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Tsubasa Kurenai Busts Loose! (突撃!紅つばさ Totsugeki! Kurenai Tsubasa?) is the 100th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Tsubasa Kurenai Arc.


Ranma recieves a letter from someone named Tsubasa Kurenai who want to challenge him. Ranma has never heard of Tsubasa and is surprised to come across a mailbox that tries to attack him. Once the mailbox has been dealt with Ranma finds out that there is a young girl inside that is looking for Ukyo.

Plot Overview

Whilst walking the streets of Furinkan, Ranma reads a letter from someone called Tsubasa Kurenai who writes that they'll soon arrive to take their life. As Ranma notes that she doesn't even know anyone called "Tsubasa Kurenai", Akane says it isn't very unreasonable for him to remember everyone she's ever ripped off, jilted or ate out of house and home. Hearing these comments, Ranma asks Akane what sort of guy she thinks he is anyway.

Ranma and Akane are surprise to see a girl emerge from the Mailbox wreckage.

At that moment a voice booms out, telling Ranma to prepare to die. An object then falls from the sky and Ranma and Akane quickly avoid it. To the pair's amazement the object turns out to be a Mailbox. The Mailbox then shouts "charge!" as it rushes towards Ranma again, only to miss and damage a nearby wall, Akane then asks Ranma what she ever did to a Mailbox, although Ranma has no idea.

The Mailbox launches another attack on Ranma, and yet again Ranma dodges, but this time the Mailbox crashes into lamppost which damages the Mailbox extensively. Suddenly an arm shoots out of the Mailbox and a girl climbs out of the Mailbox. The girl attempts to attack Ranma, but has used up all of her strength and collapses. Akane asks Ranma who this girl is, but Ranma has no idea, causing Akane to ask Ranma if she's sure it isn't another fiancé. Just then Ukyo arrives and asks the pair what they're doing in the middle of the street.

Before Ukyo gets a reply, however, she notices the unconscious girl. Ukyo instantly recognises the girl as the "Tsubasa Kurenai" who sent Ranma the challenge letter. Akane asks Ukyo if Tsubasa's a friend of hers, but Ukyo doesn't answer, instead opting to dump Tsubasa into a Garbage Can before hitting it away with her giant Spatula. While Ukyo can't believe that Tsubasa followed her all the way here, Ranma wonders just what's up with Tsubasa.

Later that day, Ukyo, Ranma and Akane have gone to Okonomiyaki Ucchan's. As she cooks some Okonomiyaki, Ukyo explains that Tsubasa was in the same class as her in her old school. She continues by revealing that in order to stop Tsubasa's streams of gifts she told her that she's engaged to Ranma. At that moment, Tsubasa reappears (still in the Garbage Can she was thrown away in) and adds that she nerve gave up and sent Ukyo mountains of love letters.

Ukyo then adds that since Tsubasa wasn't leaving her alone, she sent a picture of Ranma with a letter demanding she leave them alone. Akane then quietly asks Ukyo which Ranma was in the picture, to which Ukyo explains that it was the female one since Tsubasa thinks she's a guy so it wouldn't make sense for her to send a picture of the male Ranma.

Akane shows Tsubasa Ukyo's cleavage so she can explain that Ukyo's a girl.

Just then, Tsubasa looks at Ranma and climbs out of the Garbage Can and calls her ugly. These words anger Ranma greatly, but as Akane is present Ranma decides to, instead of shouting back at Tsubasa, to jump in Ukyo's arms and tell Tsubasa that she may be ugly, but at least she's not the one who lost out to ugly. Ukyo tries to calmly get Tsubasa to leave, Ranma interrupts and bluntly tells her to give it up and go home.

Angered and upset, Tsubasa soon storms out of the restaurant. She soon returns, however, this time disguised as a Vending machine. Despite hopping to hit Ranma, all Tsubasa manages to get a bump on the head. Ukyo, however, is furious with the mess Tsubasa made of her restaurant and attempts to hit her with her giant Spatula. Akane then quickly delves in and pulls open Ukyo's shirt, revealing Ukyo's cleavage to Tsubasa.

Ukyo quickly covers herself up and asks Akane what she did that for. Akane then clearly tells Tsubasa that Ukyo is a girl, whilst they look on, Ranma notes to Ukyo that maybe she should've done this from the start. Tsubasa, meanwhile, isn't the slightest bit fazed by this revelation and tells the group that she knew Ukyo's gender all along. She then adds that she's only interesting in girls and rushes out of the restaurant, but not before briefly returning to call Ranma ugly again. As Ukyo and Akane comment of their surprise of Tsubasa's statement, Ranma angrily declares that she'll show Tsubasa who's ugly.

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