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The Valley of Moxibustion (風雲お灸の里 Fuun okyu no sato?) is the 128th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc.


The next day at school Akane notices that Ukyo is absent as well. She stops by Okonomiyaki Ucchan's and finds a map showing the Yomogi Valley. Akane travels there and finds Ranma, Genma and Ukyo all trying to find a way to cure Ranma's weakness.

Plot Overview

Akane learns Ukyo's at Yomogi Valley.

Dressing in hiking gear and carrying a large backpack, Akane thinks back to her hearing that Ukyo wasn't in school along with Ranma. Akane continues by recalling her going to Okonomiyaki Ucchan's, only to find a notice saying she's temporarily relocated to Yomogi Valley, the Moxibustion capital. Having read this, Akane soon realises that Ranma must've taken Ukyo with him when he disappeared. As Akane continues her hike, she thinks about her annoyance with Ranma leaving without telling her and taking Ukyo instead.

Meanwhile, Ranma is pinned under one of the Moxa rocks of Yomogi Valley as Genma explains that the rocks here are geothermally heated and convey the same benefits as Moxibustion. Genma continues by listing the known problems the rocks can sure, including monkeys' backaches; bears' sprained ankles and a deers' childbirth troubles. Just then Ranma picks up the Moxa rock and asks Genma what he's babbling about, only to lose his balance slightly and get crushed by the rock again.

Some time passes and Ukyo finishes off some Okonomiyaki for Ranma and Genma. As Ukyo questions if this was a wasted trip, Genma decides that at this point it would be better if they concentrated on a way to take the Moxibustion chart from Happosai and cure the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion. This prompts Ukyo to note that the reason they're out here is because they can't do that, to which Genma replies that there is one thing they could do...

Ranma immediately demands his father tell him and, despite Genma's warning that the technique is very difficult, Ranma declares he'll do anything to beat the old lecher. Hearing this, Genma agrees to teach Ranma the technique known as "The Crouch of the Wild Tiger"! The pair then sit, put their palms on the Earth and face their opponent before Genma begins bowing whilst repeating "I'm sorry" multiple times. As Genma tries to explain the history of the technique, Ukyo and Ranma soon give up on the idea.

Akane observes the blast from Cologne's Hiryū Shōten Ha.

At that moment Ranma notices that Cologne has appeared and is helping herself to some of Ukyo's Okonomiyaki. After noting how Ranma seems to be at a loss, the old ghoul tells him that there is one technique well suited to his weakened state, the Hiryū Shōten Ha! Genma is impressed with the name, but given what he just went through, Ranma can't help but sarcastically ask if the technique's named after a dragon which fell from the sky and begged for its life.

Cologne tells Ranma that the technique is better shown than explained and instructs Ukyo, Genma and Ranma to attack her. She then reassures the trio not to hold anything back, as the stronger the opponent, the stronger the Hiryū Shōten Ha becomes. Ranma is surprised to hear this information about the technique, but before he can do anything else, Ukyo and Genma begin to rush towards Cologne.

Elsehwere, Akane has finally neared the Yomogi Valley, when suddenly a bright light engulfs the sky above her. As soon as the light fades, Ranma suddenly crash lands right in front of Akane. Akane is glad to finally find Ranma again, but he is too excited to learn the Hiryū Shōten Ha and rushes back to Cologne before even noticing Akane was right next to him.

After a wind rolls past Akane, she calls out to Ranma and begins following him, whilst thinking about how Ranma didn't even notice her.

Ranma and Genma insult Akane's cooking, not realising that she arrived earlier.

Back with the others, and Ukyo finds herself caught on a tree branch with no idea about what just happened, whilst Genma is shocked to learn that the blast just then was only roughly 20% of the technique's full power. Cologne reiterates that the stronger the opponent, the stronger the blast, which prompts Ranma to declare that if he used it on Happosai then it would mostly likely be on 100% power. Turning to Ranma, Cologne asks him if he thinks he can do it, to which Ranma replies that he'll master the Hiryū Shōten Ha in three days.

Some time later and Ukyo meets up with Akane and asks her if she came here because she's worried about Ranma. Akane tells Ukyo that isn't really the reason, but does note to herself that she is glad that she came. Wasting no time, Akane decides to prepare a special "stamina stew" as a surprise for everyone. That meal time, however, Genma and Ranma (who have no idea Akane's arrived) can't stop themselves from commenting that if Akane was cooking for them they'd be dead and buried before the fight even began. Annoyed, Akane throws some cold over the pair as Ukyo reveals to them that Akane is here.

As Akane angrily comments on how she was worried about them, Genma and Ranma perform the Crouch of Wild Tiger to her, trying to apologise. Cologne, meanwhile, looks on and sarcastically comments on how useful a final technique the Crouch of Wild Tiger is.

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