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The Two Ranmas (二人の乱馬 Futari no Ranma?) is the 367th chapter of the manga. It is also the first chapter of the Cursed Mirror Arc.


After female Ranma looks into a cursed mirror, a spirit copies his form and causes mischief.

Plot Overview

On one stormy night, Ranma and Genma find the Mirror Mansion amidst the wilderness. The elderly gentleman apparently in charge of the mansion invites them in, but warns them not to do something like slip on a banana peel, crash into the curtain, and look on the other side.

Guided by a careless banana peel tossed by Genma, Ranma does exactly that, revealing a tall mirror behind the curtain. The elderly gentleman is in dismay at what Ranma just did, but she doesn't see what the big deal is. The gentleman and Genma step to the side to avoid looking in the mirror. Ranma looks at it and turns to ask what's wrong with it, not realizing that the reflection didn't turn with her. The reflection grabs Ranma's hand and the Mirror Ranma emerges, wearing the exact same clothing as her.

Mirror Ranma emerges from the Cursed Mirror.

The gentleman then tells them the origin of the Cursed Mirror. According to the legend, the mansion was once home to a beautiful noblewoman. She was very pretty, but nobody wanted to see her. She spent her days staring at herself in the mirror and died longing for a boyfriend. Since then, her spirit possessed the mirror and copied the likeness of whoever looked into it. The copy then goes on to cause trouble for the original by flirting with anyone eligible around.

Immediately as he says this, Mirror Ranma, now in a mini dress, runs off to find a good looking man. She's promptly stopped by Ranma, who is told that the curtain will take a week to repair. Ranma decides to bring her back to the Tendo Dojo in the meantime. Upon arriving, the mirror Ranma enters Akane's room and immediately starts going through her clothing. After emptying the dresser she complains that she couldn't find any sexy clothes and that all the bras were too small. Akane is understandably upset by this remark and starts swinging a shinai at the copy. She is ultimately brought down by the real Ranma with a mallet. Ranma then explains what happened to the Tendo sisters then turns to the copy to tell her not to go around pretending to be her, but the copy used body replacement technique to escape and left behind a tanuki statue. As Ranma starts chasing the copy the sisters remark on how similar they are in both appearance and behavior.

Ranma teaches the copy how to get guys.

Ranma manages to find her copy in the streets, where she's going from couple to couple flirting with men until she's hit by Ranma. She wonders if it's because she's not attractive enough, so Ranma takes this time to teach her how to attract men. The original puts on a mini dress just like her copy and begins seducing two boys walking by. The copy soon follows her lead. Akane finds and smacks them both with a paper fan. When Akane tells Ranma not to teach the copy how to get guys, they realize she disappeared yet again.

Meanwhile, Ryoga is sitting on a bench by a tree waiting for Akari, proud that he managed to get to the date location without getting lost. He daydreams about finally getting his first kiss, but when he opens his eyes Mirror Ranma kisses him before he can even react, barely missing his lips. Ranma hits her with a paper fan and gets her off Ryoga, but the damage had been done. Ryoga was too distraught to fully comprehend that there were two female Ranmas right in front of him and punches the real one in the air and runs off crying in disgrace when Akari arrives then chases after Ryoga on Katsunishiki.

Ranma discovers his copy does not transform.

Ranmas and Akane return home and it's Ranma's turn to take a bath. She leads the copy to the tub saying that she'll understand very soon. As they get in the tub Ranma dunks the copy's head into the hot water. He emerges and asks if the copy finds the transformation interesting, but sees that the copy didn't change at all. For a moment all is quiet as Ranma tries to figure out what happened. He figures that since the copy took his girl form, it will stay as a girl even when exposed to hot water. Coming to this revelation, Ranma suddenly feels strange looking at his girl form. The copy becomes enamored for Ranma and playfully teases him for not telling her that he was really a guy.

That night, as Akane goes to bed, she sees Mirror Ranma going past her wearing a negligee, holding a pillow and spraying perfume. Instantly suspecting something is wrong, she turns to ask what she's up to, and the copy gleefully tells Akane that she will be spending the night with Ranma. Akane starts chasing her into the bathroom where Ranma is brushing his teeth and further infuriates her by teasing her appearance on Ranma's shoulder. Instead of going for the copy, Akane slaps Ranma for not controlling his copy.

Akane follows them to the guest room and sits down to keep an eye on them while they sleep, worried that they are both perverts and might do something. Nabiki comes with a book and some snacks to give her some company, saying that they can't do this all night. Mirror Ranma sleeps soundly, but Ranma, while denying that he's a pervert, is kicked out of his sheets by bed manners very similar to his own.

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  • Cover arts for both manga and anime often have male and female Ranmas as separate entities. This is the first time where that occurs in the manga canon.


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