Togenkyo is a small island where Toma and his half-animal warriors reside. Unlike a typical island it is not stationary and follows the currents. During the events of the second movie, it passes by a deserted South Seas island on its way to Japan.


Togenkyo Emblem

The Togenkyo coat of arms carved into the sacred peach tree.

Most of the island is covered with forest. The most prominent feature is a massive peach tree in the center within which Toma and has people reside. The people of Togenkyo take pride in the tree. For every woman that its residents abduct, they leave behind a single peach and even Toma's illusory barrier takes the form of a peach. The tree has a carving of a coat of arms on it, though where this is located is unknown. It features a peach over crossed swords and leaves.

The sap from Togenkyo's sacred peach tree creates a magical spring that will turn anything that touches its waters into a man. As a result every child born on it is male, and island lacks any women except the ones its inhabitants abduct for marriage from neighboring islands. Despite being regarded as a curse, the water is is also believed to protect the island from danger. Only the ruler of the island has access to the spring via large doors that can be accessed with a special key.

Anime HistoryEdit

After getting shipwrecked on the deserted South Seas Island during the summer, Ranma Saotome and his companions first became aware of Togenkyo when it drifted close to the island and Toma and his men began to abduct the females in the group one night. They succeeded in capturing the Tendo sisters, Shampoo, and Ukyo Kuonji. Using a lifeboat from Kuno's wrecked yacht, the rest of the group crossed over to Togenkyo in a rescue attempt. After Ranma defeated Toma, they stayed on Togenkyo for another week while waiting for it to drift on the currents towards Japan.