Torristan is Toma's half-bird warrior and one of his three elite fighters. In keeping with his bird theme his quarters on Togenkyo Island consist of a very high, darkened space with logs placed high in the ceiling to simulate perches. Feathers are featured in his attacks and he can make them as hard as steel and use them like throwing knives.



Torristan's usual appearance.

Torristan is a tall, slender man with large eyes and a dark blue mohawk similar in appearance to a bird's comb. A beak that he wears over his mouth further adds to his bird-like appearance, which can be considered funny by people who have not previously seen him. As a result Torristan makes his appearance more imposing by normally wearing a black and red mask that both hides his face and also makes his voice slightly deeper. He also wears a white turban with a pink feather headdress as well as a cape fashioned to resemble bird's wings and a long-sleeved full length dark purple robe.

Beneath this he dresses similarly to Sarutoru and Wanton, wearing a sleeveless shirt, pants, and studded two part cloth garment around his waist secured by a belt. Unlike the other two his gloves reach more than halfway up his arms and he wears shoes.

Torristan kidnapped Shampoo to be his bride and his attraction to her increased when he learned that she was a Chinese Amazon. However Mousse arrived shortly thereafter to save her. This proved more difficult than expected however, as the grueling battle nearly took Mousse's life in the process. Mousse nearly reached his end, but through sheer force of will mustered all of his remaining energy to defeat Torristan with a single punch. Doing so cost him all of his strength and he soon fainted, losing his balance and falling from his high perch, but was caught by Shampoo.


Torristan favors an aerial style of fighting that uses his bird-like abilities and is shown to be capable of briefly perching upside down. He began his short fight with Mousse by using a large sword which was broken by Mousse with a claw-like weapon. After this Torristan resorted to using his steel-hard feathers to continue the fight.

Feather BlizzardEdit

Torristan leaps into the air and flaps his cape to create a strong gust of wind that blows a storm of feathers at an opponent, blinding them and setting them up to be ensnared with a rope.

Throwing feathersEdit

Torristan has another type of feather that he carries which function like throwing knives. He can either fire these in bunches by spreading his cape or throw them by hand. Torristan is extremely accurate when throwing a cluster of these feathers at once, and can either pin down an opponent or hit their pressure points, immobilizing them. Mousse, however, was able to counter this through his sheer strength of will to save Shampoo.

Shadow illusionEdit

Like Toma and his fellow henchmen, Torristan can cast a shadow which can travel underwater and on the ground at high speeds which was used to kidnap the potential brides.


  • Torristan could be based on Mint, who is also a half-animal hybrid who utilizes throwing knives as his primary weapons.
  • Torristan, along with Sarutoru and Wanton, are based on the animals of the Momotarō legend.[citation needed]