The Ultimate Couple (究極のカップル Kyukyoku no kappuru?) is the 370th chapter of the manga. It is also the fourth and last chapter of the Cursed Mirror Arc.

Ranma goes into the compact to rescue Akane, whose path out is blocked by Kuno and Happosai.

Plot Overview

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Her path blocked by Kuno and Happosai, Akane finds herself unable to leave the compact even when Ranma taps on it. Ranma decides that he must enter the compact himself. He ties a rope on a pig statue, a bench, a tree and around his waist. He then looks into the mirror and gets sucked in. He enters the mirror realm and kicks Kuno and Happosai out of the way and holds out his hands as he hangs on. But before Akane can grab his hand all three points that he tied the rope around flies into the compact as well, trapping Ranma within the realm as well.
Compact rescue

Ramna attempts to rescue Akane.

Outside, Mirror Ranma is desperately searching for her love when she comes across his shoe and the mirror. She assumes this can only mean that Akane is attempting to make a move on Ranma. She enters the mirror holding his shoe and lands on top of Kuno's head, who had been swiping at Ranma. She then goes to check on him, asking if Akane did anything to him. Akane becomes upset when the copy calls her a pervert and throws the bench in their direction.

Trouble in the Mirror

Ranma35 59 Josef

Josef finds the compact

Meanwhile, the compact has been left out in the open. A dog comes across the mirror during a game of fetch and tosses it for his owner to catch. It falls in the water in an open state and when a frog happens to look inside it and the surrounding water gushes into the mirror realm.

Akane is immediately in trouble as she has great difficulty swimming. As she struggles in the torrent Ranma comes to her aid. When she opens her arms to be saved, Ranma dunks her head into the water. Akane is finally rescued when the real Ranma stops the copy from drowning her. Ranmas and Akane get on the tree and Ranma tries to jump out of the entrance but is blocked by a barrier. Happosai then uses his Happo-Fire Burst technique by first wrapping the firecrackers in plastic bags.

As he tosses the bombs, Soun and the rest of the household arrive to find the compact. Soun dives into the lake to retrieve it, but when he taps on it he releases the fire bursts just as they explode, smoldering his face in the process. Then comes all the others and objects that were trapped in the mirror realm, everyone burned from the blast. Kasumi is glad that they are all safe but Nabiki questions it.

Back into the Mirror

Ranma helps Akane up and asks if she is alright. The copy, seeing this display, apologizes to the couple and decides to return to the mirror since she causes so much trouble. They return to the mansion where the caretaker had a brand new seal for them. Mirror Ranma says her farewell, but before they part she gives Ranma one last gift.

When he opens the box, he sees the compact inside and open. As he gets sucked in the copy grabs the compact and sprints into the mirror with the intention of keeping him with her forever. Akane throws the bowl of fruits which hits her in the head. She drops the compact and Akane picks it up and frees Ranma. While rolling back to the ground, he trips on the banana that was in the bowl and smashes into the mirror again, breaking the seal again in the process.

He ends up looking into the mirror again, and since he is now a male, A male version comes out of the mirror seeking to chase after women. Just as he comes out, he turns his head to find the female Mirror Ranma looking at him with joy and the two instantly fall in love with each other. Ranma and Akane take them back home while they wait another week for the seal to be fixed. Ranma's copies flatter each other while the household looks on and comment on their similarities.
Ranma35 68 Living with 3 Ranmas

Living with three Ranmas.

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