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To the Tree-Borne Kettle-Girl (木の上のヤカンの女へ Ki no ue no yakan no onna he?) is the fifth of the first volume of the manga and the third chapter in the Tatewaki Kuno Intro Arc.


The fight between Kuno and Ranma has spilled over into the pool. However, as Ranma, who has turned into his female form, drags an unconscious Kuno onto the pool side he awakens and grabs Ranma, while Akane looks on from the School's third floor and wonders if the jig is finally up.

Plot Overview

Kuno grabs onto Ranma and says that he fights on. Kuno then touches Ranma's breast and realises that he is not holding onto the male Ranma Saotome that he knows. Ranma then grabs Kuno's head and throws him onto the pool side and calls Kuno a pervert, before quickly jumping over the fence and disappearing. A few of the students on the third floor notice that Ranma's body looks smaller all round than earlier. Another student replies that it must've been an illusion, meanwhile Akane sneaks away. Kuno is then seen lying on the pool side. He then assures to himself that is was a woman in the pool and not Ranma, this leads Kuno to sit up and shouts that Ranma is a wretch and that he hasn't escaped yet.

Ranma holding the Tetsubin.

Ranma is taking her trousers off and ringing the water out of them. She then calls Kuno a pervert, and says that he didn't have to squeeze so hard, she then assumes that Kuno must know about her secret. Someone from below the tree shouts up to Ranma calling her a fool. Ranma looks down and sees Akane and asks what she's going on about. Akane replies that it was stupid for Ranma to jump into the pool of his own free will. Ranma begins pulling faces at Akane and sticking out her tongue. Akane decides not to respond to Ranma's childishness and just shows Ranma a tetsubin with the word "Janitor" written on the side and asks if she should just throw the hot water in it away. Ranma begins calling Akane a meanie, but Akane hears some wet footsteps behind her. Akane looks and sees Kuno is looking for Ranma, so she throws the Tetsubin to Ranma. Ranma reaches out to catch the tetsubin, while Akane goes to confront Kuno.

Akane runs up to Kuno and says that she challenges him. Kuno is surprised that Akane has challenged him and says that if she wins he'll let her go out with him, so he'll lose with all his might. Akane is highly confused by this and asks him who's asking to go out with him. Akane then says to herself that Ranma should change back into a boy while she distracts Kuno. However, Ranma, who is still in the tree precariously holding the Tetsubin, asks what she is supposed to do. Kuno then launches at Akane with his Shinai, which Akane manages to grab and stop. However, the force of the strike causes Akane to trip backwards she then quickly kicks Kuno into the air. Meanwhile, Ranma has finally regained her balance and is about to pour the hot water when Kuno lands on top of the tetsubin and dents it.

Ranma letting go of Kuno while in the tree.

Kuno turns and sees Ranma and recognises her as the girl from the pool. Akane then points angrily at Ranma and asks why she's still a girl, which Ranma replies what did she expect. Kuno asks Ranma is she saw where the boy with the pigtail went, Ranma shakes her head. This leads Kuno to start calling Ranma a coward for running away from the fight and that he must've feared Kuno's prowess. Ranma gets angered by this as Kuno continues to say that Ranma Saotome is no man. Ranma has heard enough so lets go of the tetsubin, thus causing Kuno to fall to the floor. Ranma then jumps down and decides to challenge Kuno herself.

Kuno picks up his shinai and says that if Ranma wins he'll allow her to go out with him. Kuno then attacks Ranma, however Ranma easily jumps out of the way. As Ranma does this she asks Kuno who's asking to go out with him and then kicks him in the face. As Kuno falls to the floor he says to himself that this girl is just as skilled as Akane, if not more skilled. Ranma then begins twirling round Kuno's shinai and says that Ranma Saotome is even better than her. Akane and Ranma then walk off, leaving Kuno lying on the grass. Ranma says to Akane that they should go home, which Akane says that school isn't even over yet.

Genma and Ranma are in the Dojo doing Head stands. Genma says to Ranma that Akane really looked out for him today, to which Ranma replies that it's not like he asked her to. Meanwhile, Akane is in her room with Nabiki, who is asking Akane if it is any of her business about Ranma being a boy who can turn into a girl. Akane replies by saying that's easy for her to say as nobody's spreading rumors about her and Ranma being fiancées. At this time Ranma walks up to the door of Akane's room and is about to knock on it when he hears Akane asks Nabiki if she wants people to think she's perverted like Ranma is. Ranma decides not to knock on the door and instead goes back down stairs asking himself why he's meant to thank her when she says things like that.

At Furinkan High School someone from inside the school is screaming "what" very loudly. The person turns out to be Kuno who has just been told by Nabiki that she knows the girl in pigtails with the Chinese clothes that Kuno met yesterday. Kuno then proceeds to go his desk and write a note, while thinking to himself that if that girl thinks she can defeat him and simply walk away she is very much mistaken. Kuno then gives a note to Nabiki addressed to "The Tree-Borne Kettle-Girl".

After school Nabiki gives Ranma the letter and tells Ranma that Kuno said give it to "the girl side" so he mustn't think that "she" and Ranma are the same person. Ranma reads the letter which says On Sunday, in the tenth hour meet me in the second field of Furinkan High School. Akane then appears and says that it sounds like a challenge to a duel. Nabiki says that little Kuno just hates losing, which makes Akane believe him to be vengeful.

Kuno leaving Ranma with the Bouquet.

When Sunday comes around Ranma, who has turned into his female form, is on the field of Furinkan High School just as the note asked. Kuno is surprised to see that the "Tree-Borne Kettle-Girl" has come after all. Ranma responds by saying to Kuno that he doesn't learn quickly. Ranma continues by asking where Kuno's shinai is. Kuno just laughs and says that he has no need for a shinai, Ranma replies by asking Kuno if he's feeling confident then. Kuno then says that he's confident enough to give Ranma these and throws a bouquet of flowers at Ranma, which she then grabs. Kuno then tells Ranma that he loves her and walks away, leaving Ranma sat on the field holding the bouquet.

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  • Why that little... and I'm supposed to thank her?! - Ranma after hearing what Akane thinks of him.


  • In one panel of the English translation of this chapter Nabiki can be seen reading a magazine with the title "Vague", an obvious reference to the real-life magazine Vogue. In the original Japanese version the magazine is called "Nan-No".


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