Time to Leave the Nest (巣立ちの時 Sudachi no toki?) is the 214th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Cradle from Hell Arc.

Ranma decides to leave for some training before his match against his father. Genma trains as well, but keeps a watchful eye on Ranma.

Plot Overview

Continuing from Previous Chapter

Genma has already left to train and Ranma tells Akane that he will be going up into the mountain to do the same. He feels that his father is sincere about beating him, so he should take the duel seriously. Kasumi tries to tell Ranma that his father would never want to really hurt him, but as Ranma puts his hand in his bag it is caught in a mousetrap with a note of mockery. He takes off with the Tendo sisters behind him, this time without his father.

Leaving the nest

Ranma and Genma as birds.

Akane visits Genma, who set up his tent in the playground she found him in the other day. Akane tries to get him to reconcile with his son, but Genma sees this as the pivotal moment in Ranma's life where he leaves the nest to be a real man. Meanwhile, Ranma is cold and alone up in the mountain. He prepares his meal and realizes that this is his first time being alone. Though they must not see each other as father and son, Ranma can't help but to reminisce on the times his father gave him comfort when he was young. He rests his eyes for just a bit in front of the fire but wakes up some time later. Ranma sees that a blanket has been put on him and a panda trail leading away from the campsite. He is touched that Genma is still a father even in their present circumstance, but soon realizes that something is wrong. He checks his bowl where he prepared his meal and finds it completely empty.

The Training Begins

Next day, Ranma begins his training. He sets up several logs tied to rope and breaks them as they fly towards him. After finishing, a large boulder suddenly appears above him. A distant yell tells him to look out and a masked individual comes flying, destroying the boulder with a single kick to prevent it from hitting Ranma. The masked figure tells him to be more careful, but Ranma is unfazed, as he can clearly see the poor costume that his father attempted to don to keep an eye on him. He accuses him of throwing the rock in the first place, but Genma feigns ignorance. Ranma then splashes him with water, turning him into a masked panda. Even in his cursed form Genma feigns ignorance and bounces away from his son.

Genma masked

Genma pretends to be a masked stranger.

Soun and Akane pop out, observing the whole scene and realize that Genma still cares about his son. They sit down in Ranma's camp with canned drinks. While they talk about Genma's caring side even amidst such tension, Genma is high up in a nearby tree listening to their every word. He remarks that his plan is going well, that this act of fatherly love is only to act as psychological warfare aimed at weakening Ranma's spirit. Genma cannot stand the thought of losing to his son, and will do whatever it takes to win.

Akane on her way back from school takes notice of Genma in the playground, in his panda form and playing with used tires. She wonders what kind of technique he could possibly be practicing, as Ranma continues to train in the mountain.

The Fight Begins

The Tendos sit on the edge of the dojo while Ranma and Genma face off. Soun tells the two that the fight will last one round and starts the match. The two race towards each other and Ranma begins with a swift kick, then strikes repeatedly at his defending father. It is clear from the audience that Ranma still holds a clear advantage over his father.

Finally, a kick to the chin brings Genma down. Ranma waits for him to get up, but Genma begins to chuckle. He gets up slowly, grinning and declaring that he will defeat Ranma without holding back.

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