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Ukyo's Secret (右京の正体 Ukyo no shotai?) is the 87th chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Ukyo Kuonji Intro Arc.


Ranma is shocked to discover that Ukyo is a girl. He tries pouring hot water on her, but quickly realizes Ukyo is not cursed, she's always been a girl. Genma explains that 10 years ago Ukyo's father approached him and offered to engage Ukyo to Ranma.

Plot Overview

Ranma checks to see if Ukyo has a Jusenkyo curse, but soon learns she doesn't.

On the grounds of Furinkan High, Genma reveals to the other students present that Ukyo is actually female. This causes some chatter amongst the students as they start to believe that maybe Ukyo and Ranma are more than just "childhood friends", all the time Akane is stood in complete silence.

Meanwhile, in the P.E. equipment room, Ranma asks Ukyo since when has he been female. While Ukyo comments on what a stupid question that is, Ranma quickly pours some boiled water over Ukyo (testing to see if Ukyo has a Jusenkyo curse). Ukyo, however, remains female and subsequently slaps Ranma for his actions followed by angrily asking him if the sight of her cleavage makes him insane.

Just then Genma and the other students arrive. Genma proceeds to formally introduce Ranma to Ukyo... his fiancé! After Akane and Ranma simultaneously hit Genma for this possibly dubious information, Ranma demands Genma explain himself.

Genma explains that ten years ago, Ukyo's Father approached him about having Ranma marry Ukyo. Initially Genma was against the idea as Ranma was already promised to another, but this soon changes when Ukyo's father notes that he was going to throw in his Okonomiyaki cart as the dowry. Ukyo then adds that Genma just took the cart and ran, casting her aside like he had Ranma's previous fiancé.

Ukyo remembering about how she trained against the raging ocean.

Ukyo continues by saying that the day she was left behind was the day her life as a woman ended. After being ridiculed by the other children for being effectively dumped by her fiancé, Ukyo explains that she devoted her life to revenge and Okonomiyaki and did this by setting up a portable griddle and cooked right next to the raging ocean. Daisuke wonders why the griddle had to be by the sea as it's kind of pointless, but is quickly told by Hiroshi that that's the point before asking Daisuke "don't you watch old Samurai movies?!".

A saddened silence then falls upon the room, until some female students note that it's no wonder that Ukyo hates Ranma and Genma so much. Genma then agrees that Ukyo as every right to hate, so offers that she can take out all her anger on Ranma. Ranma, however, quickly kicks his father for this suggestion as it was his fault too, but Genma reveals that he was unable to make the decision so he trusted Ranma to choose on his own.

This creates a storm of interest amongst some of the female students, but Ranma outrightly states that he doesn't remember any of this. Genma then has a flashback to him asking Ranma which he liked better, Ukyo or Okonomiyaki, to which Ranma almost instantly replies "Okonomiyaki". Extremely angered by this revelation, Ukyo hits the Saotomes with a gymnastics beam, as Genma sobs about Ukyo having every right to hit them, Ranma continues to say he has no memory of these events. Some of the female students then get angered at the Saotomes as well and begin to beat them up also, not caring about Ranma saying he didn't know Ukyo was female until today.

Ranma unbends Ukyo's Spatula and returns it to her.

Akane looks on, thinking to herself that the pair probably had it coming. Mysteriously, by the time the girls finish their beating, both Ukyo and Ranma have disappeared from the equipment room.

Outside, Ranma takes Ukyo back to where he disposed of her large Spatula, bends it back to how it was and returns it to Ukyo. Ranma then tells Ukyo that he won't make any excuses and allows Ukyo to do whatever she wants to him. Ukyo darkly notes that ever since that day it's been impossible for her to embrace her femininity and begins charging towards Ranma. She then attempts to attack Ranma, but he dodges continuously, viewing Ukyo's last statement as an overreaction (while this is going on Akane finds the pair and watches from behind a tree, quietly telling Ranma to watch himself).

Ukyo attempts another attack on Ranma, this time saying that day she's sworn not to ever love another man. After avoiding a swing from Ukyo's Spatula, Ranma reappears directly in front of Ukyo and notes what a shame that is, given how cute she is. Ranma continues to tell Ukyo she's cute, embarrassing her greatly (all the time hitting Ranma for causing her to blush). Suddenly, Akane decides to intervene as she's had enough of Ranma's flirting so puts herself between him and Ukyo.

Ukyo tells Ranma that from tomorrow they can be friends again.

Ranma introduces his cute fiancé (Ukyo) to his un-cute one (Akane). This angers Akane even more, so she begins to attack Ranma asking so what is she's un-cute. As Ukyo looks on, she takes out a portable stove and begins cooking, all the while asking if the two of them aren't getting along, to which the answer is an outstanding "yes".

Having finished with her cooking, Ukyo throws Ranma another Okonomiyaki, this time with a love heart drawn with sauce. She then begins walking off, telling Ranma to let bygones be bygones and starting tomorrow they can be friends. Akane turns to Ranma and says that he must be very happy, but Ranma just stands in shocked silence whilst holding his Okonomiyaki.

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