Prince Tōma is the young ruler of Togenkyo Island. Because the island is situated on top of a spring which makes it impossible for the island's inhabitants to give birth to females, the only way for his people to find brides is to kidnap them from neighboring islands, assisted by his three human-animal hybrid henchmen, Sarutoru, Torristan, and Wonton.


Tōma resides in a high portion of the massive peach tree that dominates Togenkyo. His quarters are well-furnished and also contain the secret location of the island's spring, which is locked behind special vault doors that can only be opened with a special key. Tōma uses a series of speaking tubes to communicate with other areas of the tree.

His mother died when he was very young and he has no memories of her, but believes that she was a kindhearted woman who cared about him, something that he is seeking in his future bride.

He captures the Tendo sisters, Ukyo Kuonji and Shampoo as well as many other women to be potential brides. Back at Togenkyo they compete to be his bride in strange contests which are designed to amuse him. He ends up choosing Akane Tendo, despite Ranma Saotome's best efforts, because she reprimands him about his treatment of the girls. After this his men take their own picks of the other women.

Tōma tells Akane about his mother and also reveals to her the location of Togenkyo's spring, a closely guarded secret. Although she tells him that she is already engaged, she also complains about Ranma's bad qualities, leading Tōma to think that she can break the engagement. After it is reported that the rescuers have escaped, Tōma leaves to handle the situation, but instantly reappears when Ranma bursts into his chambers. He dodges Ranma's attempts to get the gourd that he wears at his belt which had earlier been used to demonstrate the effects of the Togenkyo water, then gives it to him thinking that it was what Ranma is after. When he realized that it is the water, he refuses to disclose its location and begins to use his illusion-based attacks.


Tōma's fighting style revolves around the use of illusions created by his sword, but he is a highly capable fighter even without using any. He is fast enough to dodge the Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire Fist and is near equal to Ranma in speed and basic combat techniques.


Using his sword, Tōma can create bright flashes of light, turn nearly invisible, and create high winds. However he does not need it to create his largest illusion, that of a giant peach encircling him, nor to teleport.

Mirror AuraEdit

Tōma holds his blade, still sheathed, in front of him. He is translucent for the duration of this technique, during which time any attack directed at him will be thrown back at the person who performed it.

Chaotic Mirage AttackEdit

Tōma's ultimate technique. The Chaotic Mirage Attack casts an illusion that forces its victims to believe they have been engulfed in flames. While the attack itself does no harm, the illusion is strong enough to make ensnared opponents feel pain. This side effect can be countered through strong focus.

Shadow IllusionEdit

Like his hechmen, Tōma can create an illusion of a shadow that he is able to hide in, move over great distances quickly, and attack while remaining unseen and unheard. He can hide others with this move as well.

Shock waveEdit

The only one of Tōma's attacks shown in which he uses his left hand. His eyes glow a light purple and he thrusts his left arm forward, unleashing an invisible shock wave against an onrushing opponent. This was strong enough to stop Ranma, Ryoga, Genma, and Mousse in their tracks.


Tōma's primary weapon is a sword that he uses to create his illusions although he is not ambidextrous with its use, wielding it only with his right hand. After it was deflected into a wall in his chambers, he broke off a minecart lever and used it in the same way against Ranma, even landing a solid hit to force the latter back.


  • Although exclusive to the anime, a similar set of villains who are also animal hybrids (Herb, Mint, and Lime), appear in the manga.
  • The movie story seems to be based on the legend of Momotarō, as peaches (Momotarō's theme) are seen around Tōma. The part (桃 "peach") in his name is a different pronunciation of momo. Also, his three animal hybrids, Sarutoru, Torristan, and Wanton, are the animals that accompanied Momotarō (a monkey, bird, and dog).