Wanton is one of Toma's three animal-human hybrid henchmen, being based on a dog. His behavior is the closest to his animal counterpart and he only speaks with the sound "awoo", making him the most laconic of the three.


Wanton is a tall, powerfully built man who is the largest of the three henchmen. He has whiskers on his cheeks and dresses similarly to Sarutoru and Torristan, wearing a sleeveless shirt, pants, and studded two part cloth garment around his waist secured by a belt. Unlike the other two he wears a headdress more similar in style to that worn by Toma's regular warriors, as well as a metal collar around his neck attached to a chain, pair of armbands, and short boots.

Wanton tried to take Nabiki as his wife, but she demanded that he give her some engagement gifts. In response he tried to give her a prized bone. After he beat off several attempts by Tatewaki Kuno, Nabiki was able to defeat him by appealing to his dog-like personality, having him shake, stand up, and lay down. To reward him, she threw his bone out of a window to fetch, which he then jumped out of to grab.


Although large and seemingly stupid, Wanton has a degree of intelligence and is a very capable fighter. Despite his size he is very strong and fast, dodging Kuno's attacks and effortlessly beating him. However he was also confused when a female Ranma Saotome challenged him to a fight as he did not see her as a threat.

Shadow illusionEdit

Like Toma and his fellow henchmen, Wanton can cast a shadow which can travel underwater and on the ground at high speeds which was used to kidnap the potential brides.