Weak Spot - Found! (弱点みつけた Jakuten mitsuketa?) is the 38th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Neko-Ken Arc.

Genma decides to retrain Ranma from the very beginning hoping to rid him of his phobia. Everyone else is still in the dark as to what Ranma's weakness is, and he makes it a point not to tell anyone, especially with Gosunkugi sneaking around the house.

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At the Tendo DojoEdit

Ranma shouts down Gosunkugi's ear

Ranma shouts down Gosunkugi's ear.

Gosunkugi is holding his Wara Ningyo of Ranma and begins to curse Ranma before hammering the Wara Ningyo into a tree. While Gosunkugi is concentrating on hammering the Wara Ningyo, Soun (who's sat opposite to Genma in his panda form) interjects as asks Gosunkugi what he's doing in his garden. Gosunkugi stops and says hello to the pair.

At that moment Akane appears, carrying P-chan, and when she recognises Gosunkugi asks him what he's doing here. Struck in awe, Gosunkugi can only reply by saying Akane's name, but this makes him overjoyed that he actually talked to Akane. Suddenly, Ranma appears next to Gosunkugi and says hello to him.

Ranma smiles at Gosunkugi and tells him that as he's working so hard he'll tell him his weak spot. Ranma then puts his hand next to his mouth so Gosunkugi will come in close to him. Once Gosunkugi is close enough, Ranma just screams down Gosunkugi's ear.

In the Training HallEdit

Ranma and Genma fight - Weak Spot - Found!

Genma decides to retrain Ranma.

Genma has turned back into his human form and tells Ranma that he'll retrain him from the beginning. After Genma tells Ranma to attack him, Ranma questions just what all this is about. Genma then explains to Ranma that he learned that he was heard screaming and found unconscious. Genma continues by telling Ranma that he didn't raise him to be so fragile and begins to attack Ranma.

Ranma interjects to Genma's notion and is about to say it was that made him do that, until Akane suddenly appears and asks what it was. This causes Ranma to freeze, allowing Genma to kick Ranma to the floor.

Akane shouts to Genma asking if Ranma really does have a weak spot. Genma is about to reveal what it is, until Ranma throws some water over Genma, turning him back into a panda. Ranma then turns his attention to Akane and tells her to keep her nose out of his business. Slightly annoyed, Akane asks Ranma if he doesn't trust her, to which Ranma replies that there's a good reason why he can't. This causes Akane to ask Ranma what he's taking about, Ranma reveals why by punching the floorboards; exposing Gosunkugi hiding underneath.

Later OnEdit

Akane walks up to Kasumi and Nabiki who are shouting for Hanachiyo. When the older sisters see Akane they ask her to help them find Hanachiyo, who Kasumi was looking after for a friend.

Meanwhile, Ranma is outside thinking about how he can't afford to have his weak spot be revealed as otherwise everyone will laugh at him until they choke. Just then Ranma hears something rustling in the bush behind him and believes it to be Gosunkugi. Having had enough of being observed Ranma puts his hand into the bush, but is shocked by what he sees.

Ranma's Weak Spot RevealedEdit

Ranma screams, which can be heard by Gosunkugi, who runs to see what caused it, only to be trodden on by everyone else running to see what's going on.

Ranma with Hanachiyo

Ranma is found with Hanachiyo.

Ranma is then found by everyone lying on the ground, twitching as a large cat (which Kasumi identifies as Hanachiyo) sat on him. Genma grabs a bucket of cold water to span Ranma of his current state. Genma continues by calling Ranma a coward, this obviously angers Ranma, but when she goes to attack Genma he just holds up Hanachiyo, which causes Ranma to retreat in a panic.

Akane is then shocked that Ranma's weak spot is cats. Genma then explains it all began when Ranma was 10 years old... Genma then has a flashback in which he explains he planned to teach Ranma that "Cat-fist", which involves strapping fish sausage to the trainee and throwing them into a pack of hungry cats! The trauma caused by the cats attacking him it what caused Ranma's fear of cats.

Back in the modern day, Genma holds up the manual which led him to the technique. He shows the page to Soun, Kasumi and Akane and explains that it came with a terrible secret. When Soun enquires to what the horrible secret is, Genma tells him to turn the page. It turns out the technique is a trick that an idiot who needs his head examined would use.

Ranma has to hold many cats

Unconscious, Ranma is made to hold many cats by Nabiki and Soun.

Genma says he fell for it completely, which causes Ranma to hit him over the head. Angered, Genma throws Hanachiyo at Ranma. When Nabiki goes to inspect Ranma she can't believe he's afraid of a little kitty-cat, while also putting more cats on Ranma. Kasumi then asks Ranma how he can be afraid of these little kitties as they're so cute. Kasumi doesn't get an answer, however, as Ranma has gone into a coma, although he's still stood up. In his state, Soun and Nabiki decide to see how many cats the unconscious Ranma can hold on his body.

That night, Akane tells Ranma not to let it bother him as she thinks it's cute to have a little weak spot (Ranma just yells to get the cats off him, despite none being on him anymore). Elsewhere, Kasumi puts Hanachiyo in a pet carrier and tells her to stay in there so she can't scare Ranma anymore. Gosunkugi, who's hiding outside, hears this and opens the carrier. Akane then hears a cat yowling (which is actually Hanachiyo attacking Gosunkugi). Gosunkugi (with his face now covered in scratches and claw marks) tells Ranma to prepare for his feline hell.

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  • This chapter reveals Ranma's Ailurophobia (fear of cats).


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