Ryoga and Ukyo - OVA 10

Ukyo and Ryoga in the 10th OVA.

This is a page describing the possible romantic relationship between Ukyo Kuonji and Ryoga Hibiki, including hints.

In the series Ryoga and Ukyo teamed up a few times to break up Ranma and Akane, but most of the time they are seen fighting and Ukyo often harshly berates the sensitive Ryoga which hurts his feelings, however a number of fans believe they have the potential to be a couple, agreeing with Ranma’s statement in the Cursed Tunnel of love that they’re bickering is like him and Akane[1].

Others think Ukyo’s treatment of Ryoga is an example of a tsundere attitude, noting that Ukyo sometimes even whacks Ranma with her spatula when she’s happy.

Overall the relationship is more likely in the anime as by the end of the manga Ryoga is in a romantic relationship with Akari while Ukyo has a unrequited admirer named Konatsu. Neither characters exist in the anime continuity (though a character called Anna is very similar to Akari).

Even after these two characters were introduced the Ukyo/Ryoga relationship was still popular with the fandom due to the alternative love interests being introduced extremely late in the manga’s run. Their late arrival meant that they were not able to develop as clearly as Ukyo and Ryoga, leading many fans to see Akari and Konatsu as one dimensional. The relationship between Ukyo and Ryoga was seen as funnier, cuter, and more interesting.

The relationship would probably best be started by Ukyo as Ryoga is willing to love any girl that likes him as seen by his reaction when approached by a disguised Ranma[2][3][4].

On the plus side Ukyo is strong enough to not have to worry about Ryoga accidentally hurting her with his powerful hugs and he seems to have some cooking skill.

Possible Moments Edit

  • Hot Springs Battle Royale: While practicing asking Akane to come to the Hot springs with him, Ryoga accidentally says it to Ukyo. There is a pause and Ryoga then imagines spending a romantic evening with Ukyo, unfortunately his romantic thoughts are interrupted by Ukyo hitting him with a spatula and telling him “To get your mind out of the gutter.” After this, Ryoga does not have anymore romantic thoughts about Ukyo but he does work with her to win a race
  • Lost Tunnel of Lost Love: Ryoga pops out of the ground and Ukyo decides to take him with her in the tunnel of love as part of her plan to break up Ranma and Akane. At one point Akane latches onto Ryoga who accepts this and goes off with Akane, leaving Ukyo with Ranma. After the two go to the hotsprings, Ryoga realizes Akane should be with Ranma so they’re relationship will be ruined and approaches Ukyo to continue their partnership. Ryoga’s holding of Ukyo’s hands, comments about starting over and breaking Ukyo’s trust are interpreted by Ranma and Akane as a indication that the two are dating. Ranma and Akane congratulate the two in their own ways (Ranma with a friendly punch to the face) much to Ryoga and Ukyo’s surprise. Despite their best efforts, the ghosts end up thinking Ryoga and Ukyo are more of a couple then Ranma and Akane and attack them in an attempt to break them up. At the OVA’s end Ryoga and Ukyo tiredly shamble to the cafe in front of the cave’s exit where the rest of the cast congratulates them for their relationship, causing Ryoga and Ukyo to collapse.
  • Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School?: Another theory that may talk about the relationship between Ukyo and Ryoga is that during the battle between Ranma and Ryoga, Ukyo can be seen rooting for Ryoga to fight Ranma even more.
Ukyo helps Ryoga - Nihao, My Concubine

Ukyo helping Ryoga in Nihao, My Concubine.

  • Nihao, My Concubine: When Ukyo is captured by Sarutoru, Ryoga runs past and Ukyo calls for his help. Likely remembering her early treatment of him, Ryoga turns her down and says he has to rescue Akane, Ukyo points out she can lead him to Akane and Ryoga decides to save her after hearing this. Sarutoru proves a powerful foe, but his ultimate move, Shadow Fall, proves to be his undoing as Ryoga uses the depression caused by the attack to fuel his Shishi Hōkōdan technique. Tired Ryoga collapses after his victory, but Ukyo helps him up and says they’ll go find Akane. She teases him again, but this time its more playful and friendly and he responds in kind. This might have put them on better terms as well in the ending credits. Ryoga is seen, cooking okonomiyaki on Ukyo’s grill while she serves food to a nervous looking Sarutoru. Some fans believe that in their moment she starts to have feelings for him and that he almost had the same feelings, but he still only wants Akane.

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