious again. She and Akane then note that Kuno and the Phoenix are attached in more ways that one. As the Phoenix angrily pecks at Ranma's hand (who's back in his male form), Ranma says that he'll get rid of it no matter what.

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  • In the original Japanese, when Kuno bids Ranma farewell he says "Saraba", an anarchistic way of saying "goodbye" or "farewell" typically associated with feudal "samurai speak". To convey a similar sense of upperclassman-ship, Viz uses "Adieu" instead.
  • When Soun takes out a mortar and pestle (surikogi) this creates a pun with "imprinting" (surikomi) in Japanese. In order to create a similar pun, Viz's translation makes the pun between "imprinting" and "ink making".


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