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For the technique, see Three-Year Smile of Death (technique).

The Three-Year Smile of Death (微笑み三年殺し Hohoemi sannen-goroshi?) is the 366th chapter of the manga. It is also the first and only chapter of the Three-Year Smile of Death Arc.


One afternoon Mousse invents something he calls a "Love Rocket" which he rushes to show to Shampoo. However trips and the rocket goes off in Shampoo's face. Mousse is terrified that Shampoo is going to beat him up, but she simply smiles and tells him that she's happy and goes back to her laundry. This convinces Mousse that Shampoo is using an Amazonian technique known as the "Three-Year Smile of Death" against him, which involves treating an opponent with kindness while torturing them through numerous "accidents" and minor attacks, all the while not appearing to be angry with them.

Plot Overview

Shampoo smiles at Mousse, even though he hit her with a firework.

Mousse has made a "Love Rocket" which he'll use to set a romantic feel with him and Shampoo. Mousse then goes to see Shampoo so he can use the "Love Rocket", however, when Mousse arrives he trips and causes the rocket to go off in Shampoo's face. Expecting Shampoo to beat him up, Mousse sits down and waits for Shampoo to do so. However, Shampoo asks Mousse what he thinks he's doing and after Mousse explains he's waiting for her to beat him up, Shampoo simply smiles at Mousse and asks him why she would do that as she isn't angry with him. This worries Mousse who now believes Shampoo is using the legendary Amazonian attack known as the Three-Year Smile of Death against him.

Mousse goes to the Tendo Dojo and explains the situation to Ranma and Akane. When the two enquire about the Smile of Death Mousse explains that the technique is the most insidious known to (wo)man and involves discomforting the victim while not showing any anger over three years. Mousse continues by asking Ranma to go on a date with Shampoo so she can forget about her revenge on him, but as Mousse doesn't have his glasses on he asks Soun who is also present.

Mousse finds all his glasses are broken, reinforcing his fear about Shampoo.

Ranma puts his foot on the back of Mousse's head and tells him to put his glasses on. However, all of Mousse's glasses have been broken which Mousse sees as another sign that Shampoo is using the Smile of Death. This cause Mousse to decide to leave town, but when he tries to leave using a hook on the end of a rope, the rope snaps and Mousse falls into the pond, turning him into his cursed form. Akane and Ranma then decide to go and help Mousse.

Ranma and Akane go to the Cat Café and say hello to Shampoo, who quickly jumps on to Ranma (causing Ranma to get hit by Akane with a mallet). Ranma tells Shampoo she seems happier than usual. Ranma and Akane then go to a table and Mousse (who's still in his Duck form) comes out of the bag Akane was carrying. Ranma whispers to Mousse that he must've been imagining Shampoo acting strangely, to which Akane adds that she doesn't think Shampoo could carry out such a complex revenge plan.

Shampoo then arrives with their food, but trips over Ranma and the food falls onto the bag which Mousse is hiding in. Shampoo quickly apologises and goes out the back to scrub and wring out the bag, which hurts Mousse who's still hiding inside the bag. This causes Ranma and Akane to wonder if that was on purpose or just coincidence. Ranma takes Mousse under the table where he uses a boiled Tetsubin to turn Mousse back into his human form.

Mousse is now convinced that Shampoo is using the Smile of Death, but Ranma tries to tell him that it could be a coincidence. Meanwhile, above the table Akane screams at the sight of a cockroach on the table, which Shampoo gets a newspaper to try and kill. However, Shampoo misses and also ends up breaking the table in half which causes Mousse to believe he was the target (and also scaring Ranma).

Ranma watches the video on how to counter the Three-Year Smile of Death.

While Shampoo goes out on a delivery, the group of three go to see Cologne to see if there's a way to counter the Smile of Death. Cologne says that there is and gets a diagram and explains that the energy of hatred is stored in the abdomen and usually leaves explosively all at once. She continues by saying that the Smile of Death concentrates and refines the hatred energy over a long period of time, but the energy settles in one part of the body which can be used to release the energy if the correct conditions are met.

Mousse deduces that they need to strike that point, but Cologne tells Mousse there's a safer way to release the energy but he can't do it, however, Ranma may be able to. Cologne puts on a video which shows two characters (Kin-San and Omi-Chan) who demonstrate how to release the hatred energy. However, it turns out that Ranma will have to rub Shampoo's buttocks, which obviously angers Mousse and Akane. Mousse then declares he'll be the one to cure Shampoo, but as he doesn't have his glasses he pats the buttocks of a man dining at the Cat Café, so Cologne is forced to splash Mousse and put him under a whicker basket to keep him out of the way.

Shampoo then returns, running over the basket Mousse is hidden under in the process. Ranma says that Mousse is no match for Shampoo, so it looks like he'll have to do it. Akane glares and calls Ranma a pervert, to which Ranma retorts that he's just going for the area where the energy is stored, but Akane is unconvinced and tells Ranma that his sick little mind just wants to cop a feel.

Ranma tries the technique on Akane, but she hits him.

Ranma asks Akane what she's so angry about and tries the technique to Akane, but she just hits him over the head. When Ranma tells Cologne he doesn't think the technique works she tells him it's because his wrist action is all wrong and shows him the correct way to do it. Cologne quickly ties up Akane and tells Ranma to go for it, Ranma does so, but Shampoo turns around which makes Ranma blush and freeze, so he turns around before he can use the technique.

After he failed the first time Ranma tries again, but is suddenly cleaning a window when Shampoo turns around. Shampoo is happy on how helpful he is. Cologne says that Ranma is losing, to which Akane sarcastically thinks that Mousse will suffer for three years, how terrible, but at least they tried. Mousse then turns back into his human form and says he can't take anymore of this travesty and runs towards Shampoo. Despite Ranma and Akane's warnings that Shampoo will kill Mousse, he continues. But she kicks him in the face. She shouts at him to get away and stop annoying her.

Shampoo beats up Mousse, stopping the Three-Year Smile of Death.

Shampoo then proceeds to beat up Mousse saying that whenever he's around she has more work to do than before. Cologne tells Mousse that he's done it and stopped the Three-Year Smile of Death. When Akane asks how, Cologne explains that Mousse caused a sudden explosive release of energy which would've festered for three-years and with it gone, the technique is useless. Just then, Shampoo asks what everyone is talking about and what this "Three-Year Smile of Death" is, much to shock of the others.

It turns out that Shampoo's conscience was playing on her as she'd washed Mousse's clothes with his glasses inside and broken them, so that's why she didn't hit him when he hit her with the firework. As Shampoo shouts at Mousse for being stupid, Cologne tells him he must be happy that Shampoo is being so nice to him.

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