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The Wrath of Happosai (八宝斉 怒る Happosai ikaru?) is the 67th chapter of the manga and the fifth chapter of the Happosai Intro Arc.


The man from the neighborhood watch comes by to ask Soun and Genma to keep an eye out for a panty thief that has been spotted lately. Soun and Genma quickly pretend they've never seen the culprit, but Ranma decides to try and take care of the situation.

Plot Overview

Soun, Genma and Kasumi listen to the man from the Neighborhood watch has arrived explain about the underwear thief.

Kasumi tells Soun that the Man From Neighborhood Watch has come to see him. Kasumi, Soun and Genma sit down and hear from the man that there's been an underwear thief and he's been operating since about the start of the month. The news of an underwear thief in their area shock Soun and Genma who say that this cannot continue. The man asks them if this means they'll help, to which both Soun and Genma agree before gloating about how easily it'll be (Kasumi, meanwhile, notices Happosai running outside carrying a bag with a bra hanging out of it).

The man thinks he just saw something, but Soun soon convinces him it was just his imagination. Returning to matter at hand, the man says that although he's not if it can be used as a lead or not they do have some photographs from the crime scenes. Soun and Genma look at the pictures an instantly recognise Happosai in them (Happosai is even posing in one of the pictures) and are left shocked at the revelation. Akane and Ranma see the photographs as well, Ranma then says that the pictures are hardly leads, more like proof. At this time, Kasumi welcomes the pair back.

Soun pretends to be bedridden so he doesn't have to face Happosai, to both Genma and Akane's annoyance. Ranma then asks why they're so afraid of the old freak and tells Genma to come with him so they can catch the underwear thief. Genma, however, is against the idea so turns into a panda to try and get out of it. Kasumi says Genma that he picks the most annoying times to become a panda.

After Genma gets launched by Happosai, Ranma uses her breasts to lure Happosai to where Genma lands.

A bit later and Happosai is ironing his newly acquired underwear, when suddenly Ranma kicks him and says that Genma would like to have a word with him. Genma, fraught with panic, just holds up a sign saying hello to his master, causing Happosai to tell Genma he's a very busy man. Genma holds up another sign noting how glad he is to see Happosai looking so well. Seeing this is getting nowhere fast, Ranma hides behind Genma and holds up signs calling him an old lecherous as well as saying how he'll (Genma) will bring him to his knees.

Happosai is obviously insulted by these comments, so scolds Genma for them (despite, of course them not coming from him). Ranma then tells Genma to show Happosai his fists of justice, but Genma doesn't want to. So to force Genma's hand, Ranma throws him at Happosai, however, Happosai quickly launches Genma into the air with his pipe. Ranma then pours cold water to turn into his cursed form and flashes her breasts at Happosai. This causes Happosai to instantly go towards Ranma, and subsequently get crushed by the returning Genma.

With Happosai trapped under Genma, Kasumi, Akane and Ranma can start collecting up and returning Happosai's stolen underwear (while they do this, Akane also notices a pair of the stolen panties belong to her). Happosai manages to get free of Genma and calmly walks towards the entrance of the room, where he stops and tells Ranma he's aroused his anger. He continues by running off, seemingly rather upset, telling Ranma he'll remember this.

Soun and Genma are terrified to learn that Happosai has been angered.

Suddenly Genma puts on a backpack and holds a sign telling Ranma to pack quickly as they're going on a trip, leaving Ranma confused about what's happening. Soun then learns of Genma and Ranma angering the master and notes that it's the thing he's most feared.

Outside the Dojo and Genma is carrying Ranma away with him, Ranma protests and demands to know why they're running away. Genma holds up a sign telling Ranma that she doesn't know the true terror of the master's wrath. Ranma chuckles a bit and tells Genma that she'd like to see that and notes how confident she is to be able to deal with anything Happosai can dish out. At that moment several delivery men arrive with large portions of food which they've been told has been ordered by Genma. A group of women then appear as well demanding to see Ranma Saotome. Ranma is set aback slightly, but Happosai then appears and pours hot water over him. This sends the women into a frenzied attack as they'd received notes saying that Ranma was the one who stole their underwear. Genma, meanwhile, gets attacked by the deliverymen demanding he pay for the orders while some other people appear saying they're here to take a panda back to the zoo.

That evening and Happosai's revenge continues, with him placing paw prints on the walls and placing tacks in shoes amongst other things. Kasumi describes the revenge as diabolical, while Nabiki says that the revenge is so pitiful it's hard to begrudge Happosai. Nabiki then turns to Soun and tells him he has to do something about it, this spurs Soun and Genma into getting Happosai's attention followed by pitifully begging him not to be angry anymore. Akane is unimpressed by the grovelling, while Nabiki notes that while it may be pathetic it still works.

Akane goes to see Ranma, shortly before he explains his plan to her.

Happosai says that there should be someone else bowing to him, namely Ranma. Happosai continues by poking Ranma and pestering him to do so, but this just angers Ranma, luckily Genma forces Ranma to bow while holding a sign saying he doesn't have to mean it, just do it. Ranma punches Genma saying that he doesn't bow to anyone.

Some time later and Ranma has been effectively kicked out of the Dojo, with Kasumi and Nabiki explaining that maybe Happosai will calm down if Ranma lies low for the night. As Ranma thinks about this, he wonders why they had to pick such a cold night. Ranma then hears someone walking towards him, which turns out to be Akane with some tea and pork buns. Ranma shyly thanks Akane, causing her to ask him if he's going to cry himself to sleep now. Ranma says that he isn't and already has a plan, but he'll need Akane's help with it... Meanwhile, Happosai is hiding under a box and sees Ranma talking with Akane and thinks to himself how he'll make Ranma pay for getting a girl to help.

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  • When Soun and Genma see the pictures of Happosai stealing panties their faces turn into Henohenomoheji faces, this will later become a recurring gag of the series.
  • In the Viz Media translation, the box we see Happosai hides under while Akane and Ranma talk says "Please take me home. My name is Soichiro", this a reference to Sōichirō from Maison Ikkoku.
    • The original japanese version doesn't have this joke. Instead the name on the box is Nurarihyon, who is a Japanese yōkai that resembles an old man and is known to slip into people's homes secretly, hence the Happosai connection.


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