The Ultimate Technique (まぼろしの奥義 Maboroshi no ogi?) is the 106th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Happosai's Ultimate Technique Arc.

Soun and Ranma lose their patience with Happosai after he burns their clothes and dojo sign so he can cook sweet potatoes. After Ranma tricks him by dressing up as a girl, Happosai decides to unleash his ultimate technique, the Happo-Fire Burst!

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One Sunny Day...Edit

Soun awakes and finds it to be a very glorious morning. His peace is soon disrupted, however, when Happosai jumps on his head, quickly followed by Ranma, who demands to know what Happosai is doing with his clothes. Happosai claims to just be borrowing them, but his true intentions are soon revealed when he throws them onto a fire so he can cook some hot sweet potatoes.

Soun infuriated at Happosai - Ultimate Technique

Soun becomes infuriated when Happosai uses the Dojo sign as firewood.

Ranma is about the trash Happosai, when Soun arrives and tells him to remain calm. Happosai compliments Soun on how he's able to keep his cool, and tells Ranma that he could learn a thing for two from him. Soun then proceeds to explain to Ranma that he must be worthy to bear the sign of the Tendo School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. At that moment, Ranma adds that he hopes Soun doesn't mean the sign he just fished out of Happosai's fire as he doesn't think he could bear it for very long without getting burned.

Happosai offers Soun a sweet potato, but Soun becomes furious with what Happosai did and begins to chase him whilst projecting his Battle Aura. As Happosai flees from Soun, he also steals Genma's breakfast, angering him as well so he joins the pursuit too.

As Happosai continues to flee he notices a door he doesn't remember seeing before. He then notices the sign saying "Girls' Dressing Room" and sure enough his perverted tendencies take over and he attempts to enter. However, he is quickly attacked by Ranma in his female form and Happosai is prevented from fleeing anymore.

Happosai's Ultimate TechniqueEdit

Happo-Fire Burst stance - Ultimate Technique

Happosai prepares to punish his students for their insolence.

Soun catches up and thanks Ranma for her assistance. He then completely changes the subject by asking Ranma how he can live with himself when he does things like this, but Ranma just tells Soun to stuff it. After the trio begin beating up Happosai, he asks what he ever did to them, to which Ranma replies by rhetorically asking the old lecher if he wants a list.

Having suffered from such insolence from his own pupils, Happosai decides that they must be punished and makes a stance which Ranma is unfamiliar with, but Soun recognises instantly. Happosai declares he's going to use his dreaded "Happo-Fire Burst", much to Soun's terror. However, Happosai's technique doesn't seemingly do anything and after Happosai retraces the movements of the technique he distraughtly declares that he's forgotten it. Seizing her chance, Ranma rushes up to Happosai and sends him flying through the roof.

Recovering the ScrollEdit

Fire Burst history - Ultimate Technique

Genma begins explaining to Ranma the history of the Happo-Fire Burst.

Some time passes and Soun and Genma decide to tells Ranma the horrible history of the Happo-Fire Burst. Genma explains that back when they were training with master Happosai, some locals set a trap for them. The locals had placed some women's underwear in plain sight so that Happosai would jump after it. Unfortunately, there is a large boulder rushing towards him from behind (which Soun and Genma used to help make there escape from the earlier raid).

As the pair rejoice that they are finally rid of the old lecher as he goes underneath the boulder, Happosai uses his Happo-Fire Burst technique. When Soun and Genma came to, the boulder had been blown into millions of small pebbles. However, the underwear had been destroyed too, so Happosai decides to prevent another tragedy like this happening ever again he would seal away the scroll to the technique.

Ultimate Technique - ending

The group are shocked to find a hot spring has sprung around where the scroll is buried.

Once Soun and Genma finish explaining, Happosai's voice rings out through the Dojo and declares now's the time to dig it up. He then adds that Soun, Genma and Ranma will have the honour of being it's first victims. Soun and Genma go into a blind panic, but Ranma tells them to stop as the solution is simple, all they have to do is get the scroll before Happosai does. The egos of Soun and Genma suddenly increase ten-fold and they declare that they'll show the old man by getting the scroll first.

The trio then head out to the Wilderness of Japan and arrive at a cliff which Soun states that scroll is buried at the base of. However, as the trio jump down to the boulder they are attacked by a flurry of wooden water basins whilst female voices scream out. The group hide behind some trees and Ranma tells Soun that he never said there was a hot spring here, to which Genma replies that it must've sprung up after Happosai buried the scroll. Happosai, meanwhile, pokes his head out of Genma's bag and looks at the girls bathing and compares them to a gift from the Gods.

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  • This is the first chapter in which Akane doesn't appear at all.


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