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The Whisker's Secret (竜の髭の秘密 Ryu no hige no himitsu?) is the 156th chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Dragon's Whisker Arc.


Ranma explains that while he was in China a few year ago he came across a porridge thief. Ranma beat up the thief and ate his porridge, but the chef chasing him told him it was a special blend. Luckily Ranma was a girl, so the food had no effect on him, but when he changed back the true horror of what he had eaten was revealed. The Dragon's Whisker is a hair growth product! As a girl it has no effect, but should Ranma remove the whisker from his pigtail as a boy his hair grows uncontrollably fast.

Plot Overview

As Akane stares in cautious fear of Ranma, he begins mumbling about how it still hasn't gone away. Ranma then proceeds to explain that back in China, shortly after acquiring his Jusenkyo curse, he noticed a thief stealing a man's rice porridge. Starving, Ranma quickly ate the porridge the moment she got it away from the thief. However, the man who made the porridge suddenly checks Ranma's chest and is relieved to she that she isn't male.

Ranma recalls when she learnt about the power of the Dragon's Whisker.

After stomping on the man for his actions, Ranma heads back with him to his restaurant so that he can explain the secret of the porridge Ranma ate. Once there Ranma learns that the porridge was made using the Dragon's Whisker and, although it has no effect on women, it fulfills certain male ambitions. Whilst the salesman comments on how lucky it is that Ranma's female, Ranma herself decides to boil some water so that she can change into her male form, causing the true power of the whisker to be revealed.

Finishing off his story, Ranma adds that the salesman allowed him to take the whisker with him, leaving Akane to think that it's no wonder men are after the whisker if it has this sort of power.

Genma realises the connection between those who seek the Dragon's Whisker.

Meanwhile, at the Cat Café, Genma asks Cologne to share what she knows about the Dragon's Whisker, as she's the most likely person to know something about it. Cologne, however, turns to Genma and simply says that the whisker has terrible power which must be kept secret, especially from people like him.

With his request for information turned down, Genma begins wandering the streets of Furinkan as he tries to figure out just what the secret is. At that moment Happosai rushes past Genma with the Niku-men in hot pursuit. Seeing this, Genma notices the connection between everyone who seeks the Dragon's Whisker they're all bald.

Whilst Genma rushes to find his son, Akane tries help Ranma control his now-rapidly growing hair. Seeing no other way to stop Ranma's hair Akane proceeds to attempt to braid it before tying it up with the Dragon's Whisker. But no sooner does Akane finish a poorly located pigtail sprouting from the top of Ranma's head, a furious Genma storms in and demands to know how his son could've kept something like this from him.

Having heard this Ranma immediately deduces that his father must've learnt about the Dragon's Whisker and, not a moment later, Happosai and the Niku-men arrive to claim the whisker from themselves. Genma, however, easily dispatches the group, including his perverted master. He then continues by turning back to his son, with tears in his eyes, asking why he couldn't trust his own father. With his father sorrowfully exclaiming how vile his own son must think he his, Ranma begins to feel sorry for Genma, but soon sees through his father's ruse as he tries to grab the whisker.

Cologne warns Ranma that without the whisker she'll become bald within a week.

Seeing himself as having no other options Genma prepares to fight Ranma, but is no match for his son's superior fighting abilities and is soon knocked to the ground in defeat. When Ranma begins walking away, however, he notice his father crying and returns to his side where Genma begins asking himself how his son can shame him son much as to not share a secret to hair growth.

With his son's guard down, Genma finally succeeds in getting the whisker and makes his escape. Ranma attempts to follow, but trips up as a passing group of female students walk over his trailing hair. Just then Cologne returns with a bucket of cold water that she immediately throws over Ranma. Now in his female form Ranma is able to cut her hair again, but once she does so, Cologne warns that they must retrieve the Dragon's Whisker at once, otherwise Ranma will go bald within a week.

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  • (Cologne) "You want to know the secret of the Dragon's Whisker?"
    • (Genma) "Yes. I though if anyone would know, it would be a 3000-year-old Chinese ghoul."
    • (Cologne) "Who are you calling a 3000-year-old Chinese ghoul?!"


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