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Ukyo's unnamed father was once good friends with Genma Saotome. However, this friendship wore thin when Ranma continually defeated Ukyo and got free Okonomiyaki. This made Ukyo's father decide that Ukyo should marry Ranma and gave Genma his Okonomiyaki cart as dowry, however, Ranma and Genma left with the cart and didn't take Ukyo with them.


Ten years prior to the events of the series Genma and Ranma are in a town as they travel on their training journey. While there they discover Ukyo and her father who make and sell Okonomiyaki. Ranma quickly becomes friends with Ukyo, but the relationship is one-sided as Ukyo hates Ranma for continually defeating her (although Ranma doesn't realizes this). When Ranma defeats Ukyo he gets free Okonomiyaki from her father (to his annoyance).

Eventually Ukyo's father decides that Ukyo and Ranma should get married and proposes this idea to Genma. At first Genma refuses and says that Ranma is "already promised" to someone else. However, Genma quickly changes his mind when Ukyo's father says he was going to offer his Okonomiyaki cart as a dowry. Unfortunately for Ukyo and her father, Genma just took the cart and ran, leaving the two of them without a fiancé or a source of income.

It is unknown what happened to him, as Ukyo never bothered to share the tale, although she apparently disagrees when Higuma Torajiro assumes that her father forces her to support herself.


He is a middle aged man with a scruffy beard and a giant spatula, and was the one who taught Okonomiyaki Martial Arts to Ukyo.


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Ukyo Kuonji

Ukyo's father seems to have a good relationship for his daughter and seems to want the best for her, hence why he wanted her to marry Ranma after being defeated by him so many times. In the anime Ukyo's father is also shown to do typical duties of a father, the most notable of which being telling Ukyo to "watch her mouth" when she badmouths Ranma out of earshot of Ranma.


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  • Ukyo's father in the manga sports a full beard, whereas the anime counterpart has a thinner mustache.
  • Whilst a common fan assumption is that Ukyo's father forced her to adopt her male disguise, this is actually not canonical; Ukyo never mentions her father in relation to that decision and instead makes it clear that she chose this route. The popularity of this idea most likely stems from confusion with Ryuunosuke Fujinami and her father from Urusei Yatsura, where Ryuunosuke was forced to crossdress and present as a boy by her insane father.