The Two Akanes! "Ranma, Look at Me!" (二人のあかね『乱馬、私を見て!』 Futari no Akane: "Ranma, Atashi o Mite!"?) is the eleventh Ranma ½ OVA.

Ranma disturbs a doll that takes revenge on anyone that shows it disrespect. In order to teach Ranma a lesson, the doll possesses Akane and tries on many occasions to attack him. Evil Akane sees that she'll never beat Ranma when his guard is up so she attempts to seduce him before she goes in for the kill.

Plot Overview

Family Vacation

Having decided to go on a vacation, Soun and Genma choose to enjoy the view from the room of the Inn they chose to stay at. Meanwhile, inside the room, Ukyo comments on how special things are going to be as she spends her time at the hot springs with Ranma. Unfortunately Shampoo quickly interjects that she and Ranma are the ones who are going to have "sweet travel memories".

As Ukyo and Shampoo clash, Akane excitedly looks over several Yukatas which the Inn provided with Kasumi before quickly settling on a dark coloured one with Blue flowers.


The vengeful doll of Doll Inn.

After heading down to the Inn's hot springs, the girls begin talking about the legend of the Inn, which regards a doll that sits in the hallway to the hot springs. Kasumi then explains that the doll is said to take revenge on whoever is rude to the doll or gets it dirty. The legend soon unnerves Ukyo and Shampoo, whilst Nabiki is less convinced.

Meanwhile, in the male baths, Ranma has start attacking Genma (currently in his panda form) over a bottle of milk which Genma stole from his son. Ranma swiftly moves in to take the milk back, but ends up slipping on some soap and subsequently landing into the cold water baths. With the news of a pigtailed girl and panda fighting in the baths, several male patrons waste no time in checking the situation out, whilst the women listen in with shock and irritation.

The fighting continues to escalate until Ranma chases Genma (both now in their normal forms) pass through the hallway to the baths. As Ranma sees Genma chugging down his milk, Ranma goes in to kick his father, but is almost immediately sent crashing into the table where the Vengeful Doll sits. With his father now running down the hallway, Ranma is horrified to see the damage he had caused to the doll. He then briskly reassembles the doll before placing it in the position he believed it to be in prior. As Ranma continues his pursuit of Genma, however, a blue flame of vengeance begins to burn in the doll's eyes.

The Doll's Vengeance Begins

A few moments pass and the Tendo sisters, Nabiki and Kasumi make their way pass the doll on their way back to their room. Akane, however, realises that she left her brush behind, so goes back alone to retrieve it; as the doll mysteriously disappears.

Once she recovers her brush, Akane begins thinking to herself about how she'll now have to walk past the creepy doll all by herself. When she gets to the hallway, however, Akane notices that the doll has disappeared. Sensing something, Akane turns to look behind her when the doll silently falls from the ceiling towards her.

Some time later and the others begin enjoying some food, drink and the general atmosphere of the Inn when an angry looking Akane walks in. Soun soon picks up that something isn't right and questions Akane if she feels ill. Akane, however, completely ignores her father and demands to know where the "disgraceful one" is. While Nabiki is left confused at this, Kasumi tells her younger sister that if she's looking for Ranma then he went off searching for her (Akane). Having heard this Akane begrudgingly comments to herself about the disgraceful man's name being "Ranma" before proceeding to walk out of the room.


Possessed Akane fails to strike Ranma

Elsewhere, Akane wakes to find herself in the hallway where she sees Ranma searching for her. When she tries to move, however, Akane falls straight to the floor. As Ranma walks over to pick up the doll that just fell over, Akane sees herself standing behind Ranma with a large mallet. The human Akane then attempts to strike Ranma with the mallet, but misses thanks to Ranma's fast reactions. Confused at what's going on, Ranma asks the human Akane what the meaning of all this is.

As the human Akane struggles to remove the mallet from the floor with Ranma stood on it, the doll Akane is still confused as to why she can she her own body. Just then Ukyo and Shampoo arrive to tell the human Akane to stop playing with dolls so that they can get something to eat. Hearing this, Ranma proceeds to put the doll back again while the doll Akane realises that she must be in the doll while the doll is inside her body.

That Evening

Having returned to their room, the possessed human Akane attempts once again to kill Ranma but trips up after Ranma moves to go take his second bath of the day, resulting in her lading face first on the balcony. As Kasumi opens the first aid box, Ranma examines the hand which the evil Akane claims to hurt. With Ranma distracted, the evil Akane takes out a small mallet to knock out Ranma, unfortunately, he moves out of the way again which leaves Akane slamming the mallet on her own hand and frustrated. Confused by what's going on, Ukyo and Shampoo ask Kasumi if Akane's always like this, prompting Kasumi to calmly note that Akane is always a little vicious.

Meanwhile, back in the hallway, the real Akane finds herself finally able to move. After falling to floor from her initial attempt to move, Akane begins doing her usual morning exercises to try and ease up her new body. While this is successful, Akane doesn't realise until too late a couple of Inn patrons have watched the whole thing before running away in terror.

Back in the Inn room the evil Akane looks on as Ranma enjoys some grapes whilst thinking how she can't get under Ranma's guard to attack him. As the evil Akane tells herself that she'll have to force Ranma's guard down, Ukyo and Shampoo whisper to each other about Akane's recent suspicious behaviour. The pair then discuss the pink ribbon which Akane has suddenly started wearing when they notice that both Ranma and Akane have disappeared. At that moment Nabiki explains that Ranma took Akane for a walk, much to Ukyo and Shampoo's shock.

The Doll's Seduction

Elsewhere in the Inn the doll Akane begins to wonder just why it's taking her such a long time to reach her family's room when she suddenly falls into the shoe store at the entrance of the Inn, confirming that she was heading the wrong way the whole time. Just then the doll Akane watches Ranma walk over her, followed shortly afterwards by the possessed Akane. Unlike Ranma, the evil Akane notices her doll counterpart and warns her not to interfere until she's finished.

Once the evil Akane places the doll under a large monument to stop it from interfering, she returns to Ranma. The evil Akane then proceeds to put her arms around Ranma's, much to his worried surprise, and ask him if he can't figure out a woman's feelings.

Some time passes and Ranma and Akane find themselves in a rather secluded part of the forest near the Doll Inn. As Ranma notes his displeasure at being somewhere so isolated just for a "talk", the evil Akane informs him that she wants to be alone with him, leaving Ranma's mind immediately jumps to it's own conclusion.

Whilst the doll Akane continues to struggle to escape from beneath the statue she was placed under, Ranma tries to explain about how he feels about Akane's seeming proposal. This gives the evil Akane the moment she was waiting for, so she raises a medium sized stone above Ranma's head when suddenly one of Ukyo's spatulas appears.


Ukyo and Shampoo fell in the well

Not a moment later, Ukyo and Shampoo arrive. After the pair tell Akane how unfair it is of her to try and sneak Ranma away with them around, the panicking Ranma attempts to explain the situation to them, but is swiftly hit by his other fiancés who remind him that they were talking to Akane. With Ranma temporarily out of the way, Ukyo and Shampoo make their move on Akane. However, the possessed Akane easily out-speeds the pair who accidentally trip up in their sandals before falling into a nearby Well.

With the two of them out of the way, the possessed Akane returns to Ranma who she falsely informs that the pair figured out the obvious and returned to the room. The possessed Akane then take Ranma deeper into the woods.

Doll's Further Seduction

Meanwhile, struggling doll Akane is finally freed when a couple Ushio and Tonko take notice of her and remove the monument. Akane thanks the couple and goes on her way, leaving the couple freaking out at a doll thanking them. Somewhere along the way, Ryoga is chopping wood with his hands while thinking about Akane. While he is doing so, he hears the possessed Akane and Ranma going deeper in the woods, and is shocked at how close they seem.

Upon reaching their destination, possessed Akane tells Ranma to close his eyes. Unbeknownst to him, she has a piece of wood in her hands intending to strike at Ranma. Ranma is able to block the wood, and possessed Akane believes that he suspects her. Ranma, however, is oblivious to her intention and throws the wood in the direction where he sensed presence. The wood hits a bush and out comes Genma, and it's revealed that the rest of the family had followed them. Ranma is then dragged somewhere quieter where the family won't disturb them. Further away, listening in the distance, distraught Ryoga wonders if it has already gone that far. The family spot him just as he collapses.

Akane to the Rescue

Possessed Akane and Ranma are now alone in a field. In the distance, still-distraught Ryoga falls into a pool of water and is turned into a piglet. Just as he shakes the water off, doll Akane emerges from the bushes. She recognizes and walks towards him, while terrified P-chan stays motionless.

Meanwhile, possessed Akane, seeing that they are alone, gets out a piece of rope and prepares to take revenge. The doll Akane, unable to speak, has to draw a crude picture of herself, falls down while attempting to write her name, and P-chan eventually believes her.

Doll Akane gets on P-chan's back and ride towards Ranma. When they reach Ranma and possessed Akane, Ranma tells Akane that she’s not the Akane he knows, making doll Akane hopeful that he figured it out. Then he says that she looks cuter and sexier, which infuriates doll Akane and orders P-chan to attack. He strikes at Ranma and the two end up falling into the nearby river. Possessed Akane, unaware of Ranma's cursed form, starts wondering what happened to him. Ranma then pours hot water on himself to turn back to normal. Doll Akane shouts what’s going on but then remembers that she can’t speak. Ranma then grabs Akane's doll form, wondering how it was moving about. Then also grabs P-chan and asks it if this doll is his toy.


Possessed Akane takes off her kimono while everyone else covers their eyes

While they are distracted, possessed Akane decides to launch her attack and disrobes. Doll Akane covers Ranma's eyes, telling him not to look, while P-chan covers his eyes with his ears. While they are all distracted possessed Akane swings her obi with a stone monument attached at the end. Ranma finally realizes that Akane is attacking him and flees the scene with the doll.

Breaking the Curse

Now on top of a tree, Ranma starts wiping dirt off of the doll when he remarks that it seems like it’s trying to help him and how it resembles Akane. Meanwhile Akane is worried that she‘ll never go back to her body. And begs Ranma to look at her. He notices that there are tears coming out of the doll. Higher up the tree, possessed Akane is watching them. Meanwhile, Ukyo and Shampoo were able to free themselves from the well and runs towards Ranma and Akane. Ryoga frees himself of the cursed form and does the same. Before Ryoga can tell Ranma the truth about the doll, possessed Akane makes her move and drops to Ranma holding the doll and they fall off the tree. During the fall, Ranma tells Akane that she will be hurt by the fall, and possessed Akane tells him that it doesn't matter for her, because she was just borrowing the body to take revenge. It was then Ranma realized something was wrong and he suddenly puts her in a safer position so that he takes the brunt of the fall. He remarks that regardless of not knowing the situation, he strongly insists that he couldn't let her or the doll come to harm. The possessed Akane is stunned by this act of chivalry as they fall into a hot spring. When Ranma recovers, Akane finds herself returned to normal and embraces Ranma while crying, telling him how scared she was. The rest of the family watches on and remarks that Ranma missed his chance.

Back at the inn, Akane explains what happened to her to the family and adds that she still has no idea why the doll was so angry. She finds Ranma putting the doll back in the same position that he originally left it in and realizes that it was Ranma's fault all along. This obviously causes her to retaliate against him. Everyone leaves the inn and comments on the unusual events. Ranma remarks that he liked her better possessed (stating she was nicer, cuter, and far more sexier) which only makes Akane more angry.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Genma Saotome (human, panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru Kelly Sheridan
Shampoo (human, cat) Rei Sakuma Cathy Weseluck
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Sarah Strange
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Ushio and Tonko (debut) Unknown David Kaye (Ushio), Saffron Henderson (Tonko)
Ryoga Hibiki (human, P-chan) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan


  • (Shampoo) "You have no romantic soul, Nabiki Tendo." - talking about Nabiki's skepticism towards the doll.


  • In the manga version, Ryoga, Ukyo, and Shampoo do not make an appearance.
  • The manga counterpart also has doll's story told by Nabiki, while the OVA has Nabiki as the doubter.
  • When Akane passes by the doll, she is already wearing a yukata. In the manga version, she changes to it after becoming possessed.
  • In the dub, Ushio and Tonko's names were altered to Keith and Laura.
  • The music used when Ranma and the fake Akane were gazing at each other was also used in the OVA "Reawakening Memories, Part 1"


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